Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wedding Planning Course With Style Network Planners Samantha Goldberg and Jennifer Orsini

So You Want To Be A Wedding Planner????? Have you been told that you should be a wedding planner? Want to learn from some of the best? Then this is the class for you. Credited courses are good, but do not give you the hands on experience that you will need after the class is completed. Do you want to learn how to get into the industry the right way? Are you a bride who just got married and now consider yourself a professional planner? Let us teach you the right way to get started. Don't try to mimic what you see on tv, you need to work with your own ideas. Let us help you! We are currently taking names on a limited basis for March 22 2008. The class will entail how to get into the business, stay organized, how to market yourself, networking and how to find your special niche' . We will also cover how to close each client and make your programs stand out! We will supply you with the proper tools to get started. The class will be a one day seminar and will include lunch. The course will be approximately five hours. The fee of $700 includes all materials such as questionaires, copy of contracts, vendor lists, Budget Spreadsheets, time lines. and much more! You will also have the opportunity to work 3 events where you will be able to work with Jenny or Samantha hands on in the field. This is also included in the fee. If this is of interest to you and you would like more information, please contact Samantha Goldberg (908)450-9766 Cash, Personal Check and Money order accepted. Due to the high demand of internships we will only be able to work with 40 students. We hope to see you!

I Bought The Dress Before He Proposed

Ok. I can completely understand when your planning the BIG day that you want everything to be perfect. Obviously perfection is in the eye of the beholder. RIGHT? The dress for a woman is that key item that some how begins the bridal blueprint for some. I have had clients that have bought their dress even before any other item had been purchased, but they were proposed to. I guess as long as you have the dress that's all that matters to some. I have even spoken to brides who had their dress picked out and purchased before they got the man! Now that's where I draw the line. I remember in late August of 2007, I recieved a call from Tiffany(her given name not mentioned because she would kill me for divulging). Tiffany had sent me an email asking how far in advance she could book me. I mentioned anywhere from 12-15 months ahead is fine. Well, this relationship blossomed enough for us to set a time to chat over the phone about what she was looking for in a a planner. As we began our first conversation, I asked so how did he propose? There was a moment of silence that felt like hours. So I laughed because that's what I do to loosen a conversation that starts to seem a bit weird. She began to explain " You see Samantha, I don't exactly have the ring yet, but I did find the perfect dress." I thought to myself ok, maybe the ring is being made and she is just starting the planning a bit early. So we began to chat about locations that she had in mind and obviously the budget, which again caused this BIG silence. I fianlly had to ask, Tiffany you don't have anything set but the dress??? You must really love this dress! Out of left field, she said ok. Here's the thing, he (Sean) has not proposed yet. I then became quiet. So I asked, why are you planning a wedding with no proposal or even a ring(not that the ring matters) However, it does signify that the engagement has begun or at least being asked for your hand in marriage with an empty box, or maybe your just that type of couple that doesn't care about the ring. Your in love and do not need that juicy diamond to show your intentions. Heck even buying Diamonique on QVC (Hi Jenn) is ok espcially if you don't care much about the rock and want to save a bundle. I am still a fan of the big rock :) Well, this conversation became more interesting as the minutes passed. I finally had to ask Tiffany, has he proposed to you yet???? With a small voice I hear not exactly. I am like what do you mean by not exactly? "Well Samantha, I know he is going to propose, he just has not done it yet. " Wishful thinking T! Wake up! I then began to ask, so you bought your dress, you want to hold my services, you have no idea when you are even going to have this conversation with Sean? (name not mentioned for protection) . I said Tiffany, can I be frank? How do you know that you guys are on the same page here? What if your not? She did not say a word. I said ok. When you get engaged, ring or no ring, he asks you to marry him, then give me a call. She replyed that sounds great, but can I put a deposit so you will hold our date? I heard that though this conversation did absolutely nothing to show her this plan is nuts! How will I know where my career will be at that time. WHAT DATE I asked???? We'll we really have not discused this yet. I said "honey, you best not plan anymore . " When he asks you, call me. I hung up WTF???? I almost felt like if she would have continued, the hall would be next and she and I would be out on her wedding day looking for a groom to complete the process. Now that would be for good television. A gal who has everything for her wedding but the groom! Wow! You never know what is going to walk through your door. I have a feeling the next time I hear from Tiffany she will be walking down the aisle by herself...Waiting at the altar for her groom to arrive! It's like that movie with Drew Barrymore in " Never Been Kisssed" Can't put the cart in front of the horse...But I guess you can put the ring before the man! I wish I would have known about this. :) Brides....Enjoy the planning each and everyday. All I ask is one thing, before you call me looking to book my services , have the man first...Unless you want a glorified party alone. You know that's not a bad idea! By the way....Tiffany is no longer with Sean she is onto someone new. She knows this time this is the one...and she already has her dress. I guess I should be getting a call anyday now. I wonder if I still have her date open? Anyone looking to get married to a bride who has everything but the groom?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Table Linens That Dont Touch The Floor

