Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Bridal Finds! What To Wear!!! Destination Weddings

So your thinking Destination huh? Well, that's a fabulous idea for a bride on a budget! And the more spontaneous you are with location and timing, you are sure to get a steal where ever you go! Now all I need to know is when your calling me to assist you, and can I bring a friend? Ha! One of the questions we are asked frequently is what to tell "our" guests to wear? How do you find good beach apparel? Even if your not by the beach? I recently came across some great websites for clothing. There are enough ideas for the bride and groom especially if you want to look semi casual for the big day. They also carry a ton of apparel ideas for your guests. The prices are fair and the quality is great I assure you! VINEYARD VINES http://www.vineyardvines.com/weddings/?roi=echo4-5323684788-4511234-8b1e078909d511894dab5af166ea0ba0&utm_source=direct&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weddings_4.20.09 J CREW J Crew is also another great website carrying fresh breathable fabrics for a beach theme or destination wedding. Destination weddings are becoming more popular each day. They carry less stress in general not to mention how they can also be less expensive for the reception and ceremony. This does depend on where you are going obviously. Fiji may not work this route, unless you want to chance it during hurricane season! Some of the more popular areas for weddings are located in the Caribbean such as St. John, St. Martin and Anguilla. The DR is great and Hawaii is just incredible with wedding packages right now! Mexico continues to be a popular locale. I recently did some research on what a Kosher meal would cost for a Jewish /Moroccan wedding. Can you believe it was less than $100per person inclusive of all taxes-gratuities? I was floored. It takes a lot to blow me away...The price points for an amazing wedding are unbelievable! On the East coast you can barely find locations that can offer a deluxe package at this price during peak season. I was shocked, but at the same time excited! I have so many ideas for the budget bride. This is just another idea to add to the list! We receive calls weekly about wanting to have an intimate wedding for 50-75 guests on a 10K-15K budget. With all of the great promotions regarding travel right now, you can have a celebrity style wedding with this budget. Especially in MX. Can you tell I am a fan of Mexico. I've been to MX over 25 times! How can one compare crisp white sand and Curacao blue waters behind you to a local venue in photos? There's nothing that compares to this. I am guessing for my 10th wedding anniversary, I'm going to plan a renewal of vows somewhere tropical. I just love the entire concept of traveling for an event! You do need to realize that not everyone will be able to attend for reasons such as budget or work obligations. However, if you want an intimate wedding this is the way to go. It's a great way to get out of the guests you don't want to come! (Shh..I didn't say that). When you think about it, you can escape to another location after you've tied the knot! Your guests can be left lying on the beach enjoying a foofy cocktail discussing how absolutely fabulous your wedding was. Believe it or not, Hilton is a totally chic hotel in Cancun! They were the ones who came in less than $100 per person! This was for Kosher dinner. I did inquire about regular entree options and it was even less expensive starting at $70pp. So the next time you feel bad about your budget, remember you have options that are far greater than what you may find locally. Who doesn't want to maximize their budget?? Here's to great weddings overseas!

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