Sunday, May 25, 2008

Need Brides For Advice

I need your help! I am writing for an article and would love your take on these subjects! If your answers are published you will get credit! The first set of questions I have are about etiquette: Do you feel that your guests should have to give you a gift for attending your wedding? Do you feel that you have to buy gifts for your bridal party? If you were standing up in a wedding and did not receive a gift would this offend you? How do you feel about registering? What do you do when someone buys you something you asked for but it was not the same brand? Would that bother you? How do you decide who stands up at you're wedding? If you are already married do you have any regrets about anyone who did stand up? How did they disappoint you? Did you ever confront them? What is the most important part of the wedding for you? Last question...This may be chosen for a talk show. Did you plan your wedding before getting engaged and it did not work out? Did you buy the dress without even being engaged yet? If you are married did you do this because you felt your clock was ticking? Do you have any regrets about who you married and why? Did you look at planners and book one even before you discussed marriage with your boy friend? How did you know he was the "one"? I appreciate your help! If you have any interesting stories regarding planning and how you got engaged I would love to use your story. It can be anonymous. Please email me at Have a great MD weekend and Congrats to this weeks brides!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Free Call For Getting Into The Planning Industry 6/1/08 8PM ET Would you like to break into the wedding planning industry but do not have the right tools? Would you like to commit to a course but have a full time job or children to care for? I have been in Event Coordination and design for over 16 years. What I have realized is that you can make this a part time program and eventually become a full time planner with the right training. In the comfort of your own home. For one day only I am going to have a conference call at N/C to discuss a new way of implementing a classroom like setting from your very own home. This call will take approximately one hour. I guarantee after this call, you will have decided if you want to pursue other calls and maybe a few one day courses that are local in NJ. We are currently running one on June 7th we have 2 spots open. Location is Mountain Lakes NJ. If you are interested in signing up for this FREE call please email your address and occupation we will then email you a passcode and a time on June 1st for the call. It will be held the evening of the 1st of June at 8pm ET. Some long distance charges may apply if you are not local to NJ. Location: ANYWHERE

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tomboy Transformations Style Network!

Tomboy Transformations and a Seaside Affair

Finaly someone who gets it! Thanks Brides TV! Thanks Tarja!

