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OK Aspiring Planners I'm SETTING A CLASS!!! First I would like to thank all of you that have been super patient! In 2010 CAES can proudly say we had 70% of our students whether new or seasoned, that found their niche and have some amazing stories! Thanks for sharing everyone and I will share them with you on our new site!! This is a great time for me to meet new people and learn of new ways to help some break into the world of events or to help those who have been at the detour sign waiting for someone to guide them in the right direction. I have hired planners from this course and others have their own business and work with us at times. We want to stay connected to you. This is our own network system! And mentally, I think we need to stay close and not live in fear of someone duplicating our "ideas".Who cares if they do.I am sharing my pearls, Why? I have nothing to lose and nor do you!! Fact, everyone is different. We don't have something to give via "tangible means", We do have our personalities and expertise that shines..So make that word go away!! When people speak of networking, this is where it starts. One day with Samantha Goldberg and other peers is not the class. It's after you have completed "lab time" meaning you are going to come into the office to observe interviews with clients, you will participate with the interview by asking questions to a REAL bride and you will leave, knowing if this is a good fit. Want to know why you cannot close certain brides? What's better than having a day where brides come to you, and tell you anonymously why they chose not to go with you.Yup that is a hard reality.But it's such valuable insight. You do want to grow right? Yes, negative feedback hurts.I have been there and I know better than most how it stings.But, I am still here. Why? because my way of doing things is appealing and to be good at planning, yes you need that quality. I change our classes each time, not so much with content, but the way the context is discussed. Thanks to all of you, this program continues to sell out each month, word has spread to many states where I am able to travel, learn and meet some of the most extraordinary people. You teach me valuable information too. While the east coast has many fabulous vendors and venues available to us, it's nice to check out the scenery in another state. I always come back with good and positive feedback and always some form of drama due to myself not playing by the rules. This whole" rule" thing, I think they were made to be broken. I believe our industry constantly needs to be broken so that we can fix what we missed, revamp and rev-up! I'm happy to announce CAES is starting yet another class in April 2011. Date is April 30th. While I have loved teaching the 7 week course, with my traveling schedule and clients, I cannot do this right now. I will make you a promise that I will do my best to have at least one of these in 2011. Various reasons why I cannot teach the weekly and all good news!! This course is special. It's special because you are all going to have 100% hands on from the minute you walk in until the moment you leave. Can I share a bit about what this looks like? On April 30th at 10:30am you will arrive in Summit NJ. I will have an amazing breakfast spread with lots of goodies to hold you until lunch. The morning portion is really learning about you, how you might fit into the industry and how will it work for YOU. We have to start somewhere and since you have decided to invest in yourself, that needs to be our first area of focus. How do you want to be a part of the industry and what does that look like? Many cannot answer that question right away. That's actually a good thing as I don't want you to leave other ideas and opportunities behind once you leave us. I also would really be disappointed if I wasn't able to show you what areas you might want to consider. What I have learned about event coordination/orchestration and design is that they are all very important roles in the event world as a whole. It's impossible to play the role of all 3 at one event. While a planner must be good at multi tasking, this means that with-in the category you've chosen and being able to bring in each element that makes you exceed expectations on your own and with others. It's not impossible and yes, there are many planners/designers that can do both to an extent, but not until they have truly mastered each portion and walk away confident that they did give 100%. A bride and groom have just one day to make it count. If they invest in you, you too have just one day to meet the expectations of what really counts.How might you know this unless you know who you are and who they are. What you can do is seek assistance with areas that may not be mastered yet. The biggest problem with our industry is that people fall in-love with the "gig" the wealth and without thinking about how this might affect you getting another job via referral from the client or any of the vendors you are working with. I will show you in person what that means.I am going to allow you to meet a potential client who will tell you exactly what she needs, and let's see how many of you can figure that out with a suitable program. Many of the classes online are not good for this particular career due to lack of being live with peers, interacting with others that share the same goals and seeing what you might be doing that could destroy your desire to be successful. You can learn the mumbo jumbo of sales..But what are you really selling? You are selling