Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cheating and Marriage?

What’s The Point of Tying the Knot If You Can’t keep Your Hands To Yourself? I know that cheating is one of the