Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Hannah Boyd..The aspiring young planner....

Dearest Hannah Boyd. I wish I had more time to do interviews on how I started. I know that you chose me as your focus and I appreciate this very much. However, I don't have the time I would like to get back to each and every request someone has about the industry. I have tried my best to chat to aspiring planners when I have time. I know you have reached out to others from WWIIA. We're not bad people, we just don't have the time to address every question. We all give back to the community in someway. We do try very hard to do this. Hannah, I have attached your email for you to see...What you wrote was not very nice. I am proud you got a 98% on your report without me. It shows you can do this alone. You have a LONG life ahead of you. You are only in grade school and may change your mind at least 40 more times before you decide on a career. name: HANNAH BOYD refer_other: NO THANKS TO YOU GIVING THE INTERVIEW I STILL MADE A 98 ON MY PROJECT ABOUT YOU. WHEN I BECOME A FAMOUS WEDDING PLANNER I WILL HELP OTHERS WANTING TO GET IN THE FIELD I do hope when you become busy in the field someday, that you come to realize that famous or not, you won't always have the time to get back to each and every request. It doesn't make people bad or rude. We're human beings. we try our best just like you! Best of luck to you Hannah Boyd. I know you will remember this someday and when you do, I hope when someone sends you an email like this, you won't be so quick to judge young lady. Congrats on your report. 98% is great! Samantha Goldberg

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You An Event Designer Or a Wedding Coordinator

Have you ever been asked what you specialize in? While we have a team of 11 planners, some are really great at coordination and some are great at creating a vision. It's like a dentist who has been doing traditional dentistry for 20 years. He knows he's great at cleaning and fillings. But the minute you start asking for dental implants instead of a bridge, you need to go elsewhere. He's just an honest guy who's comfortable in his zone, and doesn't feel after 20 years that he wants to expand his practice. Simple minded and OK with it. I totally get that. You can't be good at everything. Not every planner is a great designer, super budget savvy or the creator of the process. However, they may be awesome at putting together an agenda and have a whole set of files on how to stay organized. That's a great gift to have. I like to challenge myself with the smaller budgets. It keeps me on my toes. Actually, I like to give our smaller budget accounts to our day of coordinators because I want them to find their creative side. It may not get them there 100%, but how will they know unless they try? I do get the evil eye on occassion when I do this. Without a challenge, how much fun can this career be? I'm being totally serious here. You may decide you stink at matching pinks, but when it comes to maintaining the day, most people can't put a flame next to you cause your so hot! Venues love you because your system totally keeps you on top of your game and you don't get in their way, you enhance their business with an extra set of eyes. It's totally a winning situation. I think diversity in our industry is good. Several clients ask us why we are so different, and the truth is, we have no idea. We don't worry about what others are doing. That's one area that can cause one to fail. If you ever go down this road, you might as well call it a day. Who cares what you competition is doing and what they charge? And why do you assume they're your competition? It may be that same scenario where they have the perfect eye and you may have the brains with putting it all together. What's the better fit? I guess this is contingent on your client. How will you know what they need? How will you know if you are the right fit? All good questions. What questions could you ask to make them talk about the "most important" qualities a planner must have? There are so many planners who charge and arm and leg, I agree. Some would say I do. It's contingent on what someone wants from us. We are not a tangible product. We are totally service related. We are in sales ladies and gentleman! We sell ourselves first and skills second. If someone doesn't like you, how do you expect them to like your work? While some clients might shop by budget and the "best " price, you do get what you pay for. I have heard stories and gals they are not pretty. You can low ball us, but it's not going to help you grow your business, your selling yourself short. If your OK with this, that's your business. If you start comparing yourself to others, your pretty much in a hole and may never come out. Taking ones ideas under consideration is considered a compliment. Now not using these tools "your" way might be considered plagarism. I have had my share of that. You may think I'm nuts, but I refuse to close a client after our first meeting. I want to make sure they really like what we have to offer and that we feel we can reciprocate what they want. There's nothing worse than not meeting your clients needs and ending the relationship because it was a bad fit. This should be dealt with starting with hello... How many of you have ended a relationship with a client due to difference of opinion or maybe your personalities were just not gelling...I know you can all relate. It's the worst feeling to say I had to let the client go. But in your heart, if you carry the passion and wish everyone you work with to be happy and enjoy this, you'll be respected later on for not continuing the relationship. Have I had to end relationships? Yes. Did I hate doing it, I really did. And if after the relationship is over, they may go elsewhere. You ask yourself what made her go with that planner? What do they provide you ask? Good question, but not one you should be worried about. Spend more time wondering about how you can be different and you'll never have to worry about people sabotaging your domain per say. There's only one thing you should be thinking about in this business, and that is how you are going to make a difference and your creativity. What will make you different is what you should be asking yourself. Work on this...There's always going to be another planner, she may connect with someone better than you. That's OK! This doesn't mean you are bad, or are doing something wrong. It means you weren't the right fit. I know it hurts to see this at times. I still feel sad when I feel like I had an awesome meeting and I know we are going to connect at some point, and they don't call back. It's hard not to wonder why? You may even write them a note asking what made them go elsewhere. I don't think it's a bad thing to do. But the questions should stop there. Who cares if "luxury planners" gets the job, another bride is right around the corner. Do you have any idea how many women get engaged every year? How about just Nov around Thanksgiving and through NYE..19% of Americans get engaged! Do you have any idea how many brides want a planner? They want someone to watch their back. To be the unbiased person who tells them the truth when she knows others won't. That's actually a cool title and a privilege that someone really cares about your opinion. This is why they chose you. If you get a chance after you have planned someones wedding, why don't you ask her why she picked you? I think you may find something really sweet about yourself that only an outsider can explain. Not a bad place to be ladies...Not at all. Now get out there and make a difference. Heck, it's Jan! You have lots of time to figure out how this year is going to be better than last. It may be a bad economy for America, but girls are still getting married and the demand to find their vision is not going away. We are here to assist in the best way possible. Do you have a motto? Do you know why your good at what you do? If you don't know this, I would get out there and find out what your specialty is. Ask around, you might surprise yourself! xo SG

