Sunday, April 25, 2010

Budget Smuget...It's all Numbers Girls!

When I sit back and wonder how on earth I have managed to work with OVER 1000 weddings...I want to hide. What the heck was I thinking taking on so much? I have this obsession with design I do admit. I just don't feel that there is a limit on what one can do on limited means. And who wants to dress up your day to make it look like you have limited means? Not me. Call me snobby, call me silly...Heck call me anything you'd like. I don't care. You know I am right about certain things and decor is something I excel in. This is all I have ever wanted to share with the public. Besides some of the craziest adventures and maybe some mistakes where I need some advice..I don't have many people to share my zany activities with as they are with me when it happens. If I can get a good giggle from you and make your day a bit better, then my grand plan has worked. You have to know that over 70% of America is that bride who watches "My Fair Wedding" where Mr Tutera saves the day by rescuing these damsels in distress..I don't know about you, but I don't see anyone in distress. I do see someone who comes in and makes a beautiful wedding. However, if these gals had more of a budget they would have a planner and have a fab day regardless. If you can appreciate this show for what it is, great. But don't discount your taste when you compare it to what he had used in place of your original plan. This is NOT reality my fab frugalistas... I have been working with budgets in the 4-7 digits..and honestly, some of the 7 digit clients are not much better than the average budget of 25K. This weekend our team had the pleasure of working on 3 events. Friday we had an amazing wedding. It was amazing because of our client. Holly is one of those brides who came in looking for assistance on having a wedding but to also have some budget left over for a great down payment on a house. That's my kind of gal. She's a young lady which surprised me as I thought for someone to have that mature thought process had to be in her late 20's+..Nope. Her parents had offered her a sum of money to be used however she chooses. We had a long discussion getting to know each other as you guys know, I have to meet my clients and learn about them before I decide to work on their wedding. If we don't mesh personally, they are not going to get the best from me or my team.In this case, I just fell in love with her sweet demeanor and attitude. She wanted simple, rustic and elegant..She had a vision and had trouble describing it. But as I got to know her, I figured it out and together we came up with an amazing theme. Originally she wanted to split the budget down the middle to save $12.5 for the house fund, but after we talked further there was a few extra things she really wanted and I was able to get her a great price for them..Actually they were chivari chairs and gold chargers..She couldn't see her vision with any chair but that..I do understand this as I share the same thought process. The chairs make everything look better. For under $7 each..How can you go wrong? I think this wedding was right in every way. She invited her nearest and dearest. When you put it on paper...The list is not that huge. Who do you really consider people who will be with you for a lifetime, you can trust with anything etc etc etc? Yeah..not too many. So she decided to keep the evening delicate with 60 guests. I have to tell you, it was great to see that everyone came, and we were able to make this intimate but so elegant. I can't stop saying this "all for 15K"..I still cannot believe it. I am so proud of our Floral Designer Lisa from A Touch of Elegance who makes my chicken scratch look like this. She isn't psychic...Maybe a bit psychotic from hanging with me. But who doesn't get that after a Samantha experience? Bottom line, you can all have this..BUT, and it's a big but, you have to cut back. Now I am not saying you can't have a pretty setting with more guests minus the floral and chairs..BUT..This does look better than a few candles and rose petals. Let's face it, most of you want this. Maybe not this design, but this package..You just don't know how to do it? I have a new program, to get you here...I need your help as it's your day..But help is an option. I have been training a part of our team to work with a specific budget for a while. If you want to learn more, call us..visit with them..It costs nothing to ask questions and to come in...Why don't you decide what you must have, and what you can forgo before hand... You may be surprised on what one of my fabulous planners comes up with..and I do touch every wedding with something special. That's why I get to know you, so I can help you get to that magic place..Far away in your mind. I can make that thought real if you choose to trust us. Looking forward to sharing some magnificient designs with you this year. I am excited as you will see some of the secret larger budgets this year..They are worthy of sharing.I don't think I will top this one off for a while. Again, a very fabulous couple who just know me well enough to give them something magical. They don't want to see much..They want a surprise. I promise they will have the most amazing wedding ever...and yes, I still stick to my rules of never doing the same design twice. xoxo Sam

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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