Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Education Calendar For The Aspiring Planner!

FINALLY SHE'S SETTING A CLASS!!! First I would like to thank all of you that have taken CAES 100 this year! We had 8 classes for 2010 and each one was amazing. This is a great time for me to meet new people and learn of new ways to help some break into the world of events or to help those who have been at the detour sign waiting for someone to guide them in the right direction. I have hired 4 of my planners from this course and others have their own business and work with us at times. We want to stay connected to you. This is our own network system! When people speak of networking, this is where it starts. You will have a "Planner Buddy". One day with Samantha Goldberg is not the class. It's after you have completed "lab time" meaning you are going to come into the office again to observe interviews with clients, you will participate with the interview by asking questions to a REAL bride and you will leave, knowing if this is a good fit. I change our classes each time, not so much with content, but the way the context is discussed. Thanks to all of you, this program continues to sell out each month, word has spread to many states where I am able to travel, learn and meet some of the most extraordinary people. While the east coast has many fabulous vendors and venues available to us, it's nice to check out the scenery in another state. I always come back with good and positive feedback and always some form of drama due to myself not playing by the rules. This whole" rule" thing, I think they were made to be broken. I believe our industry constantly needs to be broken so that we can fix what we missed, revamp and rev-up! I'm happy to announce CAES is starting yet another class in January 2011. Date is January 29th and the snow date would be the following Sat February 5th. While I have loved teaching the 7 week course, with my traveling schedule and clients, I cannot do this right now. I will make you a promise that I will do my best to have at least one of these in 2011. This course is special...It's special because you are all going to have 100% hands on from the minute you walk in until the moment you leave. Let's share a bit about what this looks like. On January 29th at 10:00am you will arrive in Summit NJ. I will have an amazing breakfast spread with lots of goodies to hold you until lunch. The morning portion is really learning about you, how you might fit into the industry and how will it work for YOU. We have to start somewhere and since you have decided to invest in yourself, that needs to be our first area of focus. How do you want to be a part of the industry and what does that look like? Many cannot answer that question right away. That's actually a good thing as I don't want you to leave other ideas and opportunities behind once you leave us. I also would really be disappointed if I wasn't able to show you what areas you might want to consider. What I have learned about event coordination/orchestration and design is that they are all very important roles in the event world as a whole. It's impossible to play the role of all 3 at one event. While a planner must be good at multi tasking, this means that with-in the category you've chosen and being able to bring in each element that makes you exceed expectations on your own and with others. It's not impossible and yes, there are many planners/designers that can do both to an extent, but not until they have truly mastered each portion and walk away confident that they did give 100%. A bride and groom have just one day to make it count. If they invest in you, you too have just one day to meet the expectations of what really counts...How might you know this unless you know who you are and who they are. What you can do is seek assistance with areas that may not be mastered yet. The biggest problem with our industry is that people fall in-love with the "gig" the wealth and without thinking about how this might affect you getting another job via referral from the client or any of the vendors you are working with. I will show you in person what that means...I am going to alloq you to meet a potential client who will tell you exactly what she needs, and let's see how many of you can figure that out with a suitable program. Many of the classes online are not good for this particular career due to lack of being live with peers, interacting with others that share the same goals and seeing what you might be doing that could destroy your desire to be successful. You can learn the mumbo jumbo of sales..But what are you really selling? You are selling yourself. When we speak of investment there are 2 meanings to the word "Investment". The first meaning is usually a collaboration of what you bring to the table and the time it takes to improve what you know. Or to change the mindset altogether and start fresh. When you invest in yourself, it shines through. It shows that you have enough passion to learn new things and are always going to change so that each client can benefit a wonderful experience with your keen knowledge and expertise. They usually don't have a clue with what this entails. it's not as simple as finding vendors, the right location, making sure a budget is being considered and etc. It starts with you. While you may know much about the industry, there are reasons why you don't close every client, or that your buddy who attended the same class and took off like a rocket. And how we can show, you are still working your way through. I will give you one piece of advice, this will happen. It happens to at least 70% of each class. When I review stats, if our average class consists of 10-12 students, 20% of the class will do the work and may have to change a few things along the way. They will succeed in whatever area they decide to focus on. Remember that the biggest problem for those who are seasoned professionals in ANY career, must look into different ways in order to constantly keep with the "now". If that 20% is resistant to this, they will never grow anymore than what they are. However, if they seek to change or make a mark in the industry, the change of mindset starts with them.Your their teacher. I always hope that people walk away and feel refreshed and motivated to develop a plan. I know that some are looking for the "golden ticket" or "pot o gold" waiting for them. I have some reality to share, it doesn't come via UPS. You must be the one to reach out for more support and develop a plan to ensure you are able to meet that task. However long it takes you dedicate the time and patience to ensure it's done right, your willing to put in the effort no less than 100%. To summarize, you take the new tools, you look at what you had, and make the decision of whether your goals are realistic. You don't want to rush. I will share why, during the class. We start with theory and how one might reach each goal. We start with your business plan. This is somewhat like the plan we will have for our brides. It's nice to control ones event, but can you control yourself enough to make the plan you have set for the client and yourself? Most successful planners/designers have one thing in common. We did not aspire to be in this career. We had skills that would show early on, but would never go any further than that. They will also take the all or nothing approach. That may show dedication, but without a plan, we have all fallen on our face, and will continue as we never stop learning. Even when it's bad. Let's just say "Bad" isn't as terrible it sounds...It's the only way you learn. Like I tell every bride, I do not believe in perfection. That statement is real as nothing is ever 100% perfect on ones wedding day. Our job is to take control, be quick on their feet and stay honest with when you need help. While I show you how to budget, the real timeline of a wedding, the how to's and the 4 F's in sales, I show you ways to incorporate YOU into this career choice. Experience is a question that will be asked by many brides. BUT a connection is just as important. I will show you how to connect. They are investing in you bottom line. Shoppers ( Brides who would care less about what you can bring to the table and just want price, are just not savvy of what we are about). It doesn't matter how much of a budget a bride has, if you don't connect with them or visa/verse how will that experience be that day? Or how about the 1+ years of planning with someone you don't connect with. Venues...How do they do it and how can you begin to understand how they work. There are MANY venues that do not believe that a client needs a planner. I have actually been in a appt and have the sales manager state, "You really don't need a planner". That is insulting. What they don't tell our clients are ways to save, how to work with a calendar, talk about all aspects of the event and etc..Who will be there every week etc to guide them through what's affordable and what's not. Or at least offer an option that is similar. I don't mean with food. I actually enjoy hearing them ask that. I say each time" So basically you are going to take over stuffing envelopes, calling vendors and arranging payment schedules,negotiations to ensure your client stays with-in the number given. reminding them when it's time to book rooms, what to do with guests if you have a long period of time between the ceremony and reception, transportation for everyone/anyone who needs it..Are you really going to help with this? NO COMMENT! Silence is GOLDEN with this one..So what if you get the evil eye.Hey if I can take that, you certainly can. We also talk about how to match the right person/vendor to a client. One that has work she loves and also can "mirror" her so that your team allows for a trusting and fun relationship with your birde/groom. MANY cannot do this. You will. What is the worst that could happen if the bride doesn't like the person such as a photographer..UM bad photos as he's a jerk and makes her upset. I've been with the bride when she finally says ENOUGH.I want to go in to cocktail hour and see my friends/family etc.They annoy her/him with requests that should have been answered early on. WE HAVE VALUE even-though we are not tangible. You cannot put a price tag on time. The value of a stress free beginning which allows the client to focus on being engaged and not just focusing on the wedding. On the day you come in, we will see a venue in action..What happens when you walk in, what do you first once you arrive, how does the procession work/recession during the ceremony, what takes place during the event, how to give some room for last minute changes etc. You will also hear first hand, what venues dislike about planners. You need to know this. If you have a good relationship with the venue, they will recommend you. We are not caterers, so it's not our job to tell someone how to do theirs. BUT some do. So let's not go there OK? You will also watch an interview with a potential bride, let's see if you can tell what she is looking for. You will have a chance to ask her/him anything you want. THIS PORTION IS IMPORTANT. When 5:30pm hits. You are not done. For the next 1-2 months you will have floor time. This means you will come into our office in Tribeca or Summit and do research, be in client meetings, see reveals, how I design, even chat with our clients about specific things they need. I promise you, there are not planners who will allow you to do this. EVEN if you offer your services at N/C. I cannot answer why people will not allow you to do this, but I can tell you, it has much to do with them, NOT you. In the 1-2 months you will have up to 14 days working inside one of our facilities. This is not paid, this is part of your certification. If you cannot come during the week, you may have to be patient and wait for evening appts. We do not have labs on weekends. You will also attend 2-3 weddings. Participation is a must. Each student will have the opportunity of working with myself and team. When we have completed this program you will have a written exam that will need a score of 80% of higher to pass. The last portion of this particular class is your own client we will choose this for you. Each student will be given an assistant who knows less than you. Your bride will need to fill out a survey based on items you were taught and how you implemented the tasks. This will also require an 80% to pass. It's not imporatnt that they like you, it's important that you do what is required. While I wish I could say everyone passes, some do not. That means nothing and everything. We have to try again. We will NOT give up on you as long as you do not give up on us. We do have a waiting list for this particular course. I'll believe the rush to fill when I see a name with proper paperwork done. As of today, we have 5 openings. The date is January 29th 2011 Location: 12 Bank Street Suite 201 Summit NJ 07901 Classroom #4 (last office) Time 10:00am to 5:30pm Breakfast, beverages, Lunch, snacks will be covered Fee: The fee is $1200 per student in school. We do have limited amounts of financial aid which has been donated by various vendors. For a college student the fee is $1000. Thia allowa for a $200 SAVINGS. Planner who is working full-time the fee is $1200. We do offer our planner special which includes our online system "Project I Do" (this is a $600 value , you will invest $50. We also have out completely filled "BRIDAL EMERGENCY KIT" which gives you everything you need and labeled for $150 instead of $250. The total package for the working planner is $1400. You can wait to pay for the kit and Program I Do..We will guarantee the price for 6 months from the date you complete the classroom portion. This pass also allows you to take any other CAES program at N/C with the exception of the floral/design class which is a 2-3 hour class includes pizza and beverages and is a ton of fun! Prizes will be given for the best centerpiece...The prize might be $100 in cash..$200 in cash..a DVD player for your clients to see your work, a bridal emergency kit on wheels...It's whatever ticket you choose!We have 4 people that will qualify for various categories.. We do take PayPal..Visa MC and Discover along with money orders, bank checks and personal checks (Please note, personal checks must be given at least 2 weeks before the class. The only payment we need as a retainer for your space is $100. This is not refundable and can be used as credit for the next class. Please checkout our website for the education link www.samanthagoldberg.com Email or call Jayme Knast for schedule and questionnaire. We do not accept every applicant. If we feel this particular class doesn't work with your experience/background. Jayme can be reached at jayme@samanthagoldberg.com or you may call 908.219.4028 I cannot wait to meet those who have signed up and look forward to sharing my tools and how to use them in a way where you too can be successful! Happy New Year!! Samantha Goldberg

