Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Frustrated Bride.... Be Nice To Your Vendors!

One thing I've realized with vendors in the bridal industry is that we all share one common bond. We try to appease and WOW our clients. We try our best to dot I's cross T's. Ninety-Eight percent of the time we make it happen. Remember, I do not believe in the word perfect! But when we don't, we are yelled at, pressured and I have to tell you, screaming nasty things at your vendors and or brides is not going to help you guys! I know I can handle a lot of the mayhem that goes on. What I don't understand is why we must be the scape goat? We do understand that things can happen at any event. Even when I fell ill last Feb, I had angry clients on tv who couldn't see that the event would never had been possible if it were not for a strong team. Did you know this couple who received double digits in the thousands and did not even send one thank-you note to the vendors? That angered me. I was blessed to have vendors who knew I'd make it up to them. I did! Still will! The definition of a "planner" is one who orchestrates events or situations involving people and or things. I was proud of my vendors that day. I knew who I could count on during that time. Those vendors are going to be with me for a LONG time. Poor souls Ha! This industry is so very different from any other event in that it puts all of us on guard when you criticize us about a miscommunication or an issue that can be easily fixed. I want to give all brides this May-June some advice. We know you are stressed. We want to make this day fabulous for you. If you could breathe for a moment before you type away on your computer to your vendors or pick up that phone. Maybe you will come off less harsh and you can work together to correct this situation. I am seeing VERY stressed vendors this year and they don't/can't do their best work for you if you do this. I am giving you honest advice here!!! Most of the time everything is fixable. Coordinators can even change things the day of your wedding! I know other types of vendors can't but will try! If you change your mind the day of the wedding, just note to yourself, the change may not be good. Last minute changes can sometimes turn against you. This is a happy time, a exciting passage for you! If you stay calm and collected, you will have less drama with family, friends and vendors! Take my advice you have watched the show! You know exactly what a mean behaviour looks like. It isn't pretty and while staring at you in a gorgeous gown pretty as a princess is great, that bulged eyeball stare isn't good for photos or going to make vendors work harder! It's actually going to intimidate them. I've watched it happen too many times in 18 years! As always, I am sending good vibes your way and hoping that all of you are enjoying the great weather we are having! They said it's ending soon! AHHHH Why can't NJ/NJ make up it's mind with the weather? Am I missing something? xoxo Sam

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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