Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CAES 100 June 6th 2009 Summit NJ!

What do we expect during hard times? Maybe more time to educate ourselves on how to do better, work smarter and stay focused. I think you are aware that I love to educate. It will never bore me. Sometimes I feel that educating was what I was meant to do. I am ready for another class if you are! Our last class was a great 10 student day! Please check out my web page on education for specifics on what class entails. Date: June 6th 2009 Location: 12 Bank Street Suite 201 Summit NJ Time: 9:30-4pm Fee: Please contact Lacey Borman Cohen our Special Events Coordinator at 908.219.4028 We accept all major credit cards, checks, PayPal and cash. For more information please visit our website at Click on EDUCATION Class is limited at 12 students!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Engagement Issues Do They Really Make It To The Altar?

Tis The Season For Engagement or Not? It seems in the last few weeks we have heard about several celebrities getting some bling! Speaking about HUGE bling, I think the one that surprises me the most is playboy Vince Vaughn is engaged to Calgary Realtor, Kyla Weber as released in US Magazine! That man has dated several woman and the last significant relationship was with Jenn Aniston which obviously didn't work. I sure hope this one is a success! Poor Jenn! He was ready, just not with her. I will tell you I used to get wonderful massages from Vince's sister Valerie. I remember hearing some fun stories about M. Vaughn. I think he might be better off with someeone who doesn't mind being in the spot light. I just hope Hollywood doesn't freak her out! Now, I don't know about you but I enjoy watching the Bachelor. What I don't understand is how crazy these participants get when clearly they've only known of this person for a short period of time. Did you get wind of the newest bachelor who first chose Melissa. He even jumped into he pool he was so in love! Not even a week later he decides he wants to get engaged to the gal who was his runner up Molly. I don't get it! How can you engage in one relationship and not even a week later decide you are in love with the girl you just dumped on National television??? I don't know about you, but I was appalled and along with millions of viewers we can all agree this one is a real idiot! Watch out Molly! This is clearly a man who has commitment issues. This is not the first time in bachelor history where someone has called off an engagement or decided to reach out for the runner up. What would you do if you were the runner up and someone dumped you on National television and a week later decides he wants to marry you? I would show him moves with my legs I cannot divulge. Ha! One engagement that was called off that was really a shocker was Brian Austin Green to Megan Fox! They were sure to beat the odds! According to US Magazine at the end of Feb, they decided it just wasn't right after 2 years????? Surely there must be more to the story than this. Supposedly they are amicable and still friends. I guarantee neither of them will have an issue finding love elsewhere. What I don't understand is how after you spent being engaged for 2 years would you end the relationship? You know the person well obviously. All problems and issues are not going anywhere. Do you just give up and call it quits? Have you ever been engaged for a short period of time say less than a week? Why did it end? Or if it did end could you see yourself jumping into another relationship with a "runner up"? I am dying for your feedback! I was kind of rooting for Brian and Megan to be honest! But I am happy for Vince Vaughn and his new fiance Kyla Weber. Maybe it's better that only one is in the spotlight for now. I hope she can handle it! From real estate to a Hollywood lifestyle, ahhhhhh fingers are crossed! Much Love and Luck during this time of engagement to you all! Please share your engagement stories with us! Sam xoxo

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Calling All Planners!!!

Obviously you can tell I love to educate! I love the CAES 100 series...Your first intro to the wedding industry! I have watched all of our students in the last few years blossom into awesome planners! For those who want to take design to the next level, I have the class for you! Meet CAES 200 Series! Finally a class that teaches design and offers a hands on workshop too! Have you ever wondered how floral artists learn to create a vision? They show you a scribble and within a few hours construct an amazing centerpiece! This has always been extremely fascinating to me. I would never consider myself a floral designer. However, after taking a floral class, I have a HUGE appreciation for them! Well for those who are curious like me, We're having a fabulous "chic" floral design class on June 1st! This class will allow you learn the fundamentals of design!! You will also work hands on with a professional floral designer on 2 centerpieces! This class will be monthly at our Summit location and most likely be scheduled on Monday evenings from 6-9pm.... Our first class is scheduled for June 1st 2009 6-9pm. We are only able to squeeze 10 students in each class due to high demand and space! So if you are not able to get into this class, try again in July! We currrenly have 7 students ready to go for June! We're down to 3 openings! It's funny how I asked our last class on Sat the 18th if there was interest and they all signed up! I know this is just another method to prove how valuable you are to your clients! I will provide the pizza and wine! You are to bring comfy clothes and a mind set ready to bring your business to the next level. I mean business ladies and gentleman! Please contact Lacey ( our Special Events Coordinator regarding fees and dates that currently are being booked. This is going to be an amazing class for those who really want to understand floral! What if you have a budget bride and she looks to you to make it happen??? Wouldn't it be fantatsic to make someone's vision become a reality! You'll look like the hero and they will love you to death for providing the service! June 1st is the date! Don't wait! I hope to see you there! xoxo Sam

Bridal Gossip!!!! The NY Post!