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is There Such a Thing as a Free Wedding?

Free Weddings Anyone???? If you would have asked me 5 years ago, I would have laughed. Free always has its ***special attachments or waivers. NOT THIS TIME!!!! I wanted to share some REAL freebies for those of you who live in the tri-state area. This is REALLY FREE....Yes you have to sign up, how else would you join? You do need to be there for the announcement. 1. Frungillos Caterers: They are giving away a FAB wedding package. Location, floral, photography, lighting and more...Please visit their website for more information: 2. The Bridgewater Manor. I'm not sure if this contest is over, but it's worth looking into. Linking I will also begin listing great venue pricing for 2009. If you are a venue and you have some fabulous pricing for 2009 please call us!!!! We will be happy to list them for you. Good Luck Everyone! SG

The Wedding Industry, Yes, It has shady areas..

I cannot tell you how many calls we get during the week asking us about vendors or referral of. It's hard when I haven't worked with the vendor to give you an honest answer. There are many great vendors out there. I have had the honor of working with some of the best! But how do you know your not going to end up with a company such as Celebrations Studio's or Calvary Bridal? I have to tell you, I was extremely lucky not to have any brides associated with either vendor. I was happy to see that someone finally spoke up about Calvary. The story behind this dress shop; (I had a good source)They had changed names and locations to try and find their way back into the industry last year. They even went as far as to say they had a new management crew. Low and behold, many brides had given them thousands towards their gown and were having major issues. One bride took it to the press...You know it's REALLY bad when we have one of our fellow brides calling every studio you can think of to get this taken care of. You know what, I don't blame her one bit. I would have done the same thing. I would have been a lot nastier and well, if you know how I operate it would NEVER happen again. Well to make a long story short, the designer of her gown got wind of this and ensured her gown was made in time for the wedding. How humiliating for the designer and for the bride. You wonder why brides go ballistic? Obviously you all have to realize that nothing you sign is ever set in stone. Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed. However, by doing the proper research on each vendor, getting good references (I mean physical and not from the chat boards)and knowing exactly what you are signing, you may find yourself in a better situation than some of our past bridal horror tales. I want to say something in defense of the "vendor" and the chat boards. I know several brides feel that this is the "word"...I'm not listing any specific boards, but some are just not moderated and well, there is always 2 sides to every situation. If you ever read that one particular vendor did something specific and it's not consistent with what others say, the likelihood of it happening again, may be slim to none. I have worked with many vendors who are "butchered" in the "lime" light and I have to tell you, have you ever met some of their brides who were unhappy? Well, I have and I don't think they would be happy with anything. I have been butchered. I don't like it. But I know deep down, I have my side and that person may have theirs. I'm glad I have people backing me up and these are the same vendors that I work with as well...It's nice to have people that watch out for you. It's also great to know that there are many vendors that look out for the bride too. All contractual agreements must look out for both parties. If you have ANY contract that does not protect you in someway, have an attorney look at it. DON'T SIGN ANYTHING unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are purchasing. You also need to discuss the what ifs! I know this is NOT an area that we want to visit. But there have been situations where the bride and groom do not make it to the altar. I don't even want to think about this, but it happens. I've had brides and grooms that for whatever reason, reschedule, cancel etc... The BIG question is what will happen if you cancel? Are you responsible for the entire contract? Let's use a venue as an example. You may loose your entire deposit and then some. You may find that some venues will set a contract where whether you make it or not, you are held responsible to pay the entire minimum of the evening. If this occurs, DON'T walk away! I would ask around if you have any friend needing a location for a surprise party or wedding...ANYTHING...Worst case, have a party celebrating your friendships and family! If you pay this venue and walk away...You are giving them thousands. They are going to work with you no matter what. You've set the date and it belongs to you with or without the man! I have worked with brides in this situation. I know it feels like BAD luck...It isn't, I assure you. Just remember good talent does not come a dime a dozen...Look before you sign, and if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is. Unless your donating an ovary for $3,000....Finding a venue at this price is pretty slim to none. Unless you are going to serve the KFC family meal..I am not cutting down the man in white, he does blend in. I'm merely pointing out that the red and white buckets may not be what you had in mind. I do like their french fries...But have never had a bride ask for them during dinner. Do you catch my drift?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breaking Up With Your Friends

