Monday, January 28, 2008

Kathy Griffin Is Officiating A Queens Couple!!

Hello BF's (Bridal friends)

Tonight was awesome. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Kathy Griffin and her entourage...

A couple decided that they wanted to have Kathy marry them! So Kathy is going to get her officiates license online and do it! I was asked to participate and be the couples planner!

We taped our first meeting at the London Hotel in NYC.

I have to tell you, for those who think she is offensive, I found Kathy G to be fun, adventurous and a lot like me. Which I have to tell you is VERY scary. But it is the perception while she is on television that causes one to believe that she could be rude...And that is so VERY not true.

I do not feel that there is anything wrong with speaking your mind. I mean we all shove foot in mouth often. So why should we get barked at for that? It is type A+++ We get that... But it's TV and if you can't take that for what it is what's the point of watching right?

So we swore a lot which was fun...and we acted like old chums having a drink. I could totally see myself talking about absolutely ridiculous things with her. She brings that side out in people and I think it's great! I think she is going to make a great officiate.

I promise to keep you posted on air dates.. I know it is in june

I also wanted to let WWIIA fans know that I will be taping until the end of Feb. The new season will be out in Spring. Style is revamping their site and it looks incredible. Get ready for an awesome season. The planners this year are fantastic and your favorites!

I will give you a sneak peek on what one of the weddings was about. A client who thought we were soul mates???? Need I go further in detail!

Just wait until you see it!

Jenny Orsini and I will be doing an episode together with a great couple also! We are going to be a hoot together. I love Jenny. She and I may be like Felix and Oscar...But when we are together we have tons in common! Just wait until you see this!

Oh, I have a question, well a story and a question...So my girlfriend Aggie whom I have known for almost 30 years came out here this last weekend. Our typical trips are Soho, negotiating with Canal Street vendors and Sephora. So on Sunday while we were waiting to take her to the airport we decided to look for wrinkle creams AGAIN. We must have tried on 4-5....and the women looked at us like we were nuts....I have to tell you..No cream really gets rid of those wrinkles. So unless any of you have a great cure...Botox is coming soon...I am not ready for 40...My face is not ready for it. Until then Bring on Sephora...May my cosmetic bag bust with remedies! Did you know in certain Indian cultures they wash their face with cow urine? How disgusting is that. But they look good!

On that note good night! See you on Wed night 9pm Eastern for a jam packed Pod Cast! This week is going to be AWESOME!

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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