I nearly SPIT my juice box out when I read it! (April 22) - A New York woman has filed a lawsuit against a wedding guest who allegedly announced during the ceremony she had been having an affair with the groom, the New York Post reports. Sandrina and Harold Purdum, both 31, wed last September in South Ozone Park, a neighborhood in Queens. In a civil suit filed in Queens Supreme Court, Sandrina Purdum claims that guest Jennifer Angevine -- who was Harold's boss at the time -- ruined her special day with an outburst in which she allegedly tossed a drink on another guest and poked the bride in the chest while making the stunning claim. Me and Harry were good together. You had to ruin everything by marrying him. You f- - -ed everything up," Sandrina Purdum quotes Angevine, also 31, as saying in the suit. Harold Purdum, who denies having an affair with Angevine, quit his job following the wedding and has not found employment since, the paper reported. The suit, which accuses Angevine of slander and inflicting emotional distress and battery, goes on to allege that Angevine caused such a stir that 70 guests were ordered to leave the catering hall. The couple spent their wedding night apart but have been trying to work things out. "This girl really ruined my life," Sandrina Purdum told the Post. "Nobody should go through what I went through. Every time I talk about it, I get chills." HOLY HOT TAMALES!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Bridal Finds! What To Wear!!! Destination Weddings

So your thinking Destination huh? Well, that's a fabulous idea for a bride on a budget! And the more spontaneous you are with location and timing, you are sure to get a steal where ever you go! Now all I need to know is when your calling me to assist you, and can I bring a friend? Ha! One of the questions we are asked frequently is what to tell "our" guests to wear? How do you find good beach apparel? Even if your not by the beach? I recently came across some great websites for clothing. There are enough ideas for the bride and groom especially if you want to look semi casual for the big day. They also carry a ton of apparel ideas for your guests. The prices are fair and the quality is great I assure you! VINEYARD VINES J CREW J Crew is also another great website carrying fresh breathable fabrics for a beach theme or destination wedding. Destination weddings are becoming more popular each day. They carry less stress in general not to mention how they can also be less expensive for the reception and ceremony. This does depend on where you are going obviously. Fiji may not work this route, unless you want to chance it during hurricane season! Some of the more popular areas for weddings are located in the Caribbean such as St. John, St. Martin and Anguilla. The DR is great and Hawaii is just incredible with wedding packages right now! Mexico continues to be a popular locale. I recently did some research on what a Kosher meal would cost for a Jewish /Moroccan wedding. Can you believe it was less than $100per person inclusive of all taxes-gratuities? I was floored. It takes a lot to blow me away...The price points for an amazing wedding are unbelievable! On the East coast you can barely find locations that can offer a deluxe package at this price during peak season. I was shocked, but at the same time excited! I have so many ideas for the budget bride. This is just another idea to add to the list! We receive calls weekly about wanting to have an intimate wedding for 50-75 guests on a 10K-15K budget. With all of the great promotions regarding travel right now, you can have a celebrity style wedding with this budget. Especially in MX. Can you tell I am a fan of Mexico. I've been to MX over 25 times! How can one compare crisp white sand and Curacao blue waters behind you to a local venue in photos? There's nothing that compares to this. I am guessing for my 10th wedding anniversary, I'm going to plan a renewal of vows somewhere tropical. I just love the entire concept of traveling for an event! You do need to realize that not everyone will be able to attend for reasons such as budget or work obligations. However, if you want an intimate wedding this is the way to go. It's a great way to get out of the guests you don't want to come! (Shh..I didn't say that). When you think about it, you can escape to another location after you've tied the knot! Your guests can be left lying on the beach enjoying a foofy cocktail discussing how absolutely fabulous your wedding was. Believe it or not, Hilton is a totally chic hotel in Cancun! They were the ones who came in less than $100 per person! This was for Kosher dinner. I did inquire about regular entree options and it was even less expensive starting at $70pp. So the next time you feel bad about your budget, remember you have options that are far greater than what you may find locally. Who doesn't want to maximize their budget?? Here's to great weddings overseas!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

TLC Casting A New Show! Are You A Hard Working Mom?

I've just gotten off the phone with a wonderful casting director who told me they are in need of the following.... TLC is seeking hard working moms on the East Coast (for starters NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, DC, GA, & FL) who have an event or milestone they want to be madeover for! Please pass this on to any of your friends, family, or clients! Renowned British style experts and the original UK hosts of WHAT NOT TO WEAR, Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, bring their stellar expertise and charming wit to TLC with an all new series MAKING OVER AMERICA WITH TRINNY AND SUSANNAH. The British fashion gurus are about to enter new territory on the other side of the pond, to share their simple philosophy: "Looking stylish is not about following fashion, losing weight, being rich or succumbing to the knife. It's about dressing to show off what you love... about your body”. Making the most of what you've got to look great in any situation! TLC is seeking hard working American women who have something coming up that they want to look great for, but they don’t know where to start! Please email us at if you have any questions.

The Frustrated Bride.... Be Nice To Your Vendors!

One thing I've realized with vendors in the bridal industry is that we all share one common bond. We try to appease and WOW our clients. We try our best to dot I's cross T's. Ninety-Eight percent of the time we make it happen. Remember, I do not believe in the word perfect! But when we don't, we are yelled at, pressured and I have to tell you, screaming nasty things at your vendors and or brides is not going to help you guys! I know I can handle a lot of the mayhem that goes on. What I don't understand is why we must be the scape goat? We do understand that things can happen at any event. Even when I fell ill last Feb, I had angry clients on tv who couldn't see that the event would never had been possible if it were not for a strong team. Did you know this couple who received double digits in the thousands and did not even send one thank-you note to the vendors? That angered me. I was blessed to have vendors who knew I'd make it up to them. I did! Still will! The definition of a "planner" is one who orchestrates events or situations involving people and or things. I was proud of my vendors that day. I knew who I could count on during that time. Those vendors are going to be with me for a LONG time. Poor souls Ha! This industry is so very different from any other event in that it puts all of us on guard when you criticize us about a miscommunication or an issue that can be easily fixed. I want to give all brides this May-June some advice. We know you are stressed. We want to make this day fabulous for you. If you could breathe for a moment before you type away on your computer to your vendors or pick up that phone. Maybe you will come off less harsh and you can work together to correct this situation. I am seeing VERY stressed vendors this year and they don't/can't do their best work for you if you do this. I am giving you honest advice here!!! Most of the time everything is fixable. Coordinators can even change things the day of your wedding! I know other types of vendors can't but will try! If you change your mind the day of the wedding, just note to yourself, the change may not be good. Last minute changes can sometimes turn against you. This is a happy time, a exciting passage for you! If you stay calm and collected, you will have less drama with family, friends and vendors! Take my advice you have watched the show! You know exactly what a mean behaviour looks like. It isn't pretty and while staring at you in a gorgeous gown pretty as a princess is great, that bulged eyeball stare isn't good for photos or going to make vendors work harder! It's actually going to intimidate them. I've watched it happen too many times in 18 years! As always, I am sending good vibes your way and hoping that all of you are enjoying the great weather we are having! They said it's ending soon! AHHHH Why can't NJ/NJ make up it's mind with the weather? Am I missing something? xoxo Sam