Monday, August 2, 2010

Party City & Sassi Sammi Tie The Knot!

Right now we are becoming more sensitive to wasting items and using products that can be recycled along with being eco-friendly. It's amazing that many people do practice the conservative approach with being "eco-friendly" or recyclables. There are so many ways you can cut back, use again and stick with mother natures plan to keep the planet clean! I have some great tips below with Party City. The items you see in the photos are gorgeous. I remember putting this together for our "Fam" trip in the Bahamas. Just as an FYI...The Wyndham in Nassau is amazing. Not only is the staff extremely accommodating, but the views, the casinos (that's sort of eco friendly ha!) I do give the money back to someone, the questions is to who? I loved the room we had. Every editor that joined us from Brides, Get Married, Texas Bride, Your Wedding Day, One Wedd to name a few...had a fabulous penthouse. The one that I shared with my lead planner Karen was just amazing. It was about 3000sf and had 2 wings..We both bad our own separate rooms, powder rooms, bidet room, shower area, jacuzzi and the sleep number beds. When I tell you I haven't slept that well in years, Going to bed at 2am and not waking up the next day until 2:30pm. It was not a hangover I assure you..My body needed that rest and I am still finding I need at least 10-12 hours of sleep daily. I would highly recommend visiting this fine facility. I know they are due to gut and make it even better! I cannot wait to go back. They really made me feel like I was home. Except for the bedside ordering for meals..I REALLY liked that. You guys know how i love to order out. Imagine calling down stairs and them wanting to come up and take your order. It was a bit odd as I am the independent one..I cannot lie it was really cool..If you happen to look into this fine hotel for vacation, ask for Sam! He is the GM for the properties on the east coast +++..I think this was the first time I actually felt like I was on vacation. Even though I was nervous meeting new people..They were all amazing. I found 2 great people who I adore and I am so glad this worked out the way it did as I wouldn't have met such incredible people. The Party City family is just the kind of place where you go to work smiling..Not because they have a mock up store with a HUGE area of candy..You can get 15 pieces of many items for $1...I don't know what I like better the fact that I can actually pick items that are so inexpensive...Or when I get home looking into the bag and realizing that I just ate..15 pieces of chocolate lol..My team and I have left PC on many occasions with a belly ache..It goes away, and we just do it again..

Friday, June 25, 2010

Enchanted and Magical...

Each year we have the pleasure of meeting hundreds of brides in our Summit office. I don't tend to "prepare" or make assumptions about making the "close" happen during this first meet and greet. Sometimes I may get a call and I feel this automatic connection to the person who may be calling from 10 miles away or 3000. I am sure you guys are savvy about the "connection". In our industry, this is how some of us sell ourselves. We never really sell our product. In theory, when people look for our service and they call, they are ready to make a choice or to see if this even applies to them. I've played the sales 101 game for years. One thing I have learned is that it can be the best deal in history financially, but does it work for everyone? I have worked with hundreds of smaller budgets and sometimes, I feel like they are worth 5 times the amount of a seven figure wedding. All of the right pieces are present. And you know that this union is going to last a lifetime as it just feels right. Hence my reference to the first call with a client. I wanted to share a few photos of a recent wedding on June 19th in Morristown NJ. While this wedding was incredible to design, the family and couple were exactly what you see in the pics I have chosen to share. just "real, unique and beautiful". This is what a wedding should look like when you are given the ability to create without restrictions..I don't mean budget. I mean the full picture. It shows trust and solid relationship with a fabulous couple. Congrats to Dorian and Kevin! We loved working with you and your families. Thank you for allowing us to show our creativity without reservations. I love that you still cannot put a word to describe what this was like! I hope that feeling continues for the next 50 years +!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where Is The Sassi Sammi Going?