By Tarja Settles - Published May 02, 2008 05:52:08 PM Show Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? Season 5 Episode 2 Aired October 10, 2006 New Jersey wedding planner Samantha Goldberg has a unique philosophy about client relationships: “You pretty much marry us (wedding planners) before you actually marry your fiancĂ©.” Now that she’s “married” to tough couple Brooke and Tim, she wonders if this is one client deserving of divorce. Brooke is a bride who shuns all things bridal and her mother, sick of dealing with her daughter and afraid of potential disaster, hired Sam to do the dirty work. Brooke and Tim met in college through their group of friends, but it wasn’t until two years after graduating that they “started talking regularly.” Although Brooke was in Florida and Tim was in New York City, their bond strengthened and Tim encouraged her to visit. Brooke finally moved after several trips, and their relationship grew more serious. Tim says, “The thing about Brooke that really drew me to her is her sense of humor and the way she interacts with people.” While for Brooke, Tim has a “calming effect” and balances her out. It’s all very sweet and cuddly, but don’t get too attached folks. Brooke and Tim are like your mom’s old cat that you put in a pillow case to take to the vet … and when you open it up, you have a snarling monster. With the two now engaged, Sam enters the picture, and so do the differences of opinion. Sam realizes that Brooke is “very hard-headed,” but that she needs to stick to her guns in order to pull off a non-traditional backyard wedding for 125 guests in Tom’s River, followed by a reception at a church. Yes, at a church. The theme, not surprisingly, is “All About Us.” Usually, couples are more discreet about displaying their egos, but not Brooke and Tim. Brooke explains, “The wedding we’re envisioning incorporates a lot of the things we like about our relationship and that make us unique.” At their first meeting, Sam was not expecting a bride who dismissed “lace, white, and ivory.” Brooke protests that she just wants “something different” – something that includes cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, as well as a couch at the reception for the bride and groom to relax. Sam is “frightened” by these requests, but reassures herself, “I’m taking the ‘us’ theme and I’m adding a little ‘Samantha’ theme to it!” Sam meets with the florist and determines to add her own vision to the bride’s requests. Always one for honesty, Sam says about Brooke, “I hate what she likes.” And what Brooke likes is a clump of orange gerbera daisies, which the florist refuses to do and suggests talking to Brooke about other bouquet options. With Brooke not answering her phone, Sam and the florist add green hydrangeas to the bouquet and create a centerpiece consisting of a low vase on a mirror filled with a ball of green hydrangeas. Later, Sam gets an angry phone call from Brooke, who is displeased that her wishes were not followed. Sam assures her, “I need you to trust me on this.” They hang up and the conversation appears over – until Brooke calls back yet again and Sam comforts her that the flowers are “not going to be too girly.” Sam says that on a scale of 1 to 10, her stress level is now at a 7 – and it’s only the beginning! Next, our fearless planner tackles the cupcakes, which Sam approves of as long as the presentation is done in a “nice, elegant tier.” She confirms the tiers with the baker and brings samples to Tim and Brooke for their approval. After making the mistake of asking about sprinkles (tomboys don’t like sprinkles!), Tim enjoys his cupcake – as does Brooke, albeit grudgingly. Then Sam convinces them to go with the tiers and have a small cake on the top to cut into. A small, but sweet victory has been achieved. With six weeks to go, Sam focuses on taking the tomboy out of Brooke and starts with a manicure and pedicure. It’s Brooke’s first time and she looks pained … even though she likes her French manicure. As she moves on to the pedicure, she asks Sam, “What’s your sick fascination with me doing something like this?” Sam changes the subject, asking if Tim will be surprised. Brooke gruffly says, “He’ll be like, I’m glad you don’t have it like this all the time.” Then the ladies head to the bridal shop and meet up with Brooke’s mom and maid of honor to choose a tiara. As shocking as it sounds, this tough bride wants a girly tiara! Brooke tries on several and hates them, but finally spies the one she wants: a simple band of diamonds and pearls that encircles her head. Next stop is the reception site to try on the dress. In another shocking move, the dress is a traditional $850 satin St. Patrick gown with beading, a high neck, and thin straps over the shoulder that cross delicately in the back. Expecting army fatigues, Samantha exclaims, “You look gorgeous!” All is right in the world … for the moment. Down to four weeks, the couple takes Sam to the reception site and the battle begins. Remember that analogy of the crazy old cat that goes berserk? Our sweet young couple is about to do just that and hit Sam with a tsunami of sarcasm and insolence. The two want fabric on the walls, as well as the “whole couch/library” thing. Sam disapproves, but Brooke says defensively, “It’s creating a small, intimate setting for us within this large room” – on the dance floor! Sam argues that this is neither intimate nor private, and the couple argues back that they don’t want private. Brooke again tries to explain what they want – which is essentially a recreation of their living room. Sam still doesn’t get it and says to the camera, “To me, that’s a little bit conceited, not intimate.” At this point, things get really heated and Sam asks Brooke to stop treating her that way. Moving on to the size of the dance floor, Sam suggests something large and the couple freaks out. Respect has officially left the room, and Sam decides to do the same. “I need to leave.” Now that was some riveting reality television. Tension is high and Brooke’s mom struggles to get Sam back in the picture, telling her daughter to “apologize that you upset her, not apologize for the things that you want.” So Brooke sucks it up, calls Sam, and apologizes that things got out of hand. Things seem back on track, but just when you think Brooke isn’t the spawn of Satan after all, she rolls her eyes after hanging up – like the petulant child she is. It’s the day before the wedding and Sam’s next task is choosing the wall fabric at the party rental store. She needs piping and draping that will “transform that room from basically nothing to an amazing facility.” Although there’s not a lot of money in the $10,000 budget, Sam manages to find a white organza overlay. Then she’s off to assist the baker with the cupcakes, saving her bride – who has no idea of the effort Sam is making – countless dollars by helping out. The day of the wedding is here, and with the walls draped, Sam sets up the venue while the bride gets ready. Brooke puts on her tiara, and her mom cries – maybe with relief that her daughter will be someone else’s problem? Then Tim arrives to unload the ratty couch. Sam assembles the tiers and adds a sprig of hydrangea to each cupcake. Brooke’s dad appears and kindly says to Sam that the room looks great. He even concedes that the tacky-looking couch and bookshelf are a “sore thumb” but that “at the same time, it’s okay.” And you know what? It is okay. Brooke arrives for the ceremony and walks down the aisle with her father, keeping her head down the entire time. She finally looks Tim in the eye as she says her vows and afterwards, they share a private moment alone (it’s all about “us!”). At the reception, the couple makes their entrance, and Tim says, “We’ve got to give Sam a lot of credit for what she did in that room.” Brooke, too, says she “couldn’t be happier that we hired a wedding planner.” As Sam watches the newlyweds relax on their couch, lost in their own private little world, she’s proud that an elegant affair emerged from the clash of personalities. Now this makes sense!