yourself. When we speak of investment there are 2 meanings to the word "Investment". The first meaning is usually a collaboration of what you bring to the table and the time it takes to improve what you know. Or to change the mindset altogether and start fresh. When you invest in yourself, it shines through. It shows that you have enough passion to learn new things and are always going to change so that each client can benefit a wonderful experience with your keen knowledge and expertise. They usually don't have a clue with what this entails. it's not as simple as finding vendors, the right location, making sure a budget is being considered and etc. It starts with you. While you may know much about the industry, there are reasons why you don't close every client or any client, or that your buddy who attended the same class and took off like a rocket. And how we can show that you are still working your way through. I will give you one piece of advice, this will happen. It happens at least 70% of each class. When I review stats, if our average class consists of 10-12 students (Yeah have space for 25 if need me in Jersey City!!), 30% of the class will do the work and may have to change a few things along the way. They will succeed in whatever area they decide to focus on. Remember that the biggest problem for those who are seasoned professionals in ANY career, must look into different ways in order to constantly keep with the "now". If that 20% is resistant to this, they will never grow anymore than what they are. However, if they seek to change or make a mark in the industry, the change of mindset starts with them. their teacher. I always hope that people walk away and feel refreshed and motivated to develop a plan. I know that some are looking for the "golden ticket" or "pot o gold" waiting for them. I have some reality to share, it doesn't come via UPS. You must be the one to reach out for more support and develop a plan to ensure you are able to meet that task. However long it takes you dedicate the time and patience to ensure it's done right, your willing to put in the effort no less than 100%. To summarize, you take the new tools, you look at what you had, and make the decision of whether your goals are realistic. You don't want to rush. I will share why, during the class. We start with theory and how one might reach each goal. We start with your business plan. This is somewhat like the plan we will have for our brides. It's nice to control ones event, but can you control yourself enough to make the plan you have set for the client and yourself? Most successful planners/designers have one thing in common. We did not aspire to be in this career. We had skills that would show early on, but would never go any further than that. They will also take the all or nothing approach. That may show dedication, but without a plan, we have all fallen on our face, and will continue as we never stop learning. Even when it's bad. Let's just say "Bad" isn't as terrible it sounds...It's the only way you learn. Like I tell every bride, I do not believe in perfection. That statement is real as nothing is ever 100% perfect on ones wedding day. Our job is to take control, be quick on their feet and stay honest with when you need help. While I show you how to budget, the real timeline of a wedding, the "how to" and the 4 F's in sales, I show you ways to incorporate YOU into this career choice. Experience is a question that will be asked by many brides. BUT a connection is just as important. I will show you how to connect. They are investing in you bottom line. Shoppers ( Brides who would care less about what you can bring to the table and just want price, are just not savvy of what we are about). It doesn't matter how much of a budget a bride has, if you don't connect with them or visa/verse how will that experience be that day? Or how about the 1+ years of planning with someone you don't connect with. Venues...How do they do it and how can you begin to understand how they work. There are MANY venues that do not believe that a client needs a planner. I have actually been in a appt and have the sales manager state, "You really don't need a planner". That is insulting. What they don't tell our clients are ways to save, how to work with a calendar, talk about all aspects of the event and etc..Who will be there every week etc to guide them through what's affordable and what's not. Or at least offer an option that is similar. I don't mean with food. I actually enjoy hearing them ask that. I say each time" So basically you are going to take over stuffing envelopes, calling vendors and arranging payment schedules,negotiations to ensure your client stays with-in the number given. reminding them when it's time to book rooms, what to do with guests if you have a long period of time between the ceremony and reception, transportation for everyone/anyone who needs it..Are you really going to help with this? NO COMMENT! Silence is GOLDEN with this one..So what if you get the evil eye.Hey if I can take that, you certainly can. We also talk about how to match the right person/vendor to a client. One that has work she loves and also can "mirror" her so that your team allows for a trusting and fun relationship with your birdie/groom. MANY cannot do this. You will. What is the worst that could happen if the bride doesn't like the person such as a photographer..UM bad photos as he's a jerk and makes her upset. I've been with the bride when she finally says ENOUGH.I want to go in to cocktail hour and see my friends/family etc.They annoy her/him with requests that should