Let's be clear...Sassi is still around, she is just getting ready to go full force with Party City and some other REALLY cool opportunities. I have to say I've just gotten back from the most AMAZING trip to the Bahamas with my new partner in crime Party City! It was amazing! I met over 35 editors from the US and all of them were just amazing people. The "Fam" trip aka familiarity trip, was held at the amazing Wyndham in Nassau. This hotel is absolutely a gem. The property is fabulous and there is just so much to say it might takes days to describe. However, I am going to give you a glimpse as to what the experience was like. Party City has been around for over 25 years. They are America's largest party supply retailer in the US. Most of us when we think of Party City think of party supplies such as balloons, gift bags, theme parties for our kids or various events such as Cinco De Mayo or a Hawaiian Luau. And any color plate, napkin, utensils etc...you know..Orange plate and orange napkins, or maybe you spiced things up and tried a table with 8 different set-ups! Even growing up I remember being able to go to Party City to get supplies for parties when my mom was away on business and we were in high school. Yep, I did have parties and we were under age..I never did anything too terrible..A Pina Colada or Boones Farm was pretty much what we drank our senior year. I think if I touched that stuff now, I would lose it. We cannot forget the wine in a box either! Franzia or something like that...What was it called again? Do you remember drinking it? It may have been what 10% alcohol but it was sweet and cheap and well, it got the job done. Anyway back to this amazing trip. The room I was in was the largest penthouse which was about 2500-3000sf. I was sad that I didn't have the family to enjoy it. I did have one of my senior planners/assistants Karen with me. She was great with setting boundaries and making sure I didn't go bonkers with working too hard. I didn't listen to her about 80% of the time...But still love her! The goal of this adventure was to show the event gurus "media wise" that Party City isn't just a supply store anymore. It's a planning playground. It's all about thinking outside the box. I think we can all agree that is not a problem for me. I think my favorite part of the trip was watching each editor look around the room, cameras going off nonstop you would have thought they were tourists from Nikon taking photos of various celebs on the red carpet. The entire table was 100% PC except for the linens and the floral. Do you want to see this? I can post photos..You will not believe your eyes. Funny the President asked "where did some of this come from?"..I said in your store. You begin to have so much product and so much to choose from it's easy to say, wait..where did you find that? I did take the whole PC experience in as I was designing table scapes for the trip. We displayed coordinating candy bars for both the wedding shower mock up and wedding.This is something you have to check out at Party City's super stores..They now carry the containers of various sizes and colors, colored candy to match your theme...Custom name stickers for example.. Chinese takeout containers for candy, monogram tags on the actual jars..Iridescent gum balls in a pearl white..Black gum balls..OMG talk about beyond fabulous. You just have to go! I guarantee you go in to one of their super stores, you will leave with items that can be used for home entertaining nonstop. They have an entire custom invite, place card, thank you cards and menu dept for so many occasions..I just have to add that you will never look at them the same. We are now working on recreating the wedding section. I know you gals like the swanky, mod, clean and cost effective items. Let's be honest, we don't have the deepest pockets at this point in time and you need to have options. My goal as PC's Spokesperson and Celebrations expert is going to take you to the next level. Show you ways to wow people like I did and start some new trends that you are not going to want to miss. I amazed myself. And this fueled me to fester better ways to help you see through the eyes of a planner. I am going to walk you through every step of the way...I will be in the stores with visuals and online for plan-o-grams, color charts and how to make your event look the way you need it too..I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to plant the seed for ideas and let you finish off what you want in bringing your vision to life. You need to "own" your event. We are just there to help you! All with-in your budgets ladies. I hope you hear me loud and clear on that one. I'm making this process affordable for any budget. If I could fool over 35 editors into thinking this was all new plates etc that were better than plastic paper etc..You will have no problems following my ideas on how to do the same thing. You have my promise. Every question was "Is this Party City" I said yes..Well what about this..Yes that too..Ha! I am so excited to begin our next shoot with tablescapes for 2010. The bridal aisle is going to have items that you must have. Color galore and as elegant or as whimsical as you choose. Party City has so much to offer and I couldn't be more excited or honored that they are going to allow me to take their company to another level. I see this as being a long term home for me. They are an amazing company and I am just so happy to be there. Thanks to my "agent" Tanya at Burns for finding me for this. I know the gals at Zimmerman were also asking to work with me when they decided to have a face and expert for PC. It was an instant match the minute I walked into corporate. They have been so receptive and welcoming with my ideas and goals. All of the years I have invested in this business proved to pay off. My goal was to work with products and now I will have a change to add my own flavor to the mix. I cannot think of anyone being more lucky to work with such an ambiitous, open arms company. I do have many new things to chat with you about, but want to save things for later. For those who have been asking about a press release party for editors and various media means, we are working on it. I will be showing many different items that you will be happy and excited to be a part of. After this trip I now have over 30 contacts that are going to working with me and PC to show you the next level in wedding planning 101.. I hope you have your seat belts on because this gal isn't stopping for anyone.. By the way, for those who have asked about the book, it's still in the working..I hope to share more very soon! Until next time, keep your eye on this blog..I am going to start having my assistant keep you updates starting in July. And I will be "tweeting" about some awesome things that are coming up! Yes. I did give in for a personal assistant. Do you have any idea how hard it is for someone to NOT come in and want to be a planner? i am always willing to assist my staff in accelerating their careers. But it's been a nightmare with finding someone who doesn't want to do anything but assist another. Have any great ideas? I do have Karen and sadly, she is really happy being an engineer..She needs a mental challenge. I 'm not saying that planning doesn't cause mental issues. It can and is not for the weary. You are all wonderful and I thank all of you for following me on my journey and for the ones who just come in to look..Please sign up..We have over 5000 views daily and I promise I will keep all info exciting and I won't hold back on crazy wedding situations. I know you love this the best! This year I have had some good ones..Worthy of this book. Be Well and Stay Fab Sassi Girls xoxo Sam

Saturday, May 22, 2010

CAES!! June 8th 2010!! We Have Financial Aid!

I know some of you fabulous aspiring planners have been calling about the next class and we are half full! Which means I have some financial aid to share thanks to the Hassel Foundation! For our June 8th course the weekly fee has been reduced to $125 per week! This is a savings of over $100 off the regular fee for the 7 week intensive workshop for beginning planning and orchestration! We have 4 openings and this is given to just 4 people! Our next course will be in late Sept or Oct of 2010. Our emergency bridal kits are on sale this month!!! $175 for the entire kit on wheels with all products necessary for your brides etc...I have even managed to squeeze in some fun little treats for you! If you would like to reserve a bag, please contact nicole@samanthagoldberg.com regarding availability! We are also looking to complete our floral designers course in July 2010. Please contact sonya@samanthagoldberg.com for more details and to hold your space! Hope you guys are enjoying the summer! For those students that have not completed your internships with us, please contact the office to schedule your time! We want to help you get that sassy certificate! I can see it...Sitting on my desk..looking for a wall to hang on..or a desk to sit on... :( Make it happy by finishing the class! You have already invested in the classroom portion, let's finish what needs to be done so you can start working with brides!!!

Dream Team! Elizabeth and David May 2nd 2010!

I know that many of you were not able to see Dream Teams national segment on WWOR and affiliates of. I have linked the video to this post and hope you are able to see how fabulous this organization is! We are continuing to grow daily. If you have noticed I put a hold on our chapters and we were expanding a little bit too quickly..I am a firm believer in what starts fast, ends fast. We have a group of national sponsors that have been amazing along with our state chapters and their lists of "Dream Granters". Our first televised wedding took place on May 2nd at the Westin Jersey City. I would like to thank everyone who had donated their time and services! You truly made the bride and groom glow for days! They are still just in disbelief that we were able to put her entire wedding together in 6 weeks. Thank you all for a day I will always remember. This experience showed how much our circle of vendors support the many things that I do. Never asking for anything but how else that can they be of service. Thank you for being great peers and friends. Ron Holtz Photography www.ronholtz.com Eddie Stix Video www.stixvideo.com Kristen The Golden Quill www.thegoldenquill.com Dave www.njbestdjs.com The Westin Jersey City www.westin.com Lisa A Touch of Elegance Floral Tim Caruso Photography Dream Team www.dreamteamwishes.org I look forward to bringing this to other chapters this summer! VA, NC, IN, TX and FL. Thank you all for your continued support. I have more news coming soon as always! xoxo Sam

Thursday, May 6, 2010

CAES Beginning Event Orchestration Series! June 8th!