Ok. Forgive me for being rude...but what were you venues thinking when you made/bought linens? There is nothing worse not even constipation...Than walking into a venue on the day of someones wedding and finding linens where you can see the legs underneath. There should be a law on this one. You planners know what I am talking about. You have your meetings you discuss linens, you pick ivory or white and your done.... OH NO YOUR NOT.... Why? Because you are now going to ask, Do the linens touch the floor? Protect yourself from this. It could be a nightmare that lasts for a long time. I had planned a wedding last August the budget was $35,000 with 100 guests totally doable. The bride spent a nice portion on her flowers, they were gorgeous. We enhanced the room with lighting (par cans, up lighting very affordable by the way). I walk into the room about 2 hours prior to cocktail hour and before my very (EYES) I mean you could see the whites of them maybe more...I saw the table legs....I felt my body want to drop...Cause what do you do 2 hours before a reception in the middle of no where..NO solution...I ask everyone where is the underlay? They say underlay, what underlay? I said someone must have forgotten to put the fabric that goes underneath the one you have on top...The server says no this is the linen. There are no other linens Samantha. WHAT??????? ECHOOOOOOOOOOO in my head! The owner is looking at me like he delivered a masterpiece and I cannot even say a word. For me...That says a lot. When I have a bride who has limited means, I want perfection. I want that room to look $40K not 10K. I know I can deliver this, but not with fan napkins and linens that don't touch the ground. PLEASE help me with this one. Fan napkins I just can't do it! Not in a cup...not with Jordan almonds in them, not on top of the plate or on the side..not anyway.... Sam I am I hate those fans folds mam! I know you have felt this before massive eye see something and you have no control on how to change it. I think I am worse than a bride. If you are a bride you have to understand as planners, when we see things that are not aesthetically right. We want to drop like you! Oh what a day...Well lucky my wonderful carefree bride had too much champagne before her arrival...I dimmed the lights and the party began. I still think about that day. I know that I have to ask any venue. Oh by the way, There were cigarette burns on some of them. Classic huh??

Monday, January 28, 2008

Kathy Griffin Is Officiating A Queens Couple!!

Hello BF's (Bridal friends)

Tonight was awesome. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Kathy Griffin and her entourage...

A couple decided that they wanted to have Kathy marry them! So Kathy is going to get her officiates license online and do it! I was asked to participate and be the couples planner!

We taped our first meeting at the London Hotel in NYC.

I have to tell you, for those who think she is offensive, I found Kathy G to be fun, adventurous and a lot like me. Which I have to tell you is VERY scary. But it is the perception while she is on television that causes one to believe that she could be rude...And that is so VERY not true.

I do not feel that there is anything wrong with speaking your mind. I mean we all shove foot in mouth often. So why should we get barked at for that? It is type A+++ We get that... But it's TV and if you can't take that for what it is what's the point of watching right?

