Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are You The $20K And Under Bride???

Are you a bride who has a fabulous $20,000 budget or less? Do you feel clueless on what to do, where to start or how much you should be paying for your wedding overall? We have the perfect solution!!! Let's have a fabulous time planning the most amazing day of your life! Honestly, you just need the right tools and a great partner in crime. I have spent the last 2 months compiling a list of professional vendors and venues who are willing to work with you! This includes New Jersey, New York and PA! Only catch...You have to be a 2010 bride and a bit flexible with dates. There's no reason why you can't have a $40,000 wedding for $20,000 right? This sounds way too much like an infomercial...I am sorry! I cannot express in words how excited I am about the venues and vendors who have substantially lowered their fees to assist our clients during the tough economy! This thrills me more than you know! I love a challenging budget! Many moons ago, I ONLY worked with the 20K bride. It challenged me and allowed creativity with sense of accomplishment. I knew it was needed and wasn't afraid to jump in. Bottom line gals, I know people who want to assist!! They just haven't found you yet! I'm just here to connect the dots! Please call Lacey Borman Cohen to set a complimentary one hour appointment with one of our planners who will be able to show you the many ways to save and have the wedding day you have been dreaming about. STRESS FREE PLANNING IS NOT AN UNREALISTIC GOAL! 908.219.4028 xo Sam

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Samantha's Headed To Orlando For Bridal Boot Camp!! Dec 5-6th 2009!!

Planning Tips & Trends For The Stylish Bride Featuring Celebrity Wedding Planner Samantha Goldberg Hosted by Creative Designs Event Details When Dec 5, 2009 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM (1 day event) where Seminar - Legends Luxury Suite/ Reception- The Summerlin House 1315 S.Orange Avenue- Legends Luxury Suite 111 Summerlin Avenue - The Summerlin House Orlando, FL 32806 cost $45.00 homepage December 5th & 6th Limited to 150 Brides per day 12:00(Noon) Registration /sign in 12:30 Lunch will be provided 1:00 -5:00 pm - Planning Tips and Trends from Orlando's most sought after wedding vendors and featuring Samantha Goldberg for Q&A Session 5:00 Transportation will be provided to our new venue "The Summerlin House At Thornton Park" 6:00 - 8:00 pm Cocktail Reception at The Summerlin House Cocktails, hord'oeuvres, music and dancing! Samantha will attend the cocktail reception. ***ONE LUCKY BRIDE WILL BE DRAWN FOR A GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR FREE VENUE PACKAGE AT THE SUMMERLIN HOUSE VALUED AT $1,500!!! Don't miss out on this event!!! Limited to 150 Brides per day Call now to reserve your spot and meet Samantha!!! Please register with the Summerlin House! The link is above! I am so excited to meet everyone! I have head this event is booking quickly so please sign up now!! Samantha!

CAES 100-200 UPDATE!

Hello Everyone! I apologize in advance if some of you have called the office this weekend. We are out of state currently and will return on Monday October 26th at 10am. We are planning a large birthday this weekend! 40 is the magic 30's! Congrats to Angela. I promise you will LOVE your 40's more than 30's! I did want to keep everyone abreast of the CAES 100 on Nov 7th, this class is now filled! Again, we have received your calls and will call you regarding the Nov 14th course. This class has 4 openings and ample time to sign up. Both floral classes still have openings. Please call Lacey about each date to see what one may work for you. You are always welcome to email Lacey at If you are looking to book with Ana Ortega or Carla Costa for the Day of Coordination special please let Lacey know when you call. Again, thank you so much for your continued support for our courses and seminars. If you would like a FREE VIP pass to our January "Celebrate Your Success in 2010" seminar, please call to sign up now. Dates will be released in November. This seminar/expo will be the BEST education one can receive for doing better in 2010. Any vendor may sign as this is for anyone in the event and wedding industry. As always, I look forward to seeing everyone! Samantha Goldberg