Hello all of you fabulous aspiring planners! We have just completed our last week with our Feb class! What a fantastic group of gals! We have 8 energetic and willing to go the extra mile people in this one. I have to say this was one of the best classes we have had in a while as we had many similar personalities and it was fun and educational for all! I would also include myself in this as each class I learn something new..and carry this information over to our next course. I thank everyone for being patient while we completed our class. We did send an email to everyone who had asked to be on our waiting list. If you did not receive this please contact nicole@samanthagoldberg.com to learn more about the course or to sign up. We did have a list that was made when we started our Feb class so please understand that we have already filled some of the class. I wish I could have more classes or enroll more per course..Our limit at our Summit location only allows for 10 students at present. We are going to be opening a larger space for education only in NJ probably in the late fall of by end of 2010. I promise to keep you posted via blog so check back when you can! Here is the info you have been waiting for! CAES Planning and Orchestration Series 100 Date: June 8th Day of class: Tuesdays and can be subject to change based on weather conditions or issues out of our control. However, since you pay as you go you will not loose your payment and will just make this class up... Time: 7pm to 8:15pm and 15 minutes of Q&A Fee: $150 weekly 7 weeks of classroom time 2-3 months for interning at Summit NJ location Participate in 1-2 weddings with a senior planner Work a wedding alone with an assistant. Once you have completed this program your last quiz will be rated by a bride whom we have chosen for you. If the bride surveys her experience with you at 80% or higher you become certified with the CAES Institute and will receive a certificate of completion and be noted as a CP/ Certified Planner. Our next series of courses are for planners who have completed 25 weddings/events and over. The next basic course will be in Sept/Oct of 2010. Please let us know if you have any questions! You can make payments weekly and save a space for $75 down. Once you arrive on the 8th you will have a balance of $75.. You can then work out a payment system via check, credit card, pay pal or cash weekly! Please contact
to sign up. We have 6 openings as of today! We look forward to meeting you soon!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Staying On Budget..As Posted on Examiner.com !

Let's face it, weddings are expensive. Flowers, attire, dinner, drinks, cake, the minister, photographer . . . it all adds up. Hence, creating a budget will not only keep you from spending more than you have, it will make planning your wedding less stressful. "One of the biggest mistakes for people that have a champagne appetite and a beer budget is they don't sit down and put together a spread sheet or even jot down what the major expenses of the wedding will be," laments Samantha Goldberg, Celebrity Wedding Planner (Gold Events Planning) and TV personality on the Style Network’s “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway” and “Married Away.” "Usually," continues Gold, "when the newly engaged bride gets that rock, the first thing she does is run out and buy the dress." And that, says Gold, is probably the biggest mistake a girl can make. Why? Because she hasn't taken the time to sit down and make a budget for her wedding yet. "About 90% of the time," says Gold, "she doesn't know what she's going to be able to spend on the dress (but she buys one anyway). "Last year," explains Gold, "I ran into a situation where the bride's budget was $50,000. And her dress cost $12,000 (leaving little left for everything else)! The cost of the dress should be no more than 10% of your budget—and the average dress in America right now is $1,500 and change." Of course, every bride wants to look fabulous on her wedding day, so how do you work within your budget and snag the dress of your dreams? According to Gold, by looking at sales you can still get a gown that's worth 10% of your budget and only pay 5%. Gold also advises brides to stop looking at dresses they can't afford unless they really like shopping for the resale online. "There's also a great market for rentals," adds Gold. "Brides can rent a designer gown for 1% to 3% of the original retail price." Other tips for saving money on your wedding include renting a faux cake with a real top tier (to cut for photos), and then serving guests a delicious sheet cake. "You can have that grandiose look and even cut into it for a fraction of the cost," states Gold. For those willing to do a little homework, you don't have to sacrifice looks or taste. "Believe it or not," says Gold, "there are lots of cake artists that work out of their home and/or local caterers that make cakes but don't have a cake shop. Typically, you can get a great cake for less money by hiring a "freelancer" or someone with a small business. To help couples stay on budget, Gold has designed a spreadsheet that can be downloaded, which has the basics and percentages that will automatically allocate amounts for every category from inivations to flowers to, of course, the dress. Check it out at: www.samanthagoldberg.com

Budget Smuget...It's all Numbers Girls!

When I sit back and wonder how on earth I have managed to work with OVER 1000 weddings...I want to hide. What the heck was I thinking taking on so much? I have this obsession with design I do admit. I just don't feel that there is a limit on what one can do on limited means. And who wants to dress up your day to make it look like you have limited means? Not me. Call me snobby, call me silly...Heck call me anything you'd like. I don't care. You know I am right about certain things and decor is something I excel in. This is all I have ever wanted to share with the public. Besides some of the craziest adventures and maybe some mistakes where I need some advice..I don't have many people to share my zany activities with as they are with me when it happens. If I can get a good giggle from you and make your day a bit better, then my grand plan has worked. You have to know that over 70% of America is that bride who watches "My Fair Wedding" where Mr Tutera saves the day by rescuing these damsels in distress..I don't know about you, but I don't see anyone in distress. I do see someone who comes in and makes a beautiful wedding. However, if these gals had more of a budget they would have a planner and have a fab day regardless. If you can appreciate this show for what it is, great. But don't discount your taste when you compare it to what he had used in place of your original plan. This is NOT reality my fab frugalistas... I have been working with budgets in the 4-7 digits..and honestly, some of the 7 digit clients are not much better than the average budget of 25K. This weekend our team had the pleasure of working on 3 events. Friday we had an amazing wedding. It was amazing because of our client. Holly is one of those brides who came in looking for assistance on having a wedding but to also have some budget left over for a great down payment on a house. That's my kind of gal. She's a young lady which surprised me as I thought for someone to have that mature thought process had to be in her late 20's+..Nope. Her parents had offered her a sum of money to be used however she chooses. We had a long discussion getting to know each other as you guys know, I have to meet my clients and learn about them before I decide to work on their wedding. If we don't mesh personally, they are not going to get the best from me or my team.In this case, I just fell in love with her sweet demeanor and attitude. She wanted simple, rustic and elegant..She had a vision and had trouble describing it. But as I got to know her, I figured it out and together we came up with an amazing theme. Originally she wanted to split the budget down the middle to save $12.5 for the house fund, but after we talked further there was a few extra things she really wanted and I was able to get her a great price for them..Actually they were chivari chairs and gold chargers..She couldn't see her vision with any chair but that..I do understand this as I share the same thought process. The chairs make everything look better. For under $7 each..How can you go wrong? I think this wedding was right in every way. She invited her nearest and dearest. When you put it on paper...The list is not that huge. Who do you really consider people who will be with you for a lifetime, you can trust with anything etc etc etc? Yeah..not too many. So she decided to keep the evening delicate with 60 guests. I have to tell you, it was great to see that everyone came, and we were able to make this intimate but so elegant. I can't stop saying this "all for 15K"..I still cannot believe it. I am so proud of our Floral Designer Lisa from A Touch of Elegance who makes my chicken scratch look like this. She isn't psychic...Maybe a bit psychotic from hanging with me. But who doesn't get that after a Samantha experience? Bottom line, you can all have this..BUT, and it's a big but, you have to cut back. Now I am not saying you can't have a pretty setting with more guests minus the floral and chairs..BUT..This does look better than a few candles and rose petals. Let's face it, most of you want this. Maybe not this design, but this package..You just don't know how to do it? I have a new program, to get you here...I need your help as it's your day..But help is an option. I have been training a part of our team to work with a specific budget for a while. If you want to learn more, call us..visit with them..It costs nothing to ask questions and to come in...Why don't you decide what you must have, and what you can forgo before hand... You may be surprised on what one of my fabulous planners comes up with..and I do touch every wedding with something special. That's why I get to know you, so I can help you get to that magic place..Far away in your mind. I can make that thought real if you choose to trust us. Looking forward to sharing some magnificient designs with you this year. I am excited as you will see some of the secret larger budgets this year..They are worthy of sharing.I don't think I will top this one off for a while. Again, a very fabulous couple who just know me well enough to give them something magical. They don't want to see much..They want a surprise. I promise they will have the most amazing wedding ever...and yes, I still stick to my rules of never doing the same design twice. xoxo Sam

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Consider These 3 Rules When Buying Your Gown...

