Thursday, April 23, 2009

Engagement Issues Do They Really Make It To The Altar?

Tis The Season For Engagement or Not? It seems in the last few weeks we have heard about several celebrities getting some bling! Speaking about HUGE bling, I think the one that surprises me the most is playboy Vince Vaughn is engaged to Calgary Realtor, Kyla Weber as released in US Magazine! That man has dated several woman and the last significant relationship was with Jenn Aniston which obviously didn't work. I sure hope this one is a success! Poor Jenn! He was ready, just not with her. I will tell you I used to get wonderful massages from Vince's sister Valerie. I remember hearing some fun stories about M. Vaughn. I think he might be better off with someeone who doesn't mind being in the spot light. I just hope Hollywood doesn't freak her out! Now, I don't know about you but I enjoy watching the Bachelor. What I don't understand is how crazy these participants get when clearly they've only known of this person for a short period of time. Did you get wind of the newest bachelor who first chose Melissa. He even jumped into he pool he was so in love! Not even a week later he decides he wants to get engaged to the gal who was his runner up Molly. I don't get it! How can you engage in one relationship and not even a week later decide you are in love with the girl you just dumped on National television??? I don't know about you, but I was appalled and along with millions of viewers we can all agree this one is a real idiot! Watch out Molly! This is clearly a man who has commitment issues. This is not the first time in bachelor history where someone has called off an engagement or decided to reach out for the runner up. What would you do if you were the runner up and someone dumped you on National television and a week later decides he wants to marry you? I would show him moves with my legs I cannot divulge. Ha! One engagement that was called off that was really a shocker was Brian Austin Green to Megan Fox! They were sure to beat the odds! According to US Magazine at the end of Feb, they decided it just wasn't right after 2 years????? Surely there must be more to the story than this. Supposedly they are amicable and still friends. I guarantee neither of them will have an issue finding love elsewhere. What I don't understand is how after you spent being engaged for 2 years would you end the relationship? You know the person well obviously. All problems and issues are not going anywhere. Do you just give up and call it quits? Have you ever been engaged for a short period of time say less than a week? Why did it end? Or if it did end could you see yourself jumping into another relationship with a "runner up"? I am dying for your feedback! I was kind of rooting for Brian and Megan to be honest! But I am happy for Vince Vaughn and his new fiance Kyla Weber. Maybe it's better that only one is in the spotlight for now. I hope she can handle it! From real estate to a Hollywood lifestyle, ahhhhhh fingers are crossed! Much Love and Luck during this time of engagement to you all! Please share your engagement stories with us! Sam xoxo

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