Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Table Linens That Dont Touch The Floor

Ok. Forgive me for being rude...but what were you venues thinking when you made/bought linens? There is nothing worse not even constipation...Than walking into a venue on the day of someones wedding and finding linens where you can see the legs underneath. There should be a law on this one. You planners know what I am talking about. You have your meetings you discuss linens, you pick ivory or white and your done.... OH NO YOUR NOT.... Why? Because you are now going to ask, Do the linens touch the floor? Protect yourself from this. It could be a nightmare that lasts for a long time. I had planned a wedding last August the budget was $35,000 with 100 guests totally doable. The bride spent a nice portion on her flowers, they were gorgeous. We enhanced the room with lighting (par cans, up lighting very affordable by the way). I walk into the room about 2 hours prior to cocktail hour and before my very (EYES) I mean you could see the whites of them maybe more...I saw the table legs....I felt my body want to drop...Cause what do you do 2 hours before a reception in the middle of no where..NO solution...I ask everyone where is the underlay? They say underlay, what underlay? I said someone must have forgotten to put the fabric that goes underneath the one you have on top...The server says no this is the linen. There are no other linens Samantha. WHAT??????? ECHOOOOOOOOOOO in my head! The owner is looking at me like he delivered a masterpiece and I cannot even say a word. For me...That says a lot. When I have a bride who has limited means, I want perfection. I want that room to look $40K not 10K. I know I can deliver this, but not with fan napkins and linens that don't touch the ground. PLEASE help me with this one. Fan napkins I just can't do it! Not in a cup...not with Jordan almonds in them, not on top of the plate or on the side..not anyway.... Sam I am I hate those fans folds mam! I know you have felt this before massive eye sore....you see something and you have no control on how to change it. I think I am worse than a bride. If you are a bride you have to understand as planners, when we see things that are not aesthetically right. We want to drop like you! Oh what a day...Well lucky my wonderful carefree bride had too much champagne before her arrival...I dimmed the lights and the party began. I still think about that day. I know that I have to ask any venue. Oh by the way, There were cigarette burns on some of them. Classic huh??


Emediex said...

I think I would have run out and found some cheap netting in a coordinating color and pinned about eight inches of it to the bottom of the table cloths with 100's of safety pins (if I could get four-five volunteers for the project!)

get real with samantha goldberg said...

Ha! I love it! You know I thought I would have the time....But the lighting alone took forever and the brides budget was already spent! I loved this couple. I think I was bothered more than they were...It's a shame...I could have done wonders for a few hundred more:)

Tracey Kumer-Moore said...

Hey Samantha,

I had this conversation with my bride today who already working with caterer for home wedding-he is bringing tables & linens.

So "G", I said. "Did you ask them to ensure they order the linens so they are floor length".

"Ummm, not sure" she says. We check, nope.

Ok, well guess a call to the caterer is in order. Fortunately, I can nip this one in the bud:)

I know your pain Samantha, I truly do! It is one of my pet peeves. These people arent'going to a seminar for G-d's sake, they are attending a wedding! Sheesh!

get real with samantha goldberg said...

Tracey would you believe that some caterers think linens are floor length even after you show them the legs?????

For me this is the BIGGEST eye sore!

Ok I take that back....ballroom chairs that are with blue fabric and gold frame...That would do it....

c7162smith said...

Just found your blog tonight love it. Hate the legs also. Working with a bride that is so excited that her caterer is including the linen. Her wedding is outside very nice golf course. Guess what linen consist of 85"square white tablecloth with 72" royal blue table topper on a 60" round table. Told bride you never want floor length cloths for outside wedding. Can't believe it. It is actually amusing what people will believe to save a buck.
Wish me luck.

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