The Bridesmaid Dress! Oh What Fun!

Well it is supposed to be fun! I have heard your pain! I get several emails about this subject and wanted to address it! If I can help you, you know I am here! I have to say when I got married I did not have one issue with my gals. Call me lucky...I asked what color. We were in agreement that black was the way to go. I know that they all wanted to show some "sexy" so I chose a few. And there you have it. I know they would kill me for posting the photos so I will stick with the facts. It gets harder when you have more girls participating. I had 5. I have had clients go from 12 to 8 to 6....I know we want to have our nearest and dearest standing with us and we take the "plunge" but come on, save yourself the aggravation and keep it simple. Your FRIENDS will understand your reasoning. I capitalize friends because I mean the real ones who understand having 12 bridesmaids may be a bit too much to handle and they really do understand. I want to be totally honest with you when I say that just because we ask people to stand up, doesn't mean they will say yes, or that if they do say yes it will work out. I had a personal issue with a immediate family member who had to think about being my maid of honor. My own family had to think about it. It hurt me more than you know. So I asked one of my best friends to be there. But we called her Bridesmaid to save any hurt feelings amongst the girls. I knew she was a take charge person and well I needed that. Especially with my crazy family. So what do you do you have all asked? I HIGHLY suggest when it comes to bridesmaid dresses that you think about a few things. I promise you, if you follow my will be one less stressor for you. You have enough to think about. 1. Have a lunch meeting with your gals to announce who you have chosen to be there! 2. Ask the gals based on your thoughts of colors what they like? Now a days the girls do not have to match the table linens, the walls and food LOL. You can blend colors and have variations which by the way look incredible in photos. If you can do this with floral you can do it with the dresses too! 3. Decide the length of the dress. Should everyone wear floor length and have a choice on strapless, spaghetti straps, camisole? 4. And what about embellishments on the dress? Want to keep it simple? Want some bling? Want lace? This you have control of. If you want a simple dress STATE that. 5. The other thing I always try to keep sensitive about, some dress types are not another's taste. They may not be as well endowed as some...or too blessed in that dept and do not want to show it off. Some gals have bigger hips or are really short...Give a few options. They are your friends. They are investing in your wedding, so let them have some options. In the end, by giving guidelines: I want a black dress, floor length, in a satin material no embellishments please. You can pick the rest (as in style on top)...You are sure to please your friends and yourself. The photos will be great and you will be one happier bride TRUST me. Save the friendship, a dress is not worth it. I know it' s your big day and that everyone should just suck it up and wear what you ask. But is it really worth friendships being lost, or dreading having a gal stand up? Or even worse asking her not to? Until the next time...Keep those questions flowing. xxoxo Samantha

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ok.... Enough Publicity On The Style Site