One thing I have never really given much thought to is... I've broken up with 12 friends during my life. There are times where I know the reason and sometimes there's no reason at all. Have you ever been friends with someone and one day you just don't talk anymore? You try to think about something you may have done, you rack your brains going through every conversation you've had with this person and yet you find nothing. It's just over. You don't get closure. You almost have to find it on your own. What's the deal with this you ask? I have asked myself the same question. As I've gotten older (I say this meaning my age.... NOT looks or behaviour ha), I see myself gravitating towards a specific type of friend. One who is happy for what happens to others around them, ones who are happy with who they are and where they are in their lives and ones that always aspire to do more. At the end of the day, these people are always happy to just be there for you and with you. So they say we always have a few bad apples around us that need to go away. The negative people who cannot be happy for us. I don't believe they mean harm, I feel they honestly don't know how to be happy for someone else. You can be beautiful, successful and sweet as pie and they still find a way to cut you down. Why? Are we easy targets? Keeping toxic people around you can be so damaging to your self esteem. I've been in this position and never understanding why I become so saddened if I have all of these great things going on. I should be happy right? But if you can't even tell the people around you the good things, what's the point in sharing? Have you ever had toxic people who just seem to carry a black cloud over them wherever they go? It's sad you become afraid to tell them anything good or happy you may have going on. Your afraid of how they may respond. I call these gals Debbie Downers. Some are so bad you might as well ask them to slit your wrists their so depressing. Why do we attract this? It has to be a test, I am savvy. There's another type of friend I've tried to stay clear of. The "advice giver". They continue to offer advice even when you don't ask for it. When you don't follow their "words of wisdom" and something goes wrong, they are happy to tell you they told you so? This kind of sounds like my mother. The one who always offers her advice and doesn't take no for an answer. Why can't we just say NO THANK YOU and have them be ok with that? Why oh Why? The friend who is self absorbed... Everyone is self-absorbed to some extent, but when a person is always focused on herself and never lets you share anything about yourself, something needs to give. She may not even be aware that she's doing this. You have to tell her. If she can't curb this trait and you don't want the friendship to end, limit how long you let her go on about herself; then give yourself equal air time. Do we have to fight for airtime too? Can't have a good friendship without fighting for airtime right? I'm just wondering if this is a 40 something process...It's called clean house in my opinion. Are you guys with me on this one?

Can You Keep Your Wedding Secret?