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ettiquette Hell!

I have to say this year thus far has been an exceptional one when it comes to wedding etiquette. The numerous emails and conversations I have had with brides/grooms and their families about the "proper" way to express our concerns and ideas. I'm going to be frank here! I feel like some of us have become a little "George Bushish" making up our own rules and words as time goes by. Things have definitely changed since the 50's and well it's not always "smelling like roses" if you know what I mean. I'm the first to say the wedding is all about the bride and groom. I know the families are involved, but it really is about the 2 of you right? Call it selfish? I don't think so. I have observed people that take the whole "us" thing to another level. OK. So let's get started shall we. I am going to cover the basics, but the REALLY important areas that will answer your questions and maybe set some thoughts or feelings at ease. I'm following the Post girls on this one. Did you know they have a school in FL for planners? The Post gals have courses annually. Interesting huh? I have not picked up an Emily Post book in years. I was recently given a copy of her 5th edition as a gift and maybe as a bit of a joke. We've really taken etiquette to another level ladies. It's as though we want to raise the bar higher every year. I'm taking notes on all of your posts and emails. You betcha this is going in my book! How far can we go??? ADULT RECEPTIONS I've covered this subject in numerous articles and conversations with clients. The question is how can we do this without hurting or angering someone? I'm going to be honest, once you delve into this area your going to piss someone off. It's just going to happen. You can't please everyone no matter what you do. I know you guys try so hard to keep everyone happy, but it's just not always that simple. You allow the ring bearer and the flower girl, your sisters newborn and your own children. But your other sister has 2 kids that are 12 and 13. Now why do they have to stay home, but your allowing your other sister who just had a baby to bring her newborn? Good question. You're not going to like my response, but if you say NO children, you have to stick with the rules or you will have some "side" effects. Decide if you want to go down this road. While some may be OK, you may start a ruffle. Can you deal with it? You're going to have to. It's a road most don't want to travel, but to get what you want, you have to go there. What to write on the invite? NEVER write adult reception on the invite itself. Not only does it look tacky, but it's not proper etiquette. If you want to "sassy" someone off, this could be a good way to do it. The RSVP card is the way to go. You can add to the top of the card "Adult" reception to follow at the "ABC Club". You may also want to spread the word under the table per say with letting your friends know, this is an adult only reception. Get it right! I always say talk about the things to others in confidence that you WANT everyone to know. Do you have any friends/family who have what we call "diarrhea" of the mouth? Tell them first, the message is sure to be on the front page of the Post by morning. FIRE AN ATTENDANT OK. This is a touchy subject, but if Peggy covers it, you got to know it's good. Peggy suggests a more politically correct way of saying it " Asking your attendant to back out"...Hmm...There is NO way that asking someone to step down is going to look pretty. I don't care how you do it. Not even a 4 carat Tiffany diamond is going to make it better. It may mask things, but come on, these are DANGEROUS waters. I want to tell you as a planner and as a bride, I had to do this. It was not with friends but with family. I can't think of anything worse than to ask someone to step down. This subject just sucks and well, what can I say? But here's the question you have to ask yourself. Do you want this person to be in every photo and a part of your important day? Can you work things out or are you willing to lose years of friendship and or family communication? That's the BIG question. Once you ask the question, you have to be willing to deal with the consequences. Many emotions fly high when you ask your nearest and dearest to stand up. Some may be friends while others might be family. How do you weigh it out? Some of these attendants may be that "type" that somehow becomes envious of your engagement and happiness and they may go ballistic. They may blow things off. They may be the only one who refuses to wear the same dress. YUCK. WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE! Do you know what Peggy says? Attendants role at the wedding: Attends the rehearsal and dinner, bridesmaids luncheon if applicable Supervises the children in the bridal party if applicable Assists the bride at the reception as requested Participates in activities such as the line-up or bouquet toss Gives an individual gift to the couple or contributes to the couple with the rest of the bridal party. Did you READ that? I have to say, I've stood up in 13 weddings. I've never had this expectation. So remember what I said about etiquette? Gals we have not been living up to our part! I think the maid of honor has kind of taken over all of this... What is the maid of honor's responsibility you ask? Helps the bride select the BM's attire Helps address invites and place cards Organizes the bridesmaids gift to the bride and often organises the luncheon for the girls. Holds the grooms wedding ring and the brides bouquet during the ceremony. Witnesses the signing of the marriage certificate Helps the bride during the reception(gathering guests for the cake cutting, dancing and bouquet toss). Snap Snap on this one... Helps the bride get into her going-away clothes and takes care of the bride's wedding dress and accessories after the reception. Have you guys done this? I'm not trying to start trouble, but if Peggy says so... I'm not even getting into the role of the best man, you guys would laugh. The list is even longer than the maid of honor. I swear it! Do you have any good stories about asking someone to step out or possibly step in at the last minute??? The LAST ISSUE...ARE YOU READY! COMMITMENT CEREMONIES I know this is good right? I have picked some pretty good subjects this year! So, the times have changed and well, you can play old school, but if you do play it, play fair. You can't say NO to one subject and yes to another especially if you are talking about what's right (What society thinks)or what you think. Here's the deal, society places these thoughts of what is socially acceptable. Doesn't mean it's right. The truth is SAME SEX MARRIAGE is being approved monthly in different states. For those who don't agree, keep your thoughts to yourself. If you were made to make these decisions for all of us, heck we'd call you G-D. I'm not sharing my thoughts on this board, I don't agree or disagree. It's not my place. You can't help who you fall in love with and that's just the way it is. There are several NON GAY friendly places out there what can we do? I just received a call from a fan Saturday who mentioned she was having a great time planning her wedding, but her cousin who is gay was already being turned down by venues. They told her once she completed the paperwork that "they don't do that sort of thing". I asked her what sort of thing was she doing...She said nothing she wants to get married? Robin, forgive me for my anger during our call. I was completely taken off guard and completely appalled that some of the venues you mentioned were also venues that we recommend. I don't know what to say. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be judged for my preference on sex, color etc. The only piece of advice I have is tell your cousin there are several gay friendly locations and I will personally see to it that she finds them. Call me back! Peggy "posts" that this is the way to go. There is no law that states you have to announce your type of relationship with a venue or vendor. How extensively you go into it is your decision and not mandated by law. But sadly these venues can decide whether or not to partake in this type of ceremony. You can waste your time and make yourself unhappy just by fighting it. I know it's wrong, and I know these "folks" need to wake up cause it's the year 2009! That saying you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, may still stand with this one. In time, this is going to change. Hey look, we have our first African American President. I know several people who disagreed with this, but it happened and well, it's time to move on. What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I thought I would try something new...I know you are all affiliated with The Knot or Wedding Channel but for those who have no time....I have found some awesome great steals! First of all, did you know Macy's on 34th (NYC) in Demetrios Bridals has thousands of designers under $2,000??? I sure wish I had these deals when I was getting married!Is their negotiations? In my book ALWAYS! Ask away even another 10% may save you on tax and alterations ladies! GO GO GO To Macy's! If you see Donna you tell her Samantha Goldberg sends her best! Another GREAT place to buy mineral makeup WITHOUT CHEMICALS. Preservatives, proparabyns etc. Just plain natural! Go to! The companies name is ELF and they sell mineral makeup for 70% less than Bare Minerals/Essentials. Great for blotting when you get flush or sweaty! Great for the bridal emergency kit and did I mention all other cosmetics are $1????? I have used them and I have to say I hate TV makeup...This works wonders when I am on air! In person people think I have added some "special" treatments to my regimen...NOPE it's ELF! If you look online for coupons you can save even more! TRUST me ladies, this is the BOMB! Can you tell I am an ELF fanatic? Yes, it's been like every week! I have makeup until I am 45 easy! Don't forget to read my newest update in Bridal Guide which should be up tomorrow! It's another juicy one! My how I love the controversy! Ha!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