Thought you may find this helpful...If you are a bride looking for the perfect dress..Or a planner who feels this might help one of your brides out! It was posted on the Examiner.com 2 days ago! Enjoy!! Comfort, Look and Style are the three big things to consider when choosing a wedding gown, says celebrity wedding planner, Samantha Goldberg (www.samanthagoldberg.com). Whether you wear your mother's gown or buy a new designer frock, make sure you're not wearing it because you think it's something you should be wearing. "Wear it because you love the way you look and feel in the dress," says Goldberg. "You should love the way you look in your dress." Goldberg also advises brides don't buy anything trendy unless it's flattering, otherwise, you may look silly in your wedding photos twenty years from now. The most important thing to consider is your shape. On you on the plus size? Do you have an hourglass figure, or are you more of a pear or an apple? Are you large-boned, or stick straight without a curve in sight? You need to look for a dress that will enhance your better features and hide the "flaws" that you associate with your body type. "Color," adds Goldberg, "is often an issue with plus size brides. Certain colors don't look good on women with more curves and larger hips. In the bridal family," she notes, "sometimes champagne and pink is a better color for someone with a larger frame. That also depends on skin tone—an olive complexioned bride might go with a light pink, peach or champagne." Beware of "tricks" to slim a waist that may actually work against you. "If you have a small waist but large hips, a sash will bring more attention to the hips, not the waist. Though it may make a waist look smaller, it will make the hips look incredibly large." Goldberg also says to use a light hand when considering enhancements on the dress. "Anytime you go with something that's too much, it's not a good idea. It's also very, very important for brides to measure themselves for a dress—and have a professional do it so you don't wind up spending additional money on alterations. If you try to save money by purchasing a dress online, which is fine, if you're measurements aren't correct, there's no guarantee it will fit. And you can't return those gowns. Hence, it's really important go to a bridal salon and have them take the measurements for you; they'll be precise and you'll get a better fit." Don't forget the rear view, says Goldberg. "Consider the back of the dress, not just for photos, but for your guests who are going to be looking at the back of your gown as much as the front of your gown—when you're dancing and walking down the aisle, etc. The design in back should be as flattering as in the front." Goldberg says that many brides get hung up on looking good and never consider how they feel in the dress. "You want to look good," she reiterates, "but then you forget how long you'll be in the gown—at least 8 to 10 hours. You want to go with a gown that feels comfortable all the time. When you're trying it on you should walk in it, bend over, sit down, and even dance in it to make sure everything is easy and you're not struggling." If you have a long train, yes, you can bustle it. But remember, it will be twice as heavy. "And with more fabric around the waist, your hips will look larger than they are. And again," she warns, "people will be seeing you from the back, so if the bustle goes up, the backside looks bigger." If you have large breasts, adds Goldberg, don't go strapless and lose the beads. "The biggest mistake I see with strapless gowns is brides that wear a heavy necklace with it because they feel like their neck is bare. Better to go with small pearls, etc., to fill the blank space that won't be distracting. Same with gloves. A chic or A-line dress will look very dramatic with gloves that are the proper length (just above the elbows). If you're larger, a short glove gives too much attention to the upper arms. If you don't work out, you don't want to focus on that area." If you do decide to go strapless, make sure you have a good good tailor as they will put things in place that will keep the dress on. If you live—or are getting married—in a hot climate, you will "expand" a bit at the wedding so you need to compensate for that (don't make the dress too tight). "If it's a humid day," cautions Goldberg, "you may retain water around the neck, waist and stomach, and that would be a very costly mistake to learn the day of your wedding." Goldberg admits the tiara is popular as are all types of combs. "Try them on with the dress, not separately. Even the most beautiful gown will look horrible without the proper accessories (and remember, less is more). A tiara should always face forward, parallel to the floor. You're not supposed to look like Miss America; you're supposed to look more like a princess." One last tip, says Goldberg, is never get your dress dry cleaned before your wedding—never. "Even the best dry cleaners can melt the faux pearls and other beading. If the gown doesn't have any embellishments on it, then you can. Otherwise, if need be, spot clean the dress. Finally," concludes Goldberg, "focus on you as a person, not the gown."

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fab Press! You know How I love to "plain" talk right?

Hello Gals/Guys! Yes, I know it's hard to believe that men would take their chances by being in a room with 500 estrogen queens. I wish him luck in here. Thank goodness this is only my blog! RUN FOREST RUN! Ha! You may have noticed I have been a lot more saturated with media from television and publications nationally. Now with my new relationship as Party City's spokesperson and event expert along with getting our first book deal! I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have these fab experiences. I love sharing them with you as I know you appreciate being around those who have good karma. You know how the saying goes, if you think positive and are around positive people, you become a better person. I have to admit these changes are scary and sometimes really hard. I have never been the public eye "type". I just look as what I do inspires aspiring planners and also gives our clients a taste of what the real side of me is. You don't get to see the good days and bad. We all have them. Doesn't matter where I am career wise. I am human and do struggle with making the right decisions that will help me grow as a person. Can you actually walk away from work or something of substance and say you give 100% of yourself, Let's be honest, no..... Every day I ask myself when leaving the office did I give 100% of myself today? Whether it means calming a bride or fixing a major issue someone has gotten themselves into. I do feel confident that I some how make this crazy world we are in a better place. I make people laugh, I assure them they are going to be fine. I tell my employees how proud I am of the coming out of their shell. We need a backbone in this business. I didn't have this kind of support when I started. So I can't tell you in better words how this make me feel. I feel alive. I feel important to so many people and most of all If this is what makes someone happy, I want to make it happen. Tonight I let go of something that was really important to me and my career. I know they were not happy. They didn't verbalize this to me...and let things fester for over a year. While the convo wasn't about ending the relationship, I realized I had to do the right thing. And that was to acknowledge what they felt from working with us and how unhappy this path has been. I don't know how they could stay in this position for that long. It could have been solved a long time ago. So I feel empty. I did the best I could. I asked my husband who is always the devils advocate to tell me if it was me, and he would say yes, but said this time, it's not about you. I guess he was right. I tried to give what they thought they wanted. Only to find it wasn't enough. I cannot make everyone happy, I will try. So for this new lesson, I know now I cannot give too much..There's going to be boundaries and we are starting fresh on Monday. Did you ever get into a situation like this? Did you ever think one way and had a totally different outcome? What did you do? I wanted to share a few fab articles tis the season...Thanks everyone for growing our following and for your many posts that inspire me to do even more. I don't have much family and am so appreciative I have a wonderful husband and daughter who loves me unconditionally. I didn't grow up with this and it's so incredible that I am able to recreate what I missed at age 6 for my daughter (6). She's the light of my life and keeps me who I am. I love her so much! Here's the NY Times article. The bride they interviewed was my client! She has just tyed the knot April 3rd and she was a joy to work with. I am really going to miss her. Not too much as we have become friends and she is just amazing!I will make sure we stay in contact as she's just a bubbly fun beautiful person and cannot wait to share her wedding with everyone! http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/04/fashion/weddings/04FIELD.html?pagewanted=all This was in the New York Daily News...Confessions of a NY Wedding Planner! Talk about an amazing piece! Jane Ridley a wonderful editor and friend has always made my info come to life! Thanks Jane. You are always exceeding expectations and are near to my heart! The article was "real" and you know that's the only way I work. Here you go!! http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Samantha+Goldberg If you have some advice on my situation, I would love to hear about it. Sometimes when I get your feedback I realize my decisions were right and I should trust my gut. Thanks everyone for supporting my career and always hanging in the background to see what things are going on in my world. xo Samantha

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dream Team! One of America's Wedding Wish Organizations!