Trying to Keep Your Wedding a Secret? Think Again! It’s no news that brides today want to keep their ideas sacred until the day of the reveal. However, there is always someone who has a tendency of leaking out the private info! My philosophy has been if you want someone to know your wedding secrets make sure you tell people who have no mute button. It’s sure to be on the front page of the Post in no time! If you are like me, one who likes the element of surprise, try to keep things unwrapped! I know it’s hard because the ideas are so awesome. But all it does is cause friction when one of your friends or family gets engaged and wants to follow your lead per say. I call it a compliment. Yet some of our clients decide to change everything 2 weeks before their wedding because they cannot have someone else “stealing” from the cookie jar. We’ve had brides that have lost thousands due to this. Ridiculous “only” to those who don’t have the budget to blow! Speaking of secrets there are so many celebrities that manage to take the plunge without media or anyone stepping in. Let’s use Actress Renee Zellweger who pulled off an awesome wedding to country singer Kenny Chesney on a Monday of all days! This was just to keep the press away! Totally caught us all by surprise and was on a beach in the Virgin Islands. Talk about spontaneous! Or was it??? Maybe Renee was a really good secret keeper! This was also the same idea for Heidi Klum and Seal. They said their vows off shore and kept it simple. It seems like when weddings are kept small and simple there is less to chat about and lots left over for the imagination to work through. I had a recent bride whose brother got engaged a few months into her planning. It seemed like everything we planned, the fiancĂ© was following close behind. My client was infuriated when she found out the bride was wearing the same designer as she was. It became increasingly annoying for me as I had to hear about this all the time. I couldn’t stand that all of our great ideas were being discussed all over the place. It wasn’t until I confronted my client and realized, she was the one leaking the information! Did she not know the mute button? I mean if she wanted this to be a secret reveal, why did she discuss this with the other bride and her brother? So here’s my question…Ladies how do you expect to keep your wedding a secret if you choose to chat? If there are some stories where someone “copied” off your fabulous ideas, what did you do to veer away from this pattern? As always, looking for some good gossip! Would enjoy reading some of yours! One thing I can tell you, I CAN keep a secret! XO SG

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Dress...

So Brides, we've arrived at the finish line for the first round of engagement 2009! Yahoo! A lot of BLING being bought for us and that includes Diamonique on QVC.. Check for the "Made in China" inside the band JK!! Scratch a mirror! EEEK! It's amazing that 19% of America becomes engaged during Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Let's be honest, how many of you started trying on dresses well before this date? Come on, I am waiting for you to admit it! You know once you START chatting about MAYBE getting engaged, you RUN to Kleinfeld's, Davids or the closest dress shop. I have overheard gals, with their friends, giggling away in the dressing rooms. I laugh when I sit down with some of my clients and before I begin going down the list of what we need, they say "I have my dress". How can I not laugh? I think where we need to take a step back is when we get a call saying they have EVERYTHING set, but the ring. WOW! Maybe the man too? There is a show in the UK where you see this very successful, attractive woman who cannot seem to find Mr. Right. She hooks up with a wedding planner and the 2 of them plan an entire wedding while trying to find this "man". I believe it has the same take as the Bachelor, but obviously they are looking everywhere for this man! You don't have 100 candidates under one location just waiting for you. Heck if this is how it's done why did it take me 33 years? I LOVE the premise of this show. I just feel for the man who is hunted down to fill this part. Can you imagine if you were the guy, you go to the altar and then find out this really attractive, smart woman is NOT so something special? Scary! It's like waking up one day after being married for 20 years and saying to yourself, who is that laying next to me! OK. I'm not going there! Going back to my original ask of who finds the dress before the ring, can you explain why you do this? What if the ring never comes? What if you put a deposit down on a dress and it just doesn't get to that point? I have to share a little secret, obviously, I'm already married. I was in Macy's this week taping a segment for My "9". I was being "fitted" for the show. I was then given this amazing dress to try on. I lit up like a Christmas tree when I looked in the mirror. I SO understand the feeling you have inside when you try on that magical flow of fabric. I felt like a princess and did not want to take it off. I'm admitting that even us "old married gals" still get that rush of adrenaline trying on gowns. I have attached a pic of the dress for your review. I'm chuckling right now because it's me being a nut, what else is new...But I think for a marriage that needs some REFRESHMENT..Maybe this dress fix is just what you need to feel super sexy and "alive" again. You can go to any dress shop bring a friend for photography and shoot away. This is sure to revamp the wedding blues..So gals, I'm not saying NO to the dress GET IT! I'm saying YES to the dress, but for amusement purposes only. If you have your ring that's great! Go for it and don't stop until you find your own magic! However, if you are not engaged, are hoping for it, wait! You will feel less angst, pressure or possibly disappointment if you do this too early. If this is not the right time, there will be a right time. but not if you hunt it down. Did you ever hear the saying that good luck finds you. Things that are meant to be find a way into your heat and soul. No matter what. If it's meant to happen, it's going to happen, unless you play with fate. I know we can all agree playing with the fate monster is not always going to have a peachy outcome. Take it slow and the DRESS will flow!!! Happy Planning! If anyone has a shot of their dress they would like to share, I would be honored to share you with our readers! Now that would be great fun, right? Flaunt it sassy!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I am happy to announce my new BLOG on Bridal Each week I will be giving you the lastest dish on celebs, trends and tales from the wedding "underground"! Linking! Feel free to ask questions on line! I look forward to sharing some great gossip with you! xoxoxo SG