201 Bride Event @ The Brick House on April 22nd!

I just wanted to invite you to an amazing event I'm involved with on April 22nd at The Brick House 179 Godwin Ave in Wyckoff, NJ 6pm! This AMAZING event is going to begin at 6pm featuring many great vendors and some speakers including yours truly! I will be discussing some great ways to desgin your wedding and ways to work with any budget. I will also be covering some great new trends that you may not have thought of! Come and enjoy the great ambiance of vendors who are ready to assist you and people who may have a few great words to share! You can visit the website for more information and to register. There is a minimal entrance fee of $25 for a bride and a guest, but what you will experience is worth it! I heard they have some FAB bags with freebies and great vendor info! Just something you should know! Remember you must register at I look forward to seeing everyone! Please stop by my table for some great ways to stay organized and learn about my newest relationship with the Hilton Family Brand Hotels and Guestiquette! What's Guestiquette you ask? I guess you'll have to come by and ask me! xoxo Sam

What Is It Like Being A Wedding Planner?

There's not a day that goes by where someone emails us on how to get into the business. The truth of the matter is not how, but why? For some it might be that you planned your own wedding and believe you have a knack for the industry. While this may be true, planning someones wedding from outside the comfort of your family and friends may be different...OK. REALLY DIFFERENT! I'm not kidding. For others it may be that you want a change of career and this may seem like a happy industry to work in. What would I suggest one does to get training and become accomplished? I think it starts with proper training at a school, certification programs such as the ABC/ISES or possibly another established planner who can take you in and teach you the ropes. While some planners may have you work on things that you feel are tedious and a waste of time, just know that that planner has done this as well. Anything you work on with another planner you will encounter on your own. It's a process and it's not for everyone. When I started in events 18 years ago, it was not working with weddings. I started in the field of sales and events with the professional beauty industry. I have to take a deep breath when I think of how exciting it was to watch hair models or new make up trends strutting down the aisle from an event we put together. The music was pumping and you just want to get up and dance with them! It wasn't about pleasing the client, it was about bringing awareness to the public by entertaining them using funky hair goop and music to describe what this "goop" was going to do for their clients and their business. My clients were the public, but also for stylists. It was amazing how people were attracted to my design and how they began to want this for themselves. I designed and orchestrated many great events that were sold out. I think for me, that was an incredible feeling. I had amazing teams and without them, it would never have been the same. It wasn't until 1999 that I began to dabble in private affairs on the side. Weddings, birthdays and all kinds of great events. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I wasn't thinking of weddings when I began this adventure. Do you really end up being what you say you want to be at age 5? I think I wanted to be a housewife! I am a housewife that is true, but I also work enough hours to hold a different life on the side! I look back at the last 10 years and 1000 weddings later, and still wonder what tomorrow may bring! This last week I was approached by an agent who felt my life story was worth going on stage...So I began to think how would I begin this process and would I like it? Bottom line, would it hurt to try? I guess you will have to wait and see huh? One thing you must know about me, I have learned that to not try is a failure. I don't want to feel I have failed in life. While there have been events in the last few years where I wished things would have been different. But at least I tried! So for those who may be afraid, remember, to not try makes you a failure. This industry is not for everyone. But it doesn't hurt to try! Best of luck to you all! Sam

