Friday, April 10, 2009


What’s Your Definition of a Cheat? Cheating. One small word with BIG implications. Remember in high school when you caught your boyfriend kissing another girl (who just happened to be your best friend) and you thought you might actually die? I do. The image is burned into my memory, and the sting, still fresh. Cheating is a subject that never gets easier, and the impact, never recedes no matter how old you are. Now, if you’re a star of the silver screen, the stakes are even higher. If you discover your significant other has cheated, or you’ve cheated yourself, chances are millions are sharing in what’s now become a very public humiliation. (A word of advice to celebrities—it’s actually not OK to have sex with your nanny while you’re married. If you have a pre-nup that says it’s OK, that’s your business. But, otherwise, there’s no good excuse.) This goes back a few years, but do you remember when Woody Allen cheated on Mia Farrow with their adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn? Wow—that was a doozy. Now they’re married. Imagine, though, for just one second what it felt like for Mia Farrow to be betrayed by not only one member of her family—but two—and one of them her child? Don’t think she saw that coming when she accepted Woody’s proposal. How about when Jude Law cheated on fiancé Sienna Miller with his nanny? I mean, Sienna is beautiful and successful—why would he stray? And then the nanny went on to spill all the beans to the tabloids, including how good Jude is in the sack. And after all that, Sienna took him back. They’re no longer together today, but their relationship did outlast the scandal for quite some time. The one celebrity cheating story that really irked me was Shania Twain’s husband of 14 years who cheated with his secretary Marie-Anne Thiébaud, who was SUPPOSEDLY Shania’s close friend. Ouch. Ladies, I am never one to judge because this is truly a subjective issue, and there are many cases where women and men reconcile in the aftermath of a cheating scandal. All I am saying is every situation is unique and we should never judge someone else for their ability to forgive, nor should anyone be judged for a decision to kick a cheating mate to the curb. What would you do if your partner cheated? And, have you ever thought about what your personal definition of cheating is? For instance, would you consider a one-night-stand cheating? Or do you believe an intimate emotional connection with another is a far greater crime? I would say for me, a passionate kiss signals an intimate connection and represents the worst form of cheating. As far as I’m concerned, sex can just be sex. I’m not saying it’s right, but for me, it’s just not as intimate as kissing. I would consider a kiss to be the ultimate deal breaker. So, what would be your deal breaker? For that matter, have you or would you ever consider reconciling with a partner who cheated? Dying to hear your answers… Until next time....

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