Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Is It Like Being A Wedding Planner?

There's not a day that goes by where someone emails us on how to get into the business. The truth of the matter is not how, but why? For some it might be that you planned your own wedding and believe you have a knack for the industry. While this may be true, planning someones wedding from outside the comfort of your family and friends may be different...OK. REALLY DIFFERENT! I'm not kidding. For others it may be that you want a change of career and this may seem like a happy industry to work in. What would I suggest one does to get training and become accomplished? I think it starts with proper training at a school, certification programs such as the ABC/ISES or possibly another established planner who can take you in and teach you the ropes. While some planners may have you work on things that you feel are tedious and a waste of time, just know that that planner has done this as well. Anything you work on with another planner you will encounter on your own. It's a process and it's not for everyone. When I started in events 18 years ago, it was not working with weddings. I started in the field of sales and events with the professional beauty industry. I have to take a deep breath when I think of how exciting it was to watch hair models or new make up trends strutting down the aisle from an event we put together. The music was pumping and you just want to get up and dance with them! It wasn't about pleasing the client, it was about bringing awareness to the public by entertaining them using funky hair goop and music to describe what this "goop" was going to do for their clients and their business. My clients were the public, but also for stylists. It was amazing how people were attracted to my design and how they began to want this for themselves. I designed and orchestrated many great events that were sold out. I think for me, that was an incredible feeling. I had amazing teams and without them, it would never have been the same. It wasn't until 1999 that I began to dabble in private affairs on the side. Weddings, birthdays and all kinds of great events. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I wasn't thinking of weddings when I began this adventure. Do you really end up being what you say you want to be at age 5? I think I wanted to be a housewife! I am a housewife that is true, but I also work enough hours to hold a different life on the side! I look back at the last 10 years and 1000 weddings later, and still wonder what tomorrow may bring! This last week I was approached by an agent who felt my life story was worth going on stage...So I began to think how would I begin this process and would I like it? Bottom line, would it hurt to try? I guess you will have to wait and see huh? One thing you must know about me, I have learned that to not try is a failure. I don't want to feel I have failed in life. While there have been events in the last few years where I wished things would have been different. But at least I tried! So for those who may be afraid, remember, to not try makes you a failure. This industry is not for everyone. But it doesn't hurt to try! Best of luck to you all! Sam

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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