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wedding Planning Course Almost At Max! This Is For Beginners Too!

CAES Wedding Planning Course Series 100 Feb 7th 2009 The time has come for our next class! February 7th 9:30am- 3:30pm Location: Samantha Goldberg & Co. 12 Bank Street Summit NJ 07901 Fee: $900 Includes lunch Please click on the following link for information. If you would like to complete an application for February's course email us at: Unfortunately we are limited on seating and can only allow for 12 students. As of 1-10-09 we have 6 spots available!

"Maam If You Lost Weight Maybe You Would Fit Into This Wedding Gown"

OK. Is it me or has customer service gone OUT the door? Now I understand we are going through a bad economy right now. People are being laid off left and right. What's the deal with rude customer service? And to make matters worse, especially around such a sensitive subject like a wedding. Hello????? Would you think that MAYBE, just MAYBE, that might cause the employees to try their best not to be the next one to get canned? I have been reading posts lately along with my blog replies and one story that just blew my mind was a gal from IN who went to a bridal shop (I sure wish I could mention the name)to try on the dress of her dreams. Low and behold, the clerk told her as she was sifting through dresses that "this dress doesn't come in her size" or sorry that one is for petites. This bride became a bit saddened that she wasn't finding much of anything she liked. She proceeded to ask the clerk for some catalogs. Would you believe that the clerk said "it's pointless" have you thought about losing some weight"? If you did, maybe you wouldn't be so frustrated with finding a dress". This poor bride stormed out of the the shop. Thinking about canceling her wedding over some REALLY STUPID comment from some low budget clerk. If it were me, I would have smacked the clerk with my feather bag. I know this bag may seem sweet, but I have smacked the best of them out there with it! It's a great tool..Get the hint? I want you all to know that this has NOTHING to do with you and/or your weight. I know weddings in general put a strong emphasis on looking "perfect" in the gown, having great skin and looking like a princess. There has to be a limit on how much pressure you have on yourself. Ladies like the one I described above, can actually cause the weight problem to become worse with stress. Stress causes eating and cortisol retention on the belly. This can't be good for someone who is trying hard to get in shape for the big day. My advice is clear and simple. NO MORE PRESSURE GALS! If you are at a weight you don't like, then hold off on the dress fitting for a bit. If you are one who needs inspiration to make the dress smaller and purchasing it will do this great! If your not a part of this 10% SKIP IT and focus on the girls dresses for a while. Give yourself a break. I don't mean a KIT KAT bar either! Ha! I have had many beautiful brides that are NOT a size 2. You have to feel beautiful in the skin you are in. It doesn't matter how big or small we are. You have to love what you have. Everything can be modified to an extent. But like a good cookie, it takes time to bake. Give yourself as much time as you need. The only pressure you have is what you cause. I know this sounds harsh, but do I make sense? I STRONGLY recommend that you call bridal shops before hand to see if they deal with larger sizes too. Don't just show up. You are going to cause havoc that just isn't necessary. Make sure when you go for your dress that you are having a GOOD HAIR DAY! You all know what I mean by this. If the hair and makeup isn't working, you hate the way you look in clothes, do yourself a favor, don't try on dresses this day! This applies to anyone standing up. We all have bad days. Chuck it up, relax and reschedule. BEST ADVICE. I would hope that you would NOT listen to what anyone says about your weight,looks etc...What you like, what you feel comfortable in is what you should go with. If you don't find the magic today.... Girlfriend, there's always tomorrow! SG

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Location Ready to Go!