Friday, April 10, 2009


What’s Your Definition of a Cheat? Cheating. One small word with BIG implications. Remember in high school when you caught your boyfriend kissing another girl (who just happened to be your best friend) and you thought you might actually die? I do. The image is burned into my memory, and the sting, still fresh. Cheating is a subject that never gets easier, and the impact, never recedes no matter how old you are. Now, if you’re a star of the silver screen, the stakes are even higher. If you discover your significant other has cheated, or you’ve cheated yourself, chances are millions are sharing in what’s now become a very public humiliation. (A word of advice to celebrities—it’s actually not OK to have sex with your nanny while you’re married. If you have a pre-nup that says it’s OK, that’s your business. But, otherwise, there’s no good excuse.) This goes back a few years, but do you remember when Woody Allen cheated on Mia Farrow with their adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn? Wow—that was a doozy. Now they’re married. Imagine, though, for just one second what it felt like for Mia Farrow to be betrayed by not only one member of her family—but two—and one of them her child? Don’t think she saw that coming when she accepted Woody’s proposal. How about when Jude Law cheated on fiancé Sienna Miller with his nanny? I mean, Sienna is beautiful and successful—why would he stray? And then the nanny went on to spill all the beans to the tabloids, including how good Jude is in the sack. And after all that, Sienna took him back. They’re no longer together today, but their relationship did outlast the scandal for quite some time. The one celebrity cheating story that really irked me was Shania Twain’s husband of 14 years who cheated with his secretary Marie-Anne Thiébaud, who was SUPPOSEDLY Shania’s close friend. Ouch. Ladies, I am never one to judge because this is truly a subjective issue, and there are many cases where women and men reconcile in the aftermath of a cheating scandal. All I am saying is every situation is unique and we should never judge someone else for their ability to forgive, nor should anyone be judged for a decision to kick a cheating mate to the curb. What would you do if your partner cheated? And, have you ever thought about what your personal definition of cheating is? For instance, would you consider a one-night-stand cheating? Or do you believe an intimate emotional connection with another is a far greater crime? I would say for me, a passionate kiss signals an intimate connection and represents the worst form of cheating. As far as I’m concerned, sex can just be sex. I’m not saying it’s right, but for me, it’s just not as intimate as kissing. I would consider a kiss to be the ultimate deal breaker. So, what would be your deal breaker? For that matter, have you or would you ever consider reconciling with a partner who cheated? Dying to hear your answers… Until next time....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


PLANNERS BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM. IT COMES IN MANY FORMS. USUALLY THIS COUPLE STAYS CONSISTENT WITH BEING RELOCATED FROM ENGLAND TO CHGO, NY NJ ETC... IF YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL LIKE THIS IGNORE IT! ERASE IT! DO NOT RESPOND! THEY MAY EVEN SEND YOU A PICTURE OF A NICE COUPLE. MAKE A COPY OF THIS EMAIL AND SAVE IT... Hello! Thanks for your response, we appreciate ! We would definitely love to work with you!! Well i'm used to calling David my husband because we are getting married and nothing's changing that fact 'cause we have come a long way together..... My husband and i will be arriving in town on the 24th of May 2009 because we would like to finish our work here and also like to spend so time with our family and loved ones before coming as we might not be chanced to spend as much time with them after our BIG move. Actually it was a friend of mine in Spain who just got married in the State that referred me to the Website i viewed your advert and eventually visited your website and to our surprise you got a great chance of working with us as your style is preferably intriguing.. We will be needing a wedding planner to work with us as we are foreigners to enable a wonderful and memorable event, we need customized full planning package because our work schedule is pretty tight and there will be no way to do the planning from here without your support as a professional planner so for this reason, we need you. This is a list of Vendors we will be needing for our event; a photographer , a videographer, an MC, a florist, a make up artiste for all the ladies in the bridal party and myself, caterer, cake, a DJ , invitations for our US guests, save the dates and we are expecting at most 50 guests . Our theme colors are Light pink and Royal blue . Our total budget is $25,000.00 , our wedding commence 6pm to 11pm , ok . Our entertainment band will be coming in from Port Au Prince , Republic of Haiti , It's a french coupe de calien band, they're marvelous. Also, we would like you to know we prefer the reception and ceremony to take place in a location for the convenience of our guests and would love the ceremony to be in a garden setting and the reception in an indoor location in Chicago or surrounding areas because the weather is unpredictable at this time of the year. We would like to know how much you'll need to make our day a wonderful one as we will only need you to work within our budget to prevent any disappointment or breech in agreement in future, we just need to know the exact amount you require to be sure the planning cost is within our budget and then we can start making arrangements for your deposit needed for you to get started? Please feel free to ask anything else as you should know time's not on our side, and remember it will be better to contact us via email for now okay and don't hesitate to let us know if you are willing to help... Have a wonderful Day! Thanks, Jess & David

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What Happened To The New Website Sam?