So this evening I get a call from on of my clients who was on the show about 3 years ago. You may remember them Luz and David. They called to tell me they were on TV again the other day. Luz was telling me that even after all of this time she still cries when she sees the progress we made from a messy situation. I LOVED that show. Great couple and very open minded. Luz also told me in a soft voice " you are being torn apart on the Style site". I laughed. Why? because sadly these viewers don't really know the real story behind any show I have done on the show. If they knew that it takes over 100 hours to tape and the show is cut down to 22 minutes. Maybe they would understand. Viewers...I have only one thing to say. Reality TV means NO SCRIPTED acting. Do you really think one of the hottest shows in America for weddings would hire on any planner that was deliberately rude? They are fantastic. They would never do that to me..and yes. some shows do not come out exactly right. But it does not mean we the planners on the show are mean. Or do not care about the clients we are working with. I think the show Luz was discussing was "Sam's Biggest Fan." I want to ask you personally, after seeing what I have done for so many clients (website and TV). Where do you think she had the money to decorate? I borrowed the trees and flowers I bought the decor from the dollar store. I knew they would never pay me. You are all absolutely right EVERY bride deserves a nice wedding. I tried to do this. But with little time, 2 VERY large affairs during this time, I really did the best I could. Did my birthday interfere, no. But it would have been nice to sleep in from working day and night for 3 affairs, I was really tired. Why didn't I say no? It's not in my blood to refuse someone who needs me. Sorry, it was not up to your standards. it was not your wedding. She certainly had money for food and lots of liquor. Did I care no. I am the type of person who would try every angle to make someones day special. Even if it came out of my own pocket, which it did. Did I ever get paid no. Should I have yes. I have to tell you after the reading the boards for the first time. I sure have racked up alot of attention. Has it hurt my businessNO. In fact I cannot handle what I have and I wish I could. So I am hiring more planners. I want to continue to give the dream! It's never been about the money. It's the joy you get in return! Rhonda by the way, said at the very end of the show and after she was happy with this. That is all that matters She said it was the best experience of her life. Does it matter that it was her 3rd marriage? No. Does it matter the age difference no. Leave it be if you need more clarification call us. Don't judge people. You want to know the real story. Feel free to call us anytime. It's just a show people. I laughed when someone said that REALITY TV IS REAL. If it is real than why can't you see all 100 hours of one show? Why? Because it would bore you. No drama no excitement, no viewers. Do yourselves a favor, just enjoy the show. I have met all of the planners and they are fabulous. Don't judge us for doing what we love. Just watch the show and enjoy...It is never as bad as you think. Trust me. I have been doing this for 16 years! Thanks Luz...I am doing ok really. I am used to a few people here and there who are not educated in television. Who blames them..if it's on TV it just has to be real LOL. PS....I did cry again after watching your episode too. Thanks for being open to my feathers. I know it was crazy, but it sure was fun and I can't seem to get clients from all of the US who don't want anything but a recreated wedding you had! xooxox

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Class Information CAES 100 June 7th 2008

I know I know! I have neglected to list the information about the new class! Sorry! You all know it's wedding season! I along with Planner Jennifer Orsini, are very excited to announce our 7th class! It is going to be held at the beautiful "Villa at Mountain Lakes" one of the 5 prestigious locations from Frungillo's catering. It is located in Mountain Lakes New Jersey. This class was created for the new planner and for planners that need a refresher to understand the clients needs better. This class cannot be taken at any college and is not being offered anywhere else in the US. We guarantee that you will walk away feeling invigorated and have new tools that will bring more business your way and will help you understand the industry better. The information that is shared has worked successfully for several students. We are happy to share referrals and show statements of appreciation from our previous guests. The class will be on June 7th 2008 Location: The Villa at Mountain Lakes Fee: $750 includes a breakfast and lunch along with snacks. We also will supply you with all materials to start your business the right way! For more information please contact Samantha Goldberg at (908) 450-9766 or email us at The class is filling quickly so please contact us to save a seat! We are limited with 12 students!
I devote my time to ensuring our clients recieve fab service. There's another "calling" for me. To give back to my peers that aspire to be the next "best" fancy pants somebody! Those who play it safe standing behind me, will fail. I do serve as a warning to others and yes, I'm nutty. It's who I am & it's not going to change, as it works. Feel free to comment & join me on what could be the best road trip EVER!

Not That Sassi Planner Again???

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
Too Good Too Eat.

Just admit it, I say off the wall things...And it works!