Saturday, October 17, 2009

CAES 100 and The Fabulous and Frugal Floral Class Nov 2009

Hello Aspiring Planners or Tribal Friends! I am giving in! Lacey had received several calls literally the morning after the Oct 3rd class asking us when the next course was! Why do you guys wait until the day after??? Ha! You are too funny! I have to share a secret, I used to do the same thing in the professional beauty world. I know I said I would wait until 2010 for any new classes, but you've inspired me to have more. I love educating and sharing our pearls. Actually what I love most is hearing your success stories after you graduate! Our last class was FANTASTIC! Nine energetic ladies who really want to make a mark in the industry. I commend you and will be your support system anytime you need it! We have added 2 classes in November 2009. CAES 100 "Beginners Level" This is your basic how do I get started, the logistics of the biz and where do you start course! This course is NOT for the planner who has been in the industry for over a year or completed over 25 weddings. If you fall into this category, please ask about the CAES 200 or our newest addition "CAES 300 Intermediate". ***Please note CAES 300 is a 2 day course and will require a minimum level of exp 50 weddings and or have taken CAES 100, 200 and floral design. The 2 day course will also include a floral design portion including an intermediate centerpiece and personals. We have 2 dates! November 7th and 14th! Maximum 10 Students per class Location: 12 Bank Street Suite 201 Summit NJ Fee $595**(Financial aid for students attending college or SAHM's) Time: 9:30am-4:30pm Certification for Day of Coordination upon completion of in office and DOC client. **Please call office for an application for financial aid ask for Lacey Borman Cohen) The Fabulous and Frugal Floral Class Maximum 10 students Summit location Fee please call! Each student will learn the logistics of design, lighting, linens and will assemble a centerpiece along with a corsage. Dates available Nov 2nd and 9th! Time 6:30pm-8:30pm Pizza and beverages will be served! If you have taken any CAES course and have not been contacted about the floral class please let us know! This is a fantastic class with an award winning floral artist! This is the last call for 2009 as Samantha will be traveling in December! I want to thank everyone for your calls and emails about the courses! Education is one of my favorite parts of the industry! There's always so much to learn and share! Look forward to meeting everyone in November! *** Some of the courses maybe taped! Please let us know if you have an issue with being on television! I completely understand if this is NOT an area you choose to participate in. Please call Lacey Borman-Cohen at 908.219-4028 or email for more info. See you soon!!! xoxo Samantha Goldberg *** As we do have floral educators in house, we are always open to new ones. If you are interested in working with some of our courses, please contact me directly at We have had a huge amount of interest in floral design and don't always have enough staff available!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The UGLY bridesmaids dress!