Long story...I am making it short. We were having some difficulty with the hosting company and we decided it was best to go back to this web design until everything is ready to go! Be on the look out for something very exciting! xoxo Sam

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Next CAES 100 Series Class April 18th 2009 Summit NJ

Hello Aspiring Planners! We are ready to announce the next date of our beginners course in wedding planning! April 18th 2009 Location Samantha Goldberg & Co in Summit NJ Times: 9:30am to 4pm Supplies needed NONE! Fee $999.00 We now accept ALL credit cards, Pay Pal, Money Orders, Personal Checks and Cash. Info about the class can be read under the education link I have expanded this class due to our having to cancel May's class. I've decided after 10 weddings in May, you may find me laying across the conference table begging for mercy. We probably won't get much done. Not even with Duncan Donuts my partner in crime. Pink frosted of course! We do have some spots open. We will have 20 in this class and are currently at 13. Call Lacey Borman Cohen today to register at 908.219.4028 or email her at I want to say how excited I am that we are going to have some Hilton employees present! Please contact Samantha directly if you are under the Hilton Family Brand. Look forward to a FAB class. Yes, we are role playing, and yes you will need to do a few presentations. But we'll do it together and we will conquer the fear! xo Sam

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I am sorry I have been unable to answer the question of any form advertising on our site. As you can tell, we have been literally everywhere. I have received the sign off on where I can allow this. Please contact Lacey Borman-Cohen about specifics. 908.219.4028 Out Home page is only set for Bloomingdales, Hilton and Bridal Guide sorry!!! Stats are available to you, however you will be asked to sign a non disclosure before the numbers are released to you. ***Not all applicants will be approved. Hospitality brands such as hotel chains will not be approved, Magazines that compete with the Bridal Guide market will not be approved. We also do not participate in ANY adult entertainment advertisment. I look forward to speaking with some of you. Thank you for your patience. Samantha Goldberg

Cheating and Marriage?

What’s The Point of Tying the Knot If You Can’t keep Your Hands To Yourself? I know that cheating is one of the most controversial subjects out there when it comes to marriage. It becomes even more subject to issues when you’re in the spot light. Did you know that cheating is one of the top 3 reasons why people divorce? This couldn't possibly surprise you. It’s not like in high school where your first boyfriend kisses another girl who just happens to be your best friend. This did happen to me! I felt like I was going to die inside. Do you remember the first time you had a guy cheat? I still feel that stab in the gut today! Your tummy full of magic from a man... was now filled with stomach acid and pain. Don’t worry girl friends I am so covering this subject! It just has to be one of the next ones. OK...Back to my selective ADD form of writing Ha! I have to ask, if you’re a silver screen celeb, you have millions watching you, why would you want this type of attention? They say any attention in the media is good. I can’t see how someone being announced to millions as a cheater can be anything positive when your speaking in PR terms. I’m a reality TV personality for the Style Network and other channels. I watch every move I make because I know how critical my audience is. I’ve now taken on the role as a spokesperson for Hilton Family Brand Hotels/weddings and the author and creator of content for “Guestiquette” a portion of Hilton, and a web site which tells brides and grooms what is appropriate when it comes to etiquette. I wish I could add on to my advice it’s not OK to have sex with your nanny while you’re married. If you have a pre-nup drawn up that says this works, that’s your business. But for those of us who do believe in monogamy. Please don’t torture us with the “I just don’t know how it happened crap, OK? It's like stealing, how did the Coach key chain end up in your purse? I have so been there and men and women don’t always use the right part of their body. Agreed? The heart and hormones have a mind of their own at times. Now this is taking us back a few years, but do you remember how Mia Farrow got wind that Woody cheated with an adopted daughter? I mean what is wrong here? You do the right thing; you adopt to save someone from uncomfortable means. I don’t care if they are Miss Freakin Universe. How does one drop so low? Looks are superficial and we’ll the fact that Woody married her afterwards? Something is definitely wrong with him. He married his adopted daughter. You know what, the saying in Hollywood what happens in HW stays in HW? Do they have a vaccination for this? The next Nanny cheater was on Sienna Miller…She’s beautiful she’s successful and yet Jude cheated with the Nanny. I have to tell you. Maybe you need a Nanny that can only have the job if she’s 500 pounds and has no teeth? Oh and preferably under 5Ft. This nanny even admitted that he is good in the sack. Lady..quit telling us how [passionate he is (as listed in US magazine). He screwed up. He's lucky Sienna isn’t Lorena Bobbitt. The one story that really IRKED me was the woman that Shania Twain’s husband of 14 years allegedly cheated with, his secretary Marie-Anne Thiébaud. She was SUPPOSEDLY a close friend of Shania’s family. People noted about this and even showed the public a picture of Shania and the other woman, and said that “Shania considered Marie-Anne one of her best friends” and that their families even vacationed together. Hello Friends! You don’t cheat with your friend’s husband!!!! One last question, Do you think Brad Pitt did cheat with Angelina during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith? Don't worry, I do not know Brad personally. I have friends that do. LOL..I also have friends who are great freinds with Jenn Aniston and Jon Mayer. Jenn, I hope you know the last break up with Jon was for the right reasons. What you are hearing is really true! You made the right move! Stay away. He's not mature. Ladies as you can tell this is a subject that I am highly against. I want to hear your thoughts. What do you feel it means to be cheated on? Is having sex once considered cheating? If you had an opportunity to decide what would be considered the worst form of cheating how would you rate the act if it was a kiss, intercourse or oral sex? Out of the 3 subjects which one would be the worsttype of cheating for you? I would say for me kissing. Sex can be just sex. I’m not saying its right; it’s just not as intimate as kissing. In my opinion, a kiss would be the deal breaker married or not. That is passion and I know you gals know what mean. This makes the butterflies. Not the sex. Has this ever happened to you? Men, if you are reading this, what makes you do it? Why would you cheat??? No blaming it on insecurity either! Give us the REAL dish! Until next time! XOXO SG By the way, did you know we have over 60 admitted followers in a matter of 2.5 months. My stats show that over 10,000 per month read it! THANK YOU to everyone for peeking in from time time. You can make up a name. Join in the fun! Let's get some juicy subjects out there..You are always going to help someone!