I am so proud to announce our newest location and education center located in the heart of Summit NJ. It is 1 block from the train into NYC and has amazing shopping and boutiques everywhere around us! 12 Bank Street Summit New Jersey 2nd Floor! What more can a woman ask for? Well, it depends on what woman we are speaking about! I'm sure you are all aware of the saying when it rains it pours. It's been pouring for us a long time now. The most wonderful things are happening for both my company and as a personality. I feel like I am sharing this news with my dearest friends. This location is what I have been dreaming of for many years now. I know I should continue to be grateful for the awesome locations we've had. I am!! But this one is all about the sweat, blood and MANY tears! While I love to plan, I also LOVE to teach! I now have a room just for education and conferences with large families. We also have a design room. Table chairs and china to boot...Changing linens like they are jeans! Up lighting all around the room. I want our clients to see EXACTLY what they are getting before the BIG day. I want to be the one to keep the stress at a minimum. I know this facility along with my vendors is going to make that a reality! We have taken many photos of the before and after (in process). I hope that you will all consider yourself invited when we announce our grand opening in March. In the meantime, lets chat about some of the AWESOME things going on! On Jan 18th 2009 at the Ft Lee Double Tree, myself along with some of my friends from Whose Wedding will be there to share some trends, secrets of the trade and be there to party with you! After all, this event is all about YOU! Get signed up gals, this will be an event you won't forget. Have you ever partied with the crew of Whose Wedding and design your own table tops?? Well you will on Sun Jan 18th! Wait until you see the designs we have in store for you! They are HOT! Dance lessons too? YES!!! Vendors! We're SOLD OUT! BUT....I hope to have information about our next show very soon. We are negotiating a new location as we speak! This show should be even BIGGER! And BIGGER is better! Party on right???? Next....My column on is due to go up this week! Please go to You will see a mug shot and the first post is a winner! I am already working on my 4th! It is going to be spicy, it may be a bit blunt, but isn't that what you love to read anyway???? If you know me, you know I tell it like it is! My VERY BIG announcement will be listed shortly. You have all been waiting and I have been just as crazy too! TRUST me this secret is killing me. But with contracts when you sign, you give your life away. This new endeavour is really a great opportunity for me to express my knowledge for this industry on a grander scale. I hope you will write in, and express your opinions and or concerns. It only helps me do a better job! But keep it clean! Bring the crazy stories to Bridal Guide OK? I am working on many projects and yes, I am working on my own show. I have NO idea how this has gotten out there. But I can't lie. I am taping a pilot right now. I truly believe this is what you are looking for in a show. Without drama as you've seen it. It may make you appreciate what I really do on a daily basis, it may make some less judgemental. I hope to even give brides all over the world, ideas and HOPE! if I can do this on small budgets so can you! Until the next post...fingers crossed everyone...This next month I need lots of prayer and lots of encouragement. I feel confident but even the most confident people need a virtual hug now and then! Thanks for reading guys! I promise this year is going to be a good one for all of us xo SG

Saturday, January 3, 2009

CAES Wedding Planning Course Feb 7th 2009

The time has come for our next class! February 7th 9:30am- 3:30pm Location: Samantha Goldberg & Co. 12 Bank Street Summit NJ 07901 Fee: $900 Includes lunch Please click on the following link for information. If you would like to complete an application for February's course email us at: Unfortunately we are limited on seating and can only allow for 12 students. As of 1-5-09 we have 9 spots available!

"Gaydar" How Many Have Fallen For A Gay Man?