So we swore a lot which was fun...and we acted like old chums having a drink. I could totally see myself talking about absolutely ridiculous things with her. She brings that side out in people and I think it's great! I think she is going to make a great officiate.

I promise to keep you posted on air dates.. I know it is in june

I also wanted to let WWIIA fans know that I will be taping until the end of Feb. The new season will be out in Spring. Style is revamping their site and it looks incredible. Get ready for an awesome season. The planners this year are fantastic and your favorites!

I will give you a sneak peek on what one of the weddings was about. A client who thought we were soul mates???? Need I go further in detail!

Just wait until you see it!

Jenny Orsini and I will be doing an episode together with a great couple also! We are going to be a hoot together. I love Jenny. She and I may be like Felix and Oscar...But when we are together we have tons in common! Just wait until you see this!

Oh, I have a question, well a story and a question...So my girlfriend Aggie whom I have known for almost 30 years came out here this last weekend. Our typical trips are Soho, negotiating with Canal Street vendors and Sephora. So on Sunday while we were waiting to take her to the airport we decided to look for wrinkle creams AGAIN. We must have tried on 4-5....and the women looked at us like we were nuts....I have to tell you..No cream really gets rid of those wrinkles. So unless any of you have a great cure...Botox is coming soon...I am not ready for 40...My face is not ready for it. Until then Bring on Sephora...May my cosmetic bag bust with remedies! Did you know in certain Indian cultures they wash their face with cow urine? How disgusting is that. But they look good!

On that note good night! See you on Wed night 9pm Eastern for a jam packed Pod Cast! This week is going to be AWESOME!

OMG It's Monday Part 2

Ok. I am supposed to be working but you guys keep sending me emails with hysterical content....Put it on the BLOG. I want to share the wealth and make others laugh too. So I just received an email from Michelle in CA. she is asking me questions about the sex word...Well honey this park has been closed for a while. LOL But I love my husband to death. I even offered him my dowry at our ceremony. That says a lot! Yes. Things change after you get married. They also change more drastically after the child comes. Then the park is closed for the summer and fall....I have this friend in Chicago who after 17 years still has sex like 2 times a week. I want to know what she is taking cause that is just not the norm here. The first year you have awesome relations. And yes it is ok to fantasize about Carlos the pool boy. You just can't touch him ok? Don't think that guys do not have relations with the magazines cause they do. Believe me the women in the mags have no idea that your husband wants them. The pictures are made to make these women perfect. They really do have cellulite and acne scars just like us. So please do not worry. I know this for a fact! Also when you have been married for a while, it does take a little more effort to light your fire. So that maybe a good time to dream about Carlos. Just don't yell his name...That could be really bad. Oh and Barb in NYC good luck with your Colonoscopy tomorrow. Just remember we are rooting for you! Get it ROOTING! You will feel better and fit in those jeans again. Best part you will be fine for your dress in November! Have Fabulous day! Keep posting! I need the laughs!

It's Monday! OMG!

First of all I LOVE Monday's. When you are in the wedding business... You get a break. So we clear the channels in our heads and we relax! THANK YOU for all of your responses to my last BLOG about Bridesmaids and Giving the Ring Back! We are now up to 500 comments! Jill Roden in AZ responded....She actually had this happen to her and this is NOT the first time he had cheated. LOSER! He cheated 2 times which in my book is DEFINITELY no ring back. I just have to say it again LOSER! Jill you can do much better and need to find someone that worships you and considers your feelings at all times. Yes she kept the ring! What are you going to do with it? I say give some to charity and splurge on some bling for yourself. OOH BIG REMINDER see BLOG below...Don't forget to call in! I also have to chat about Cindy in NYC who is an admitted commitment phobic. She has been engaged 2 times...and broke this one off too. Her fiance does not even want to ring back! So what are you going to do with this ring???? I am dying to know! Today I have some exciting news....I am meeting Kathy Griffin she is going to be an officiate for a wedding on her own show.. I met the couple they are absolutely incredible. It will be aired MARCH 8. I will keep you posted on more details. FYI..This is not on STYLE this is on Bravo or HBO? XXOO Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Did I Start Friction Out There???

