Monday, June 29, 2009

Happily Ever After…Do You Have To Marry To Have True Love?

I've always been a romantic at heart…I can't get enough of Hollywood love stories. Even if it’s only on the silver screen, I still believe true, non-judgmental love does exist. Even for some celebrities! You don't have to marry to live happily ever after...Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have proven this to be true. And several other A-listers are still together even after really crazy careers in Hollywood! As you all have heard, the beloved Farrah Fawcett has passed on from a long battle with cancer. I've kept pretty close tabs on her career through the years and have always felt she was a very accomplished woman. I can still remember watching Charlie’s Angels and seeing her poster in all of my friends' rooms! One thing I've always appreciated is the relationship she had with Ryan O’Neal through the years. I remember after her divorce with Lee Majors, Ryan was a good friend and soon after a long-time companion to Farrah. Who would have thought he'd stay until the end? They had many ups and downs, yet he had unconditional love and an appreciation for her. Even at her worst, he continued to ask for her hand in marriage. My eyes water when I think of his undying love for her. They were so close to tying the knot. While issues stood in the way of making a marriage happen for them, they still had an everlasting love and appreciation for each other. I think we can all agree that's not so easy to find. Just wondering what your thoughts are on true love? Do you feel the man you're with has what it takes to make it until the end? What is your opinion on unconditional love? May you all be blessed with unconditional love… Here’s to you Farrah! XOXO Sam

Monday, June 15, 2009

CAES 100 Beginners Planning Course Summit NJ July 25th 2009

Back by popular demand we have FINALLY set a date for our next beginners planning course. If you are just starting out or need a refresher this is the class for you! This July will be our 14th class in 2 years! Please visit our website at (Education link)for more information on content. We are able to accept 12 applications at this time. Date July 25th 2009 Time: 9:30am to 4:00pm Location: 12 Bank Street Suite 201 Summit NJ 07901 Fee: $999.00 Includes: Breakfast, Lunch and snacks, training, materials and hands on experience after the course. You will recieve certification once you have completed a wedding on your own. We will supply the bride! Payment programs are open...PayPal, All Major credit cards, checks and cash are welcome. IOU's sorry guys, can't do it this time :) Please contact Lacey our Special Events Coordinator at 908.219.4028 to sign up today! This will be our last class until November of this year! Dont wait!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Your Friend The Blogger Their Jealous OK?

One thing I never thought I would have to deal with is a friend who was jealous enough to post terrible information about me in a public chat room. You never think that this could happen to you especially when you share your frustrations about the business and just life in general. You never think someday, it can backfire on you. I remember reading a website called "I Hate Rachel". I thought to myself how could anyone be so vicious as to participate in something so insensitive. Could we call this jealousy, or just plain being rude? Rachel had just stated out at this point and she found out who it was. It was an old colleague. I was mortified for her. Who would actually make the time to say these things? What would make someone do it I asked myself. And then it dawned on me, the green devil comes out no matter what you think about people. That saying "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer". I am not sure I agree with that. I actually was given some information about this poster and wonder what do I do? Do I confront them? Do I press charges for defamation of character? Furthermore, why was it done? I can go with the whole jealousy issue, but why be jealous over a friend or someone you know because you want what they have? It's not like there's a shortage of brides. I've worked very hard to get to where I'm at. It wasn't given to me on a silver platter. The more I grow and noted as so, the more criticism follows. I remember a producer at Style telling me any publicity is good. It means you have a made an impact. I am not sure I want this type of attention especially if it's negative. I work on shows that are National and International. Everyone who reads the postings in any chat room can form their own opinion. But it still stinks! What I need is some unbiased opinions. What would you do if you found out someone you know is talking smack about you? Have you ever run into this? What did you do? At this point I don't care about rekindling a business relationship...I just want to know why they said these things. They are hurtful and untrue. I know you have all faithfully followed by blogs and I thank you for doing so. I thought if anyone could understand this, you would. What would you do? I found out this persons secret "identity" through an attorney and now it's my choice if I choose to press charges or let it go? I am having problems letting it go. If it's not this person, it will be someone else. Right? Thanks for listening! xxoox Sam
I devote my time to ensuring our clients recieve fab service. There's another "calling" for me. To give back to my peers that aspire to be the next "best" fancy pants somebody! Those who play it safe standing behind me, will fail. I do serve as a warning to others and yes, I'm nutty. It's who I am & it's not going to change, as it works. Feel free to comment & join me on what could be the best road trip EVER!

Not That Sassi Planner Again???

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
Too Good Too Eat.

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