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Business Wire FORBES.COM Hilton Family of Hotels Teams up with Wedding Planner and TV Star Samantha Goldberg to Launch... 03.31.09, 10:00 AM EDT Hilton Family of Hotels has teamed up with Samantha Goldberg, celebrity wedding planner and star of the Style Network's "Whose Wedding is it Anyway," to create a new wedding planning Website, "Guestiquette". The online wedding resource will shed light on tricky wedding guest etiquette topics, provide guidance on working with a hotel, offer tips on making out of town guests feel welcome, and offer access to the Hilton Family's signature online group booking tool at for brides to book and manage their guest hotel accommodations online. Samantha Goldberg, wedding planning expert, is the voice of Guestiquette. The website covers topics such as: Yahoo! Buzz-- "I'm Engaged, Now What" - Help in getting started planning a wedding including tools for guests' hotel accommodations, an easy-to-use budget tracker, tools for guest hotel accommodations, a straightforward, manageable timeline and more. -- "How to Speak Guestiquette" - Answers to common guest etiquette questions that trip up many couples while planning their wedding. -- "Making Guests Feel Welcome" - Simple ways to help guests feel appreciated for being present on the big day, including tips from real brides and advice on what should go into welcome letters and baskets. "Tough questions about modern-day guest etiquette threaten to trip up every bride and groom: Who gets to invite guests and who doesn't? What do I pay for and what do my guests pay for?" says Samantha Goldberg, celebrity wedding planner and television personality. "The language of 'Guestiquette' is tricky, so I teamed up with the Hilton Family of Hotels to provide brides and grooms with this much-needed, helpful advice for planning their weddings." Brides also will have access to the Hilton Family of Hotels' online group booking tool, which allows today's busy but tech-savvy brides and grooms to plan, book and manage their wedding blocks (five to 25 rooms) online with real-time inventory across the Hilton Family of Hotels, with 24/7 booking access. After brides or grooms book their wedding block online, they receive a call from the catering or sales team of the hotel offering additional assistance and support. The couple also receives immediate access to a tool that allows them to review which guests have booked rooms and which guests need a gentle reminder, as well as a tool that lets them create a personalized Webpage for their wedding and include a direct link to allow guests to book their room in the couple's hotel block. Comment On This Story "At Hilton Family of Hotels, we've seen an increase of 211 percent in brides who plan, book and manage their wedding room block online through Hilton's group booking tool," said Bob Brooks, vice president - eSales Strategy and Performance, Hilton Hotels Corporation. "In addition to providing couples with easy online tools to book and manage their wedding blocks, our new Web site, Guestiquette, provides them with guidance on the ins and outs of working with a hotel and making out-of-town guests feel not only welcome, but right at home."

I found This In The NY Times.....Brides and Grooms That Fire Their Planner..

