Friday, January 4, 2008

So If You Are Engaged And Your Fiance Cheats Do You Give Back The Ring?

So Today, I am reading Cosmo and I come to this article about people who are engaged and they ask a question...If you are engaged and your fiance' cheats on you should you give the ring back? As a woman, I am thinking if the idiot cheats why should you give it back? If you say you love someone and you give them a ring, doesn't that mean committment? I mean come on how stupid can you be? Why do we reward them with the ring....and what if they give it to the next gal? I remember on an episode of Sex In The City where Miranda gets pregant and Steve the baby's father comes to her door with a ring that Carrie found from her boyfriend who was going to propose with and hated...Miranda was the one who found this ring.... and she gets it???? Isn't that bad luck? Like a tainted ring? So I understand there are circumstances where you give the ring back and you "rid" yourself of this experience and move on. And they say this is healthy. Then you say... what if I use the money I make from the ring and buy myself a new wardrobe for the pain this creap has caused me....Which method is better? What is right? I can see if the ring was the grandmother's or mothers....I would give it back.... In some states they actually have laws...Like Texas where if you break off the engagement whether one cheats or not and you don't give back the ring, the groom can sue you. He has rights to claim this back? If you throw it away you are responsible to give the money back to him if he has the reciept...This is nuts! Come on ladies...I want your opinion...If you have ever been engaged and you gave the ring back...or you didn't..Tell us why????? I am not saying by any means that all men cheat...We have many great guys out there! I married one..and I know I have met many... In the article 50% of all men said they should get the ring back....What do you think?


Ballet Slipper said...

Since when is an affair of the heart less important than an engagement ring? There is so much hype about the god forsaking “ring” that the very importance of the whole reason that the ring was given to you has been lost.
I believe that the decision lies within the individual. After finishing this article I realized… Oh well, too bad for him!!! Ladies keep the ring as a trinket for the “pain and suffering” that the snake master caused you! And when the spineless weasel tries to take you to court in Texas or where ever, get a good lawyer and insist that you are so ill from this break-up that the last thing you are thinking of is that little ol’ ring! Make an example out of him; we are not going to sit back and be pushed around over a ring, are we?
Once you have milled over how blessed you are that the “man of your dreams” broke off the engagement, you will have had enough time to decide the fate of the diamond that’s in question. And pardon me but since when is a diamond not a gift? Does this mean we have to give back every gift he’s ever gotten us? Just think if he wasn't such a spawn of satan he would have knew better than to ask and then take it back! At the end of the day girls, it’s just a ring! We as women are entirely more important, so stay strong and don't let anyone push you into a decision that you’re unsure of. Follow an example… pawn the ring and go on vacation!!!
Andrea NJ

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

KEEP the RING and you KEEP the BAGGAGE.
I would think that "Keepsakes" (a.k.a.-GIFTS) are for the warm,positive experiences that one shares in their relationships. By holding on to the ring (a.k.a. The "Pain Token")- you lose. You lose out on the opportunity to heal, let go and continue with your life.
LADIES, the old adage still holds true.. "The best revenge is living well".

Erin Marie said...

Keep the ring, sell it, and buy yourself something you've always wanted. It's the least he can do for you.

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