have been answered early on. WE HAVE VALUE even-though we are not tangible. You cannot put a price tag on time. The value of a stress free beginning which allows the client to focus on being engaged and not just focusing on the wedding. On the day you come in, we will see a venue in action..What happens when you walk in, what do you first once you arrive, how does the procession work/recession during the ceremony, what takes place during the event, how to give some room for last minute changes etc. You will also hear first hand, what venues dislike about planners. You need to know this. If you have a good relationship with the venue, they will recommend you. We are not caterers, so it's not our job to tell someone how to do theirs. BUT some do. So let's not go there OK? You will also watch an interview with a potential bride, let's see if you can tell what she is looking for. You will have a chance to ask her/him anything you want. THIS PORTION IS IMPORTANT. When 5:30pm hits. You are not done. For the next 1-2 months you will have floor time. You must sign up for days before you leave the class!!! This means you will come into our office in Summit and do research, be in client meetings, see reveals, how I design, even chat with our clients about specific things they need. I promise you, there are not planners who will allow you to do this. EVEN if you offer your services at N/C. I cannot answer why people will not allow you to do this, but I can tell you, it has much to do with them, NOT you. In the 1-2 months you will have up to 14 days working inside one of our facilities. This is not paid, this is part of your certification. If you cannot come during the week, you may have to be patient and wait for evening appts. We do not have labs on weekends. You will also attend 2-3 weddings. Participation is a must. Each student will have the opportunity of working with myself and team. The last portion of this particular class is your own client we will choose this for you. Each student will be given an assistant who knows less than you. Your bride will need to fill out a survey based on items you were taught and how you implemented the tasks. This will also require an 80% to pass. It's not important that they like you, it's important that you do what is required. While I wish I could say everyone passes, some do not. That means nothing and everything. We have to try again. We will NOT give up on you as long as you do not give up on us. We do have a waiting list for this particular course. I'll believe the rush to fill when I see a name with proper paperwork done. As of today, we have 5 openings. The date is April 30th 2011 Location: 12 Bank Street Suite 201 Summit NJ 07901 Classroom #4 (last office) Time 11:00am to 5:30-6pm Breakfast, beverages, Lunch, snacks will be covered Fee: The fee is $950 SPECIAL GRANT FROM ALLIANCE $@)) OF PRICE SHOWN..Not applicable unless you can share certain forms (Audit) per student in school (For a college student you may take $100 off the price listed with a valid ID). We are lucky enough have limited amounts of financial aid which has been donated by various vendors. We do offer our planner special which includes our online system "Project I Do" (this is a $600 value , you will invest $50. We also have out completely filled "BRIDAL EMERGENCY KIT" which gives you everything you need and labeled for $150 instead of $250. The total package for the working planner is $1250. You can wait to pay for the kit and Program I Do..We will guarantee the price for 6 months from the date you complete the classroom portion. This pass also allows you to take any other CAES program at N/C with the exception of the floral/design class which is a 2-3 hour class includes pizza and beverages and is a ton of fun! Prizes will be given for the best centerpiece...The prize might be $100 in cash..$200 in cash..a DVD player for your clients to see your work, a bridal emergency kit on wheels...It's whatever ticket you choose!We have 4 people that will qualify for various categories.. We do take PayPal..Visa MC and Discover along with money orders, bank checks and personal checks (Please note, personal checks must be given at least 2 weeks before the class. The only payment we need as a retainer for your space is $100. This is not refundable and can be used as credit for the next class. Please checkout our website for the education link Email or call us at 908.219.4028 for schedule and questionnaire. We do not accept every applicant. If we feel this particular class doesn't work with your experience/background. Our education coordinators can be reached at or you may call 908.219.4028 I cannot wait to meet those who have signed up and look forward to sharing my tools and how to use them in a way where you too can be successful! OOO I forget to mention you may hold your place with a retainer which is #100 down. Discounts for cash payments. So are you ready to hit the streets with me?? Are you ready for that one wedding you know you can do but cannot get that foot in the door? Let's get started shall we??? Sam xxoxoox
I devote my time to ensuring our clients recieve fab service. There's another "calling" for me. To give back to my peers that aspire to be the next "best" fancy pants somebody! Those who play it safe standing behind me, will fail. I do serve as a warning to others and yes, I'm nutty. It's who I am & it's not going to change, as it works. Feel free to comment & join me on what could be the best road trip EVER!

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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