Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Bought The Dress Before He Proposed

Ok. I can completely understand when your planning the BIG day that you want everything to be perfect. Obviously perfection is in the eye of the beholder. RIGHT? The dress for a woman is that key item that some how begins the bridal blueprint for some. I have had clients that have bought their dress even before any other item had been purchased, but they were proposed to. I guess as long as you have the dress that's all that matters to some. I have even spoken to brides who had their dress picked out and purchased before they got the man! Now that's where I draw the line. I remember in late August of 2007, I recieved a call from Tiffany(her given name not mentioned because she would kill me for divulging). Tiffany had sent me an email asking how far in advance she could book me. I mentioned anywhere from 12-15 months ahead is fine. Well, this relationship blossomed enough for us to set a time to chat over the phone about what she was looking for in a a planner. As we began our first conversation, I asked so how did he propose? There was a moment of silence that felt like hours. So I laughed because that's what I do to loosen a conversation that starts to seem a bit weird. She began to explain " You see Samantha, I don't exactly have the ring yet, but I did find the perfect dress." I thought to myself ok, maybe the ring is being made and she is just starting the planning a bit early. So we began to chat about locations that she had in mind and obviously the budget, which again caused this BIG silence. I fianlly had to ask, Tiffany you don't have anything set but the dress??? You must really love this dress! Out of left field, she said ok. Here's the thing, he (Sean) has not proposed yet. I then became quiet. So I asked, why are you planning a wedding with no proposal or even a ring(not that the ring matters) However, it does signify that the engagement has begun or at least being asked for your hand in marriage with an empty box, or maybe your just that type of couple that doesn't care about the ring. Your in love and do not need that juicy diamond to show your intentions. Heck even buying Diamonique on QVC (Hi Jenn) is ok espcially if you don't care much about the rock and want to save a bundle. I am still a fan of the big rock :) Well, this conversation became more interesting as the minutes passed. I finally had to ask Tiffany, has he proposed to you yet???? With a small voice I hear not exactly. I am like what do you mean by not exactly? "Well Samantha, I know he is going to propose, he just has not done it yet. " Wishful thinking T! Wake up! I then began to ask, so you bought your dress, you want to hold my services, you have no idea when you are even going to have this conversation with Sean? (name not mentioned for protection) . I said Tiffany, can I be frank? How do you know that you guys are on the same page here? What if your not? She did not say a word. I said ok. When you get engaged, ring or no ring, he asks you to marry him, then give me a call. She replyed that sounds great, but can I put a deposit so you will hold our date? I heard that though this conversation did absolutely nothing to show her this plan is nuts! How will I know where my career will be at that time. WHAT DATE I asked???? We'll we really have not discused this yet. I said "honey, you best not plan anymore . " When he asks you, call me. I hung up WTF???? I almost felt like if she would have continued, the hall would be next and she and I would be out on her wedding day looking for a groom to complete the process. Now that would be for good television. A gal who has everything for her wedding but the groom! Wow! You never know what is going to walk through your door. I have a feeling the next time I hear from Tiffany she will be walking down the aisle by herself...Waiting at the altar for her groom to arrive! It's like that movie with Drew Barrymore in " Never Been Kisssed" Can't put the cart in front of the horse...But I guess you can put the ring before the man! I wish I would have known about this. :) Brides....Enjoy the planning each and everyday. All I ask is one thing, before you call me looking to book my services , have the man first...Unless you want a glorified party alone. You know that's not a bad idea! By the way....Tiffany is no longer with Sean she is onto someone new. She knows this time this is the one...and she already has her dress. I guess I should be getting a call anyday now. I wonder if I still have her date open? Anyone looking to get married to a bride who has everything but the groom?

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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