I am proud to announce the "Dream Team" is going National! We have started the process of becoming a 501c3! I have shared our stories with the public about our stellar "Dream Team" here on the East coast since 2005. Many of our cases have been published or have been seen on television. I can still remember our very first case Luz and David Streeter located in New Jersey in June of 2006 who filled the world with happy tears and good laughs. Many of the first pioneers with Dream Team were Buddy Valestro of Carlos Bakery "Cake Boss", Stix Video, Carlson Craft, Hilton Brand of Hotels, Fancy Faces Stephen Hamel, Stephen Taylor Photography, Floral Gallery Cindy Reiken and way too many to mention. Their work along with what was donated was shown in publications such as Special Events Magazine, NJ Bride and Bridal Guide. It was also aired on local and national television such as Style Network and Fox News. It wasn't long after that hundreds of vendors in the tri-state area and various other states had joined in! Each year, I've reached out to various vendors to assist us in granting a dream wedding to a not so fortunate couple. Not one vendor has ever declined our ask. If they were unable to assist or physically be there, they found a way to make it happen. I know I have said thank you in many ways, but still feel it's not enough. If it wasn't for all of you, I would not have had the stamina to do this! I think we can all agree, I am always working on new ways to bring this industry to another level. I have spent numerous hours training planners to be the best they can and our clients who deserve the best, walking away with a one of a kind event. It wasn't until 2010 when a few peers of mine in the Chgo region suggested I share the happiness and good fortune with others. While I hesitated to do so, they were right. Why couldn't I do this? There are so many wonderful orgs that have also worked to grant weddings or portions of such as Brides Against Breast Cancer, ABC (on a local level) ISES (local level) NACE, WEVA and various other event groupings. It's great watching so many people have collaborated efforts for something we do on a daily basis. If you can truly love what you do, this is another way to give a warm hug for those who want to share that same feeling we've all been fortunate to experience. You can never give enough and every effort is always appreciated. I share my success today with many high profile companies that will be a close sponsor and advocate with Dream Team. I also open my heart to all of you who want to take another adventure with me. I have always promised a good time and great rewards. I will continue to offer this as you all are the reason I am fighting to make this work. I want to thank my national team in Chgo Our founding board, for pushing me to do this. You took a chance by coming into my crazy world. I promise to not disappoint you. This is just the beginning for us! For those who are intersted in forming a chapter or wanting to donate funds or services please inquire at info@dreamteamwishes.org or visit our website at
. We should have all applications and information ready for your viewing in the next week! You may watch us as we work! Maybe bring a cold soda for those who are on a mighty tight deadline! Love to all! xoxoxoxo Samantha

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Say I DO With Samantha Goldberg at Westin Jersey City April 18th 12-4pm!

Jersey City, NJ. If you’re a bride to be, than say “I Do” on Sunday April 18, to the Westin Jersey City Newport. You and a guest are invited to discover the newest Westin, an experience in sight, sound, taste and service. Enjoy delicious hors d’ouvres, sip sparkling wine, and socialize with vendors. On top of it all, you’ll learn the hottest wedding tips and trends from celebrity wedding planner Samantha Goldberg! Celebrity Wedding Planner Samantha Goldberg is featured as one of the top planners on Style network’s “Whose Wedding Is it Anyway?” She’s a contributing editor for one of America's largest wedding publications and websites, www.bridalguide.com. She is also a columnist for her own column "Savvy Samantha's Nuptials in the Star Ledger. Samantha has shared her wedding expertise on national news programs such as; CNBC’s On the Money, Good Morning America, Today Show, Better Homes and Gardens TV, ABC. NBC, Fox News and Geraldo at Large. She’s a regular contributor to trade publications such as OK Magazine, US Weekly and Cosmopolitan Magazine. Goldberg has planned more than 1,000 weddings working with celebrities, athletes and political figures. She’s excited to use her inside knowledge to show brides how to think outside of the box and achieve the wedding they’ve always dreamed of. “This show is typically not the show for a traditional wedding, it’s for brides who want to be unique and show personality at their wedding. This can be achieved with any budget as long as you have the right allocations,” says Goldberg. The “Westin Experience” is the event of the year for future brides. Not only will you learn the tricks of the trade from one of the most sought out wedding planners in the country, you’ll have the chance to win fabulous prizes from award winning vendors. Due to space, not every bride can attend. To secure your spot call 201-626-2917 by April 1. The Westin Experience will take place in the Newport Ballroom on Sunday, April 18 from 12-4pm. The Westin Jersey City Newport is located on 479 Washington Boulevard, in Jersey City. Let's start off by saying my good friends at Demetrios at Macy's is going to share their newest and exclusive couture gowns at our event! Ten original designs to satisfy your urge to stay true to who you are! LOVE them! I hope you enjoy the fab show too! By the way if you are 5'7 and taller and would like to particpate as a model we would love to have you. In return you will recieve a group of photos for your resume! Please call us ASAP as we only need 2 lovely brides! 908.219.4028 ask for Lacey or Alyssa! Some of our fabulous vendors include award winning designs from A Touch of Elegance, Infinity Lighting, CTO Manhattan, Coppacabana, Rose Petals and Lace, Stix Productions, Enzo Video Productions, Samantha Goldberg and Co, Bella Bridesmaid, Dave Nace from NJ Finest DJ's,Hudson Cakery, Cocoluxe, Bridal Guide, Get Married Mag, NJ bride, NJ Wedding,com, Fabulous photography from , Ron Hotlz, Josh Lynn who will also have a photobooth from NJphotobooths there for any guests to try out" You guys this is truly a magnificent favor...I had so much fun scrapbooking for my clients after we took a photo! Talk about fun!! We also are honored to have Alan Reider one of my first dear vendors who opened his arms to a new kid (me) on the block 6 years ago, Dream Team One of America's non for profit orgs that help brides and grooms with various major hardships across the US have the wedding of their dreams and MANY more vendors on their way! Space is limited and It truly will be an urban chic event for the metro bride who wants a one of a kind experience!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hello Everyone! I am sorry I haven't been much of a blogger lately! We have so many things going on with Samantha Goldberg and Co, Gold Events and Dream Team! Very excited to finally share Dream Team our National board in Chicago and other chapters starting in VA, IL, NY, NJ, FL and IN. Our National launch for all of the chapters listed will be in April! Please be on the look-out for your board's date! I wanted to personally thank everyone for your emails and Facebook posts! I would ask that even if you cannot assist us with services please join our Facebook group. Your spirit is enough!Help spread the word! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=name&id=739756987#!/pages/Dream-Team-Wishes/323906266265?ref=ts We are making some National and Regional appearances on television! This will share the concept of our org along with some updates on what's happening! You will be able to follow 2 of our Dreams while we make it happen! And share in both couples joy while we show you that love can conquer all in so many cases. These couples are people just like you and me who just want to marry the one they love and had to put their plans on hold due to many reasons. Once you see them, you will understand why we fell in love with their stories and will walk away understanding why I have been doing this for so many years. Join us today! Make the world a better place by spreading the word about love! If you are interested in forming a chapter in your state, we are officially ready to help you make it happen! With LOTS of love! xoxoxo Sam

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Dream Team! One of America's Non For Profit Orgs

I hope that you will join us in our expansion of Dream Team! I have always been one to help a couple in any way I can. For years you have all been there to support my vision and successes. You have also been there during times where I thought I wasn't going to be able to produce another wedding. After over 18 years of working with events and celebrations, I have decided I want to give back on a higher scale. I have been so limited as you only have so many hours in a day. And sometimes you forget to balance your life and focus on things that mean the most long term. I have never forgotten. I am proud to announce that I have expanded my quest to assist those who have endured hardships along the way of their planning and had to end that dream...For whatever reason whether it be sickness, losing their job, losing a loved one, deployment to serve our country or financially not being able to handle such a responsibility, you had to give this up. I look at this as a temporary set back, and people want to help. I know I can't physically change all of the bad things in this world, but I do know that I have a strong following who have come to help me in making this happen one day at a time. Please help us with our goal in helping others...Join our fabulous team "The Dream Team". Were on Facebook..We're going to be all over this country and soon...Our industry has really been blessed with having little recession problems. We all want t give back in someway or another...This is just the beginning! I have linked below for easy access. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or chapter we are accepting applications for NJ/NY, IL, VA, FL and TX. Again this is just the start of something much bigger that I could ever have imagined. Thanks to you! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=name&id=739756987#!/pages/Dream-Team-Wishes/323906266265?ref=ts Looking forward to working with all of you...Your gift of assistance or donation is going to change some one's life. That's priceless in my opinion! xoxox

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dream Team Is Accepting Applications For Weddings in 2010