The first time I heard the term "Gaydar" I nearly spit my water out. It came from a friend of mine named Stephen in Chicago who is gay. We would go out and bet that he would get the guy before I did. How did he know who was gay? I mean I see the fem walk and the fem hand movements...But some are really manly and well, it's hard to see with beer goggles on. I know there are hundreds of girls like me who have fallen for a gay man. Come on...Were all friends here. I have to say this is the ONLY way you can have fun with competition and boys without hurting someones feelings. When I was younger, we'd go out of with a group of girls and there would always be one gal who wanted to leave early because no one would talk to her or ask her to dance. I was like, is this all that's left for us, to hook up? Heck, if that's what made her happy I would have bought her a vibrator and a blow up doll for companionship. I have always loved hanging out with my gay friends because they are so "really" blunt and they are not afraid to tell it like it is. In the movie "Father of The Bride", do you remember Frannnk...? Every bride wants a Frannnk. Someone that tells them they look fabulous or look like dog poop. Now Frannk is a man, so why is it that he can say anything blunt and were ok? But if G-d forbid our boyfriend, fiance' or husband says anything truthful we freak on them? I really do think everyone needs to have a Frannk during their wedding or just involved in their life. I'm not saying find someone gay like a pet rock, I just think that someone that has been there done that...has a fresh perspective. Frannk had one! We all loved him! Martin Short played the part well. I was never one who waited for a guy to ask me anything. In fact, my belief was that we went out dancing to be with our friends. It was never a mission to find Mr. Right. Have you ever known a friend to be insistent that you find a guy the night you go out? It was like we're on a man hunt! I did this in college. Tried to find the hot looking Frat boys to hang with (we said mash). I never had any expectations during college because what can you really expect from a college student who doesn't work? He goes to school right? It's really after college when you start the hunt per say. I want to say one thing, I have dated some people who suddenly turned gay after we dated. So back then, I was like how could I do that? Can someone change a sexual preference after being in a bad relationship? Can it really happen? According to Stephen, he says my behaviour might make them run to China but not switch from Vagina! Stephen I wish you were here on the East coast! Now, how about being married to someone who says they are straight but later fall in love with a man/woman? Again, I think each person knows how they really feel inside. Sometimes they can harbor feelings for years to fit in. Sadly, you can't really hide this for too long. I had a friend who was married for 4 years and we all knew her husband was gay, but she was insistent that we were being cruel. I really think he wanted to be straight, but that just wasn't the case. They did divorce after 4 years and a year later, he was with another man. He never really "came out", he just stopped talking to our group and went about this on his own. I did bump into him a few years ago and he was still with the same guy he met 12 years ago. Now here's a question I have for all of you straight or not...Why do gay relationships last longer than straight ones? It seems to me like they have more substance and no judging. Anyone have a story to tell? You know how I love stories! I know this one is RIGHT out of the water...I'm dabbling rememeber?

New Location!!! Samantha Goldberg & Co Summit New Jersey!

I am very excited to announce our newest location! We now have 2 locations for your convenience: 12 Bank Street Summit New Jersey 44 Main Street Chester New Jersey Located inside Bellisimo. Samantha Goldberg & Co will be at 12 Bank Street in Summit NJ! This location is equipped with a mini theatre, design room with up lighting, an education facility and a meeting location to boot! YES I'M A BIT PSYCHED! I've been dreaming about this since getting into the event industry. I've always felt to have a location where we can show clients their wedding before the BIG day, is instant insurance. It's also a great place to try many ideas with regard to linens and lighting along with other players". Our goal has always been to have the convenience of being in a location where you can address as many vendors and steps of the planning process as possible. I know you don't like driving all over the place looking for the right vendors/venue and now you don't have to! So many idea under one rooftop and endless possibilities! Please keep a look out for our grand opening party TBA sometime in Feb! As always, happy planning! Sam

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Need a Free Planner!

Are you a bride who is in need of a planner but cannot place this fee into your budget? This is a program that assists planners in getting the experience they need. We are currently looking for Brides who are getting married at the end of February/March and or April. Each month Samantha Goldberg & Co conducts a wedding planning course for aspiring planners and Coordinators who need a refresher course. Part of their curriculum is to work with a bride on Day of Coordination. This is how each planner will receive certification at the end of their training. Your survey will assist us in helping each individual plan according to the way they were trained. This service is FREE! There are no strings attached and Samantha Goldberg will be working with each planner/trainee/client to ensure that everything has been properly documented. We guarrantee this will be a great experienece for all! If you would like to work with one of our planners enrolled in our Feb class please email to be considered.

Brides On Budget Great Opportunity!

There is a show opp for 3 brides....See listing below! Looking For Brides Who Have a Small Budget For Their Wedding! (New Jersey) New television series in process of taping their pilot about brides and grooms who have a budget of $10,000 and under willing to get married in the months of Feb/March/April 2009 in NJ. Spontaneous weddings are a plus! Must be great on camera! We are looking for personality! You must also be willing to do some leg work for your wedding! Guidelines: Must be willing to get married in New Jersey Must be willing to get married in ANY type of location, (old trailer park. barn, VFW hall etc.) Must have a guest count of 100 or less Will allow a group of designers and planners to take over the process. This may or may not be used for an actual show, but you will receive an amazing celebrity style wedding for your participation. This will be taped with in a week of your wedding. You must be flexible with taping. Some vendors will be offering services at n/c. We are currently looking for 3 couples. Must have applicants by January 15th 2009. Please send information with best contact information to Write Bride on Budget Show NJ in subject line... Location: New Jersey Compensation: No Compensation Discounted services and some vendor participation at n/c Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. Please, no phone calls about this job! Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests. PostingID: 976862454

Rush To The Altar! Ummm Why?