I think one of the biggest honors in the world is being asked by a close friend to stand up at her wedding. It's like winning the Emmys! You're proud and you want to make this day amazing for your friend "the bride". With this title of "Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor", there's responsibility that tags along side if it. Call it a silent contract. You will do the best you can to assist the bride with little projects up until the wedding. You will also help her ease the stress with lending an ear even if 90% of the time it's bitching about the inlaws or even her own family. Even if you cannot hear another ounce of whining, you listen with the phone on speaker while you polish your nails or watch a favorite movie with subtitles. It's a hectic job right? But you take each day with a deep breath and you deal with it. Or at least you try to. So there you have it, you made the cut into the bridal party. It's all good right? Or until she decides what the bridesmaids dresses are going to look like...If everyone had the same taste, we would never have issues. Or if all of the ladies have the same figure, big boobs and a size 22 waist, we'd be in GREAT shape. However, let's be honest, the likelihood of this happening are slim to none. How many weddings have you stood up in where the bride says just wear what you want in this color? Since most of my friends are married or divorced working on #2, I can tell you I never was given that option. Now when we look at albums, I get apologies cause Sam, you didn't look good in that dress. No one did! After spending a few hundred on a deep purple dress with a lace collar for example, it makes one wonder what the designer was on when they marketed such an item. Not even Cindy Crawford would look good in this. You know how certain things can make someone look bad right? This is definitely one of those fashion DON'T! So why is it that some brides pick a dress that only they can wear or appreciate? "She has that vision thing going on again". It's a brides thing...You see it in a a magazine and your sure your bridal party is going to look just as glamorous as the photo. Well NOT if some are tall, short , blessed on top, blessed on bottom...Or over blessed. I have witnessed the OVER BLESSED and let me tell you, I can't even find the words to describe what it looks like. I wonder of these women felt the same pain I feel...I am sure they do! I wouldn't be able to stand back if I wasn't comfortable wearing something. I would hope my friend could appreciate that everyone wants to look good. I mean it is her wedding and she is your friend, right? I cannot even tell you how many times I have watched bridesmaids argue, drop out of the bridal party or worst case scenario end the friendship over the dress...Yes...Over the dress. It gets wicked and sometimes the outcome is not pretty. Even if the party decides to wear the choice regardless if they look good in it or not. I have to ask, doesn't anyone worry about the photos? Take this photo (above) for example. I cannot believe the girls saw this dress and said YES IT'S PERFECT! Now luckily all of them had the figure to pull a dress like this off. I am not saying they looked good in it. In fact, my first response was feeling a slight urge to vomit just looking at it. As a planner one area I stay away from is the Brides dress and her entourage's attire. Why? Because everyone has an opinion and this particular subject is very emotional. I don't want to give the wrong answer. Or perhaps the honest answer. I think this is up to the family or close friends to get beaten over. I have enough issues in other areas to deal with. So while you see me on television going with the bride to try on the gown, it's not my idea. The good news is that many designers especially the chain stores like a Davids Bridal give the bride and her bridesmaids a choice in style to match every body type. While the bride is able to create the palate, the BM's are able to feel comfortable in a gown even though it may not be her favorite color. Many designers are now doing this to show diversity and maybe assist with the issues that do come up while searching for the perfect look. Just remember bridesmaids, there are solutions with the dress. It's not wrong to express your concerns and if you can give a few options to your special friend who is going to be the one in white, you may find it's not a fight after all. To the bride who made her BM's wear this one as shown in the picture, I am sure we can all agree they will not be wearing this dress again. Especially since it's all over the Internet. Who would have ever thought this color could be so intrusive? Someone finally made it happen!

Friday, October 9, 2009

National Show Casting Brides That Are Getting Married In Dec!

Hello Brides!!! If you have already planned a wedding for December 2009 and are in the NJ,NY,PA or CT area this is quite the opportunity! If you want to get married in December and want to be totally spontaneous this could also be a GREAT way to save $$$!! Please email ASAP! For Brides in December 2009 Attention all Brides in the Tri State area!!!!! New National TV Show is giving free makeovers to one lucky bride and her bridal party on her special day. If you or someone you know is looking for the best of the best to do your makeup/hair for FREE we want you!!! The catch is we are looking for brides getting married THIS December!! If you think you or someone you know would be an excellent candidate please send a photo, how many people are in your wedding party, what your overall theme/look is, and a brief paragraph on why we should choose you!!! Please send to Thanks and congrats to all the lucky brides!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Monday! Special Promo For Day of Coordination Brides!

Attention Brides To Be! I am happy to announce that we have just completed training on Oct 3rd for 9 Day of Coordination planners! That means...YES a FREE qualified planner to assist you with your needs for the day of your wedding only! If your wedding is in the months of Jan-March of 2010 please call Lacey Borman Cohen at our Summit location to sign up! There are NO strings attached! These lovely ladies need experience and are fully capable of assisting you! We are also running a special promo for our new planners who have recently joined the team! Welcome Ana Ortega, Carla Costa and Jenny Taylor! This promo will only be available for Nov-Feb 2010 brides! Call now to ensure you get this fabulous offer!!! If you are REALLY brave...We have over 60 venues in the tristate area who will save you 40-50% off the per person fee if you have your wedding by April 2010! It can be done we have recent bride testimonials to prove it! 908.219.4028 For Reservations! Looking Forward To Working With You! xo Samantha
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Not That Sassi Planner Again???

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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