Hello Everyone!! I know I've been behind with our "Dream Team" postings this year...In fact, I should have listed this in January as we do every year. We have so have much going on. All wonderful of course. I look forward to sharing soon! Please make note: We have decided to change the criteria for those who are applying for the "Gift of Love" donation. If you know of anyone who has gone through or is going through issues that did not allow for them to have a wedding in 2007 through current please send us an email describing the situation and what specific things were cancelled or lost due to the hardship. We have opened this up to job loss, family hardships and deployment to Iraq. We've received numerous letters regarding job loss and while I wish I could help everyone, we are limited to assist those who go beyond job loss. Even though this is an option, this is only if both parties have lost their job due to the economy. Maybe someday we will have more resources to assist those in similar situations. Please send all inquiries to Lacey Borman Cohen our Special Events Coordinator at lacey@samanthagoldberg.com. Please put "Dream Team Request 2010" in the subject matter. Looking forward to helping in anyway we can. Much love and thank you for vendors who have reached out again this year! Our list is growing and I do want to involve as many people as possible. Samantha Currently, we have over 200 vendors and various venues who are a part of the "Dream Team" on the East coast and the Midwest. We are looking to expand and welcome donations and assistance! You have all been extremely generous the last 6 years! We are expanding and look forward to opening "Dream Teams" all over the US. For those who may be interested in learning more about opening a chapter in your state please contact us!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm just preparing my "planner's brew" for tonight's class! So happy it's not snowing and we can actually get back to work! Or for this class, get started!! Class begins at 7pm sharp! If you get lost etc call our office 908.219.4028 . Hopefully there will not be traffic or issues, if there is we will deal with it once you arrive to ensure you don't miss anything pertinent. Good news for those who haven't signed up yet....We have 1 opening!! If you call the office before 5pm today, I will give you $50 towards the class fee of $700! You can use the discount with this class and play the additional weekly fees of $100 as you come...You can decide what's best!! We will still honor the extra $30 discount if you pay in full. So you could potentially save $80! Looking forward to meeting everyone...And yes, I do have chocolate! See you soon! xo Sam

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Packages Schmakages...I've Decided To Change Ours!

I've changed our website so many times and yet I'm never satisfied with how our packages read. They are SO generic. I used to like them, until people started copying my verbiage. If you go to www.copycat.com or something like this, you can actually see how many people use some or all of your websites content . Cool right? I'm very honored that some have copied this information. But I have to tell you, you too are now listing REALLY boring information. I'm trying something new! My 19th year anniversary of working with events will be in April. I need a change! I think our clients do as well. We have already begun to restructure our format and will now allow you (or client) to customize options once we have worked out the right "bridal blueprint" for you. I've noticed in the last 4 years, most of our clients say they want Full Coordination" but after reviewing tasks they've completed such as finding the venue and some of the essential vendors, they really don't need it. Sometimes I'm not even sure they need Partial. The goal is really to see where our services will pay off for each client right? Technically we do not show our worth until the wedding day. They are able to see their vision work as flawlessly as possible. I never say flawless. You have no idea how hard we work to ensure you don't see anything that would upset you. Sometimes, it cannot be hidden. I have been there and it's not fun. This one time at her wedding....We had this cake and well...It's like bandcamp! :) Please be on the look out for some fun changes! We look forward to working with you and providing services that exceed your expectations! Happy Planning! Samantha

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CAES New Structure Next Class Feb 11th 2010 Summit Location

I have to admit, after educating the tri-state area and then working with students in other countries, this experience has been amazing! We have a FABULOUS list with several of you who have been asking when is our next class. While I would love to have them monthly, it's just not possible right now. I have many great projects that are FINALLY happening in the next few weeks that will help me to get the next level within the event industry. You do know how I love to educate, and I have tried to keep the investment at a minimum! Our wonderful Lacey has come up with a great idea on how I might be able to train you in the beginner series but weekly, instead of one Saturday in theory and 6 months of hands on training. Starting on Feb 11th, I will begin to have 7 weeks of 1.5 hour classes for the novice planner. Each week will breakdown our fee to $100 payments. The first payment is used as a deposit(covers first class) and each additional class you may pay in cash on the night of, money order or via credit card. If you can cover 1/3 the class upfront we will offer a $30 discount, please inquire. This is not applicable if we are able to grant financial aid sorry! I'm not able to offer more than this and I apologise! But this was the only way I can still educate and do what I need to on the weekends! My next Sat class may be in April or possibly in June. Logistics are Feb 11th-Until March 18th 2010. The fee for the class is $700 in total and will allow all students to pay weekly instead of upfront. I do not have much financial aid anymore :( But am asking my nearest and dearest vendors for support! We have 3 openings as of 2/1/2010. I do apologise for the decrease in space. I have tried for 3 classes to fit 10...It's just not feasible. I promise to look into other locations later this year. Larger space and classes more often! I am working on it!!! Please call Lacey to hold your spot for the Feb 11th course from 7:00pm to 8:15pm. We will meet every Thursday for 7 weeks unless our class decides that another week night will work. Lacey can be reached at 908.219.4028 908.219.4028 or lacey@samanthagoldberg.com Location: 12 Bank Street Suite 201 Summit NJ 07901 I hope this works! I wish I could teach every week and I think this may work out in the end for everyone! xoxo Samantha

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pick a Planner Any Planner....NOT....

Sometimes I feel as though our industry is compared to the "Let's Make A Deal" show aired in the 70's. Honestly, I just cannot be the "Marty" you see on TV. I don't have a toaster or 14 karat gold chain to slip in if you sign with me today, sorry. I really do love what I do. However, for as much as I'd like to spend my life just designing events, I know I can be of better service training others to achieve their goals. Most that know me, I mean "REALLY" know me, are savvy that I'm not a follower. I'm a leader . I can't sit back when I see so much that can be done to make something better. Our industry for example. My years working in Corporate America were a great experience and I thank the people who put their trust in me to build a better team,a better company overall. I always achieved their goals and made sure I surpassed the expectations. I've been trained to do this in all areas of my life. OK. I'm letting loose.... I just don't understand why "we" cannot be one happy community? The bridal world is happy!!!! Why is the answer apparent that we can't? We'll, I can't accept that answer! For those who want to be elsewhere on their path to success, instead of training to get there you would rather criticize your peers (us) who have?? This is happening in every area of our industry. I know I'm not alone in this thought process. I just don't have the edit button like some of our vendors do. Why are some people are better than others? Honestly, there's no "BIG" secret and stop asking why we're better (no one is better, maybe "better" educated or trained). It's simple. We train, we work our behinds off and not to be the best, or better. Like some of you some might think. We do it to better ourselves. And sometimes what we offer isn't good enough for us, so we reach for more. And yet, in the end when were rewarded or recognised for this, it's not always such a positive forum of feedback from our peers. Makes no sense to me??? I'm not asking for a silver star, just some respect on how hard I work. We can all blame the green monster of jealousy..I'm getting tired of doing that. I just chock it up and move on...Or try to. People ask why I charge what I do? Why does it matter? You may ask what I do that's better than you? Again, why does it matter? I'm not trying to be better than anyone in the industry.But instead am trying to better myself. If this is a crime, so be it. In the last 2 months I have had wedding spies I laugh when I say this..Yes...Wedding Spies..Who call and ask for pricing or package information. I just want to pre-warn you, I don't give any of that information to anyone on the phone. Why? Again, none of your business. You may hear I charge 3 times the amount you do. And honestly, we all charge what we feel were worth. If you try to low ball some of the planners who have been doing this for a long period of time, you are essentially saying your worth less. If you want this type of reputation, go for it. I would highly suggest you revisit this option. Our clients share your information with us to see if we'll match the price. I say this with my heart, why do I need to match someones price when I still invest the same amount of time and have more experience than some of the others on their list? They end up agreeing were not comparing apples to apples. So why does someone work with us? Because they like our vision. We do sell ourselves along with experience. If someone worked with us for the wrong reason, they would lose out on having the best experience possible. Not all clients are the right fit for my team, and we know this. So as some might take on anyone,I'm going to take a different approach and make sure the client, no matter how much of a budget they have, is able to receive the best experience possible. If it can't be with us, I want them to find someone who can offer this. It's not always about the dollar bill people. I know with this tough economy you may feel taking on any client is key. You will learn the hard way. Stop looking at your financial benefits and start worrying about your clients experience huh? And PLEASE stop trying to low ball us..Your not giving yourselves a good reputation, your destroying your worth. I'm giving you great sound advice. You want success? Then start with putting in the time and effort needed. We did! For those planners who feel by charging less, your going to gain more clientele,or possibly get more of our business, you're mistaken. Most of the clients we work with, know exactly what they are investing in. And they are comfortable investing more in a company such as ours because they know we've worked a long time to get here. And to be honest, we're a better fit. I promise you, they have done their homework. And it's not just from watching us on a reality television show. I have a good piece of advice for those who try to low-ball planners, florists, photographers etc...Sometimes by doing this, your doing us a favor. Not every client you work with is going to be easy. The biggest gift you can give us is to take away more stress. If you want to work with people who nickle and dime all of your vendors including your services, you can have them. But, who will walk away feeling good about the exp? You may want to ask yourself that. Wishing all of the aspiring planners much success! And if you ever want to learn a better way of working with your business, maybe calling me directly might be a better way to get my attention? I'm getting smarter and our meetings with you will be much more fun for us than you, if this continues. One last thought, I will do just about anything for someone who genuinely wants to learn. You have my word on that!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Please Assist Me In Helping Haiti & In Return I Will Help You! I Can't Do This Alone!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Premier Business Showcase Hosts Cocktail Networking Event Featuring Celebrity Event Designer TV Personality Samantha Goldberg will offer advice and tips on “Positioning Your Business for Success in 2010”Somerset, New Jersey - January 21, 2010 - Premier Business Showcase announces a Networking Cocktail Party, featuring nationally renowned guest speaker Samantha Goldberg, who is a Celebrity Event Designer and television personality on Style Network’s “Whose Wedding is it Anyway” and “Married Away.” Hosted at Toucan’s Martini Lounge in Somerset, NJ, on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010, this public event offers an opportunity to meet an eclectic mix of NY and NJ business professionals in a relaxed, upscale setting. This occasion of open communication invites those looking to grow their business, looking to meet with other area business people, or interested in sharing professional experience. Goldberg will lead a discussion on “Attracting the Right Clients” and “How Your Business Can Thrive in a Challenging Economy.” As the owner of her own company Gold Events Planning, and the spokesperson for Hilton Brand Hotels and author of their Online Booking Tool "Guestiquette," Goldberg will share her pearls of wisdom for “Positioning Your Business for Success in 2010.” Attendees will have opportunities for elevator pitching, and are encouraged to bring business cards for networking. The event entrance fee is $7, including free hors d’oeuvres and $5 drink specials. To register, please visit www.premierbusinessshowcase.eventbrite.com. Tickets will be available until January 27th, 2010. The event will also feature the soulful music entertainment of Barry Ward, of Wise DJ Sound Entertainment. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to The Haitian Relief Fund. Questions or concerns, please contact ACL Event Planning at 570.977.6638 or acleventplanning@yahoo.com. Information Summary: Guest Speaker: Samantha Goldberg, Celebrity Event Designer & TV Personality Toucan’s Martini Lounge 1850 Easton Avenue Somerset, NJ 08873 January 27, 2010 Cost: $7.00 at the door This event is sponsored by: ACL Event Planning, Wise DJ Sound Entertainment, Michael Derek Photography and Toucan’s Martini Lounge.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Class CAES 200 Beginner Series! Feb 4th Weekly!