It's that time of year again. 19% of Americans get engaged and are ready to plan the event of a lifetime. Some have been planning this since they were in the womb and others since the day they knew they found the "one". I'm going to share a secret, maybe .000001% of the brides who walk into our offices are that type. I didn't even know what I wanted and I do this for a living. In fact, it was even harder for me because there were so many ideas. This last year was REALLY interesting for us. We received 5 calls from women who were not engaged yet, had already found their dress, venue, florist and band/DJ. I fee complimented when someone asks to retain our services for the year 2015, but lets be realistic, I may be on QVC by then selling weddings in a box. I may be marrying people 80 and over! Does anyone REALLY know what they are doing that far ahead? Now how do you respond to someone who has all of the ingredients for a wedding, but little to no foundation to make it work? I hate to say it, but the BLUNT Samantha came out. I was tactful, but I had to be realistic about what they wanted. I mean, some I had to ask, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Do you have anyone in your life right now that could potentially be a lifetime partner? Is there a GUY yet? You'd be surprised some of the responses I received. One had a boyfriend and knew for sure he was the one. They had not talked about engagement, but she already knew she was getting a ring or at least she thought maybe she would get one soon. They had been together for a few months, and I know this means nothing when your older or certain of what you want, but this gal was 22. Is being the age of 22 a good place to be with regard to saying you know this is it? Even if you've only been together for a few months? Is she "fesjf" crazy? Marriage is not like TV..It's a place that takes a mature mindset. I have to say, I don't agree with people who get married right after they receive their ID to get into bars. There's just NO substance. I've had brides who are 19 or 20 who want to retain our services. We just can't do it. What can you serve at the reception for the B or G? While all of your guests toast on Champagne, you give them Shirley Temples? Heck you cannot even rent a rental car until your 24 in certain states! I know this may seem harsh, but there has to be a thought process here. And a fake ID is NOT the process I'm going after. Weddings can be dry. No issues with that! But what is the right age to say, I'm ready to make that move? I have been researching this one and not a book, magazine or video shows us the way! The advice I have given, heard and read about is plan and simple. When you are ready to care for yourself and be selfless with someone else, have experienced things such as having your own place, being established in a career, are able to make change when need be, your on the right road. I know several women worry if you get past 28 you better hurry because your going to get too old and your eggs are going to rot. Well, I don't know about you, but I would give anything to be 28 again and I have friends in the process of turning the big "40" who are still not at that place yet! And it's OK! I just turned the BIG "40" in December. I really did not think it was a big deal. I don't feel older, I know I definitely don't act older (most likely have regressed) and looks wise, I don't think I look 40. Maybe it's this great new makeup? Who cares, what matters is I feel OK about it. I have one daughter and may want one more. So what If I have old eggs...Then the new child will have a very old soul! So here it is. You can't put an age on when marriage is right, but you can determine where you are in your life along with a current relationship and use this as a road map. Peggy Post has no response. Peggy we need advice on this one! Life experience ladies. Have you had enough of it is the question? Can you honestly say, you've done enough things where you won't have regrets? I'm not saying date 1000 people, I'm merely saying, have you decided on the things that make you a better person? Have you fulfilled what's going to make you whole later on? A person can only compliment what you have already. They cannot assist you in finding who you are. In conclusion, I hope I have shed some light on the whole engagement process. If you rush it, you can never go back to square 1. If you meet a magnificent person, they will still be there while you are figuring out what makes you tick. If they leave, then it wasn't the right time or the right guy. Who says they won't be back later? And if they do come back, maybe you won't want them because you'll be in a different place! Think about it. Honestly, you have nothing but time! Enjoy it!
I devote my time to ensuring our clients recieve fab service. There's another "calling" for me. To give back to my peers that aspire to be the next "best" fancy pants somebody! Those who play it safe standing behind me, will fail. I do serve as a warning to others and yes, I'm nutty. It's who I am & it's not going to change, as it works. Feel free to comment & join me on what could be the best road trip EVER!

Not That Sassi Planner Again???

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
Too Good Too Eat.

Just admit it, I say off the wall things...And it works!