While sometimes you just don't click with your planner, here's some reasons of why this may happen. You may have a bride or groom whose not going to be happy with you no matter what you do. At this point I would say it's not personal. Just not a good match...Actually it is personal, they just don't like your personality. It has happened to all of us....TRUST ME. Have you ever walked into a room and you know some one is checking you out with the evil eye, they don't even know you, but you can feel they already hate you? Why? How? Good question! I do have an issue with this article in that it never tells the side of the planner. It may not be a good personalty match, but this has NOTHING to do with the planners ability. It doesn't mean you are bad at what you do. So when you guys get down about a couple going elswehere, I want you to remember, it's not always your issue. It's theirs! Heck, we have a few clients who get upset for various reasons. Maybe they are having a bad day, maybe their finances are going downhill and our fee is adding more fuel to the fire. If that's the case, to let them go is not always a bad thing. Your also going to hate my suggestion. Find a way to make your fee less expensive. Why lose a client over a few $$$. Your job is to keep them calm. Isn't it? In the 18 years where I've saved clients tons of money, no matter how hard I worked on their account, it was never hard enough. I wasn't allowed to have a cold, I wasn't allowed to reschedule. This was mmost apparent when I fell ill with Heparin. This couple didn't care, they said they came to NJ for me and I wasn't there. Did I deliver? I certainly did! I realized we've had a few clients who just didn't care. They hired us for one reason. That was to make their wedding perfect. Well since there is no such thing as perfection. I don't need to tell you, I broke the chain of perfect! I survived and so will all of you who write to me asking why people get mad at you for things that are out of your control. Why do clients fire planners? For the same reason you may let them go...Bad timing, bad fit it's just plain bad. Isn't your and the clients happiness why you are doing this anyway? Think about what I am saying when you begin to beat yourself up over a client yelling at you. No one has the right to make you feel like you are bad news...And you know how I feel about people who treat others w/o respect in this business. Like Donald Trump says "YOUR FIRED"....It may hurt now, but your both better off in the end. When you lay in bed at night thinking of why this happened or worrying they may fire you all you are doing is wasting your energy on something that is going no where. Do you guys remember the Star Jones issues? I mean she very well might have been a nightmare, she fired many planners and florists. Maybe the ones she chose were not her speed? Savvy? Or maybe she was a beast as they described her. No one will know but Star and who she worked with right? Now onto the article.... SAYING “I do” to a wedding planner can be the second most important vow a newly engaged couple makes. With people marrying later, more women working and weddings growing ever splashier, many couples are hiring planners to help sort through the dizzying choices concerning the location, invitations, flowers, photographers, color schemes, D.J.’s, bands, lighting, place cards, centerpieces, cakes and fog machines, to name a dozen. But as the wedding planning field expands, some couples are finding that planners, like a broken engagement, can cause heartache. David Mandel of Los Angeles, an executive producer of the HBO program “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and his bride, Dr. Rebecca Whitney, hired and dismissed two consultants because they were “planzillas.” “It was like we had this mutual enemy — our wedding planner,” Mr. Mandel recalled. “We were not sleeping well. It was beyond miserable.” The first, who Mr. Mandel said was “very well known in Los Angeles,” dropped out of sight for a month after the first meeting with the couple. The second tried to steer them to a hotel in Palm Springs with which she frequently did business. The proposed wedding approached $1 million, “hundreds of thousands of dollars more than we originally thought,” Mr. Mandel said. “She was getting 20 percent of whatever our wedding was going to cost, so she was negotiating in her best interest, not ours.” Finally, Mr. Mandel and his bride, a pediatrician, found a third planner they liked. They were happily wed last New Year’s Eve in New York, at Cipriani 42nd Street. The couple’s experience was not all that rare, as even some wedding planners acknowledge. “I’ve been doing this my whole life, long enough to know that some of us in this business are a little full of ourselves,” said Marcy Blum, a New York planner who got in on the ground floor of the field in 1986, when the number of planners nationwide was fewer than a thousand. “In fact,” she said, “a lot of wedding planners are entering the field with no training, so buyer beware.” The average cost of a wedding is now $27,852, Condé Nast Bridal Media says. Typically, the planner — there are about 10,000 in the United States, according to Gerard J. Monaghan, a founder of the Association of Bridal Consultants — receives about 20 percent of the total. Others charge a flat fee, from several hundred dollars to as much as $100,000. Selecting a planner, or as they often prefer to be called, a wedding coordinator, can be tricky, especially if just what she or he can bring to the banquet table is not spelled out. “A couple should sit down with a planner before hiring that person and ask a lot of questions,” said Leslie Price, an owner of In Any Event in New York. “Both sides need to fully understand each other’s expectations.” Many couples use planners because they want to avoid the headache of directing an event that can quickly metamorphose into something along the lines of a major awards show. Jacqueline C. Gordon, a homemaker in Derwood, Md., grew tired of the “checking and re-checking” of “every little thing” when her first daughter married. So, for her second daughter’s wedding, she hired a planner, and, as a result, she said, “I basically showed up.” But the experience of Jennifer Rudin and Glen Pearson was far different. “We just didn’t connect with our planner on any level,” said the bride, the director of casting and talent development at Disney Theatrical Productions in New York. The couple, who were married in September 2005 at the Ritz-Carlton, Huntington Hotel and Spa in Pasadena, Calif., said the hotel required a planner, and recommended one. The couple say they sat with her in a bar at the hotel and flicked through photos of other people’s weddings, while she pitched themes (Hawaiian? Italian?), colored margaritas and her brother, the fantastic wedding photographer. “It was always about her,” Ms. Rudin Pearson said, “never about us.” In the end they dropped that planner and chose one of their own.

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I wanted to share some of the gossip about my marriage to Hilton! It's everywhere! I could not be more pleased with the response from the media! Thank you to everyone for your emails. I am very excited to say the least! This was on Alright, we'll admit it: we watch the Style Network. And not just for re-runs of "How Do I Look" — yes, we watch "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway," the wedding show that pairs wedding planners with brides in a start-to-finish look at all the drama behind a ceremony and reception (much classier than Bridezillas, we assure you). And now Hilton Hotels has tapped one of our fave famous Wedding Planner regulars from the show, Samantha Goldberg, to team up with the chain to launch Hilton's brand new online wedding resource, Guestiquette. The site covers everything from modern-day wedding etiquette to — and this is big — an online group booking tool for brides to book blocks of rooms for their guests. Among the biggie gems of advice the site provides is the "I’m Engaged, Now What?" feature. You know, you've got a rock on your finger, but the next steps aren't quite as crystal clear. Here's where the site's "easy-to-use budget tracker, tools for guest hotel accommodations, and a straightforward, manageable timeline" come in. There is tons of advice all around the site, which we appreciated — though it was a wee bit Hilton-propaganda-heavy at times. Um, for example, it encourages you to register to ask your guests to give you Hilton Honors points as a wedding gift. Yeah. I know it's a lot of Hilton, but that's the point! It's an incredible chain! xoxo SG

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Better TV and Wedding Disasters

I thought you may want to hear some fun juicy celeb gossip.... While we all tend to think we're the first ones to have a specific problem..I can almost say 95% of the time you are NOT alone... I will be joing Better TV once again in May! Get ready for some celebrity looks for less... xo Sam
I devote my time to ensuring our clients recieve fab service. There's another "calling" for me. To give back to my peers that aspire to be the next "best" fancy pants somebody! Those who play it safe standing behind me, will fail. I do serve as a warning to others and yes, I'm nutty. It's who I am & it's not going to change, as it works. Feel free to comment & join me on what could be the best road trip EVER!

Not That Sassi Planner Again???

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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