Ok Ladies...When I posted the BLOG about the cheating while engaged I NEVER thought I would get so many personal emails about it! We received over 300 opinions in 2 weeks! I just have to say SHAME SHAME on some of those guys out there! I had Sarah in NC who hocked the ring and put a down payment on her very own condo! WAY TO GO Sarah! There are some I cannot even post. But i will tell you...Guys if you can't keep a monogamous relationship even after you give a ring...May this be the most EXPENSIVE mistake you ever make again...And ladies...The grass is not greener on the other side. TRUST ME...Not one intelligent gal is going to put up with that SHT> And if they do...Well you should feel sorry for them. not jealous! So I have decided to invite you into my LIVE Podcast show this Wed Jan 30th at 9pm Eastern time.... Here are the details... Live Call In Show On 1-30-08 at 9pm Eastern Time Join Samantha Goldberg Live Tonight! Please join me and my good friend Robert founder of the Wedding Podcast Network tonight and every other Wednesday at 9pm for FREE bridal advice! That is 9pm Eastern time. This weeks subject has 2 agendas...One is The guy who cheats and expects his money back and How do we ask a bridesmaid to step down from the wedding party! The number is:(724) 444-7444 The show ID is 56410 and the show id is your home telephone number... Here is the link to go directly to the website! You will need to download Talkshoe...But it is completely safe! Can't wait to gossip with you tonight !

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bridal Timelines......

How many of you have gone crazy by following those "Timelines" provided by The Knot or other means of wedding information? I would have to say at least 90% of you! I have watched in my sixteen years many brides who feel if they do not get the photographer by the 6-9 month mark they are screwed! This is so NOT the case. A timeline is only used as a guideline. Think of it as a "Bridal Blueprint". It is very helpful during the planning process. It helps teach you what is needed in order for your day to be a success. However, they always state a time frame...If you notice to find the venue is in the 9-12 month mark. Does it mean you will have better choices if you plan at 12 months. No. Does it mean you will have less to choose from...Well this all depends on what month you are getting married. If you want prime location and prime season...Yes you would need to address this sooner than later. However, if your date is not peak.....You do have time to browse. I have planned weddings in 2 months, 6 weeks...and I will tell you I feel the less time you plan, the less you tend to go crazy and believe it or not have more negotiating power with all of your vendors. The likely hood of several brides booking 2 months out is a very small percentage....Let's say maybe 1/2 of a percent. Now I am not telling you to plan your wedding in 2 months....It is not for everyone. But it can be done. And the savings are awesome. I feel it also allows you to spend more time with your honey instead of arguing about flowers etc....I call this the spontaneous planner! I actually love planning weddings like this! I know you think girl....You are crazy! But for those of you who have watched some of the shows....I have proven that we can change just about anything in no time at all! So tell me what are your biggest stresses in planning your wedding??? Let's see if we can get to the bottom of it....I am looking for any stress at all..I bet if you share....You may feel not so stressed!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Weddings and Reality During Your Planning

If you think I am talking about the show...not this time. I need a break from that! Let's talk reality here. I have planned over 600 weddings in my career as a planner. Did I just say that? Out of this 600 maybe 5% have been peaceful, stress free for my clients due to family keeping to themselves, people not throwing advice on what's right and wrong (this includes family and friends)and staying away from too many forms of advice. If I could meet Miss Manners I know she would agree that too much of anything wedding related is not good while planning your special day. Did you hear that....I said your special day! It is really about you and your significant other. Why do you all seem to forget that? This is not about the color of the dress, the venue, the flowers, the invites, the favors etc etc etc...Who mom can or can't invite. Although these items are part of planning your wedding they are not what's going to keep you sane after the day is over. It's one day. I know I may sound really blunt here. But most people who have read my posts or have seen my shows know this about me. I don't say this because I am trying to be rude, I am saying this because I care and see so many brides and grooms getting stressed about this one day. The one comment that I hear most often after the chaos has stopped is well, if we can make it through the planning of this wedding, we can surely make the marriage work. I have to say...If that is your philosophy...You are in BIG trouble. This is the easy stuff. When you get married things do change. It's not just a relationship where if things get too heated you can run. You can run to another bedroom....or your garage, but that's about it! If I could give you one piece of advice for those of you that are getting ready for the big "plunge"..It would be focus on the relationship during your planning. Yes, get the planning done. Take people's advice with a grain of salt. If you don't like mom's ideas, say that's a great idea mom, when we get to that part I will definitely think about that...Don't fight it...Just put it on hold. And most of all those wedding timelines...Girls...those are guidelines. Not lifelines...(I see you smiling) If you don't get the invites ordered 4-6 months before the wedding. It's ok. That is was RUSH means. So pay the extra $20 and just get it done. Pace yourself. It's a good tool, but not the last say. And please try your best not to buy every wedding book ever made... Too much is NOT a good thing! When I was pregnant I read this book 'What To Expect When You're Expecting" Well that was a BAD idea....Not only did I read this book like 50 times...But I must have had EVERY disease one could have. Stop laughing at me :) So I went on line, I bought more books and soon our baby's room looked like a library! It wasn't until I had been to the doctor like for the 5th time he said..ok..STOP reading the books. STOP looking on line...Just STOP. You are not dying you're having a baby! I should write a book about what to expect while your planning your wedding! Have I got some GREAT stories for you! I must start my day. But wanted to say please take care of yourself today! This could be your big weekend and if it is ENJOY! XXOO Samantha

Friday, January 4, 2008

So If You Are Engaged And Your Fiance Cheats Do You Give Back The Ring?

So Today, I am reading Cosmo and I come to this article about people who are engaged and they ask a question...If you are engaged and your fiance' cheats on you should you give the ring back? As a woman, I am thinking if the idiot cheats why should you give it back? If you say you love someone and you give them a ring, doesn't that mean committment? I mean come on how stupid can you be? Why do we reward them with the ring....and what if they give it to the next gal? I remember on an episode of Sex In The City where Miranda gets pregant and Steve the baby's father comes to her door with a ring that Carrie found from her boyfriend who was going to propose with and hated...Miranda was the one who found this ring.... and she gets it???? Isn't that bad luck? Like a tainted ring? So I understand there are circumstances where you give the ring back and you "rid" yourself of this experience and move on. And they say this is healthy. Then you say... what if I use the money I make from the ring and buy myself a new wardrobe for the pain this creap has caused me....Which method is better? What is right? I can see if the ring was the grandmother's or mothers....I would give it back.... In some states they actually have laws...Like Texas where if you break off the engagement whether one cheats or not and you don't give back the ring, the groom can sue you. He has rights to claim this back? If you throw it away you are responsible to give the money back to him if he has the reciept...This is nuts! Come on ladies...I want your opinion...If you have ever been engaged and you gave the ring back...or you didn't..Tell us why????? I am not saying by any means that all men cheat...We have many great guys out there! I married one..and I know I have met many... In the article 50% of all men said they should get the ring back....What do you think?
I devote my time to ensuring our clients recieve fab service. There's another "calling" for me. To give back to my peers that aspire to be the next "best" fancy pants somebody! Those who play it safe standing behind me, will fail. I do serve as a warning to others and yes, I'm nutty. It's who I am & it's not going to change, as it works. Feel free to comment & join me on what could be the best road trip EVER!

Not That Sassi Planner Again???

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
Too Good Too Eat.

Just admit it, I say off the wall things...And it works!