I have to admit, after educating the tri-state area and then working with students in other countries, this experience has been amazing! We have a FABULOUS list with several of you who have been asking when is our next class. While I would love to have them monthly, it's just not possible right now. I have many great projects that are FINALLY happening in the next few weeks that will help me to get the next level within the event industry. You do know how I love to educate, and I have tried to keep costs on the low end. Our wonderful Lacey has come up with a great idea on how I might be able to train you in the beginner series but weekly, instead of one Saturday in theory and 6 months of hands on training. How does this sound...Starting on Feb 4th, I will begin to have 7 weeks of 1.5 hour classes for the novice planner. Each week will break down our fee to $100 payments. The first payment is used as a deposit and each additional class you may pay in cash on the night of, money order or via credit card. If you can cover 1/3 the class upfront we will offer a $30 discount, please inquire. This is not applicable if we are able to grant financial aid sorry! I am not able to offer more than this and I apologise! But this was the only way I can still educate and do what I need to on the weekends! My next Sat class may be in April or possibly in June. Logistics are Feb 4th-Until March 11th 2010. The fee for the class is $700 and will allow all students to pay weekly instead of upfront. I do not have much financial aid anymore :( But am asking my nearest and dearest vendors for support! Never say never! We have 6 out of the 8 openings as of today. Please call Lacey to hold your spot for the Feb 4th course from 7:00pm to 8:15pm. We will meet every Thursday for 7 weeks unless our class decides that another week night will work. Lacey can be reached at 908.219.4028 or lacey@samanthagoldberg.com Location: 12 Bank Street Suite 201 Summit NJ 07901 I hope this works! I wish I could teach every week and I think this may work out! xoxo Samantha

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Calling Budget Brides...I Have Something VERY special for you!

OK gals...First of all CONGRATS on your new engagement! I want to know how long did it take you to run to the nearest dress shop? Can we smell the smoke?? I know some of you guys bought the dress without finding out what your budget for the wedding is! Shame Shame! Heck, I don't blame you, I did the same thing. The BIG question this year is... HOW do I get the wedding I want with this budget that looks quite slim???...Well bridal buddies, it only looks slim when you have 15K and 400 guests! Stop laughing, you know what I'm saying. The only solution I have for you in this case is Ramen noodles and possibly a soda for each guest. Maybe a Hershey's kiss to go? I realize that you may have a huge list, but something has to give. Weddings are meant to celebrate your union. If we had bigger budgets, it would be easier for some, but not always the best answer. The bigger the budget, the HIGHER your expectations are for what YOU think your wedding should look like. It's a rarity that any guest would say "Sarah better have diamond earrings as favors and a mile long Venetian table". Heck, I would love to give diamonds to my guests! But it's not realistic. No one expects anything! Whatever you have, is going to be fabulous! I do have some good news for my favorite 15-30K bride who is flexible with date and have a guest list of 140 or less. I have a nice BIG handful or 4-5 star properties in New Jersey who have made magic ladies. MAGIC I TELL YOU! They have dropped their fees by over half...I wish I had this years ago! I am not at liberty to advertise them. But promise you, after you meet with one of our consultants, your jaw will drop! And we can laugh all the way to the altar together! I never lie about funding or $$$. Anyone that knows us, will agree it's not laughing matter! Please note, these properties will ask for a non disclosure with pricing. Meaning, you cannot share your contractual(PRICE) information in chat rooms etc. It's a bonus for all of us! Let's keep this on the low so that others can have the same experience. OK? Give Lacey, Victoria or Alyssa a call at the office to schedule a complimentary meeting! 908.219.4028 We have lots of planning to do gals! Let's not wait until tomorrow...Let's save $$$ TODAY! Don't even bother asking if I have affordable vendors..That's a given! Lets GO! xoxox Samantha

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guess Whose Officiating Your Wedding?

I have been looking for months regarding the legalities or performing ceremonies for our clients in the tri-state area. While there are many free sites, they are not exactly the real deal. It does take proper training and studying to become a minister or ordained clergy. I have great news! I am now able to officiate your wedding in the state of New Jersey and the 5 boroughs of NY. I have always wanted to do this as it would be an incredible honor to be a part of your day! We have worked with many ordained ministers and they have always been fantastic with great end results. We will continue to work with our chosen organizations. Please do not worry! However, I feel that due to my relationships with our clients, there are some I would rather conduct on my own. We truly do get to know the couples for a minimum of 10-12 months in most cases. If that couple decides not to marry in the church and their Priest will not marry outside of their congregation, I know that we can make your vows to each other become meaningful and personalized. I can even tell stories about the process along with your relationship to your nearest and dearest guests. While some of you want humor, some may want a romantic yet meaningful ceremony. Who can create that better than your partners in crime? I look forward to this new part of Samantha Goldberg & Co and hope you enjoy it too! xo Samantha Goldberg
I devote my time to ensuring our clients recieve fab service. There's another "calling" for me. To give back to my peers that aspire to be the next "best" fancy pants somebody! Those who play it safe standing behind me, will fail. I do serve as a warning to others and yes, I'm nutty. It's who I am & it's not going to change, as it works. Feel free to comment & join me on what could be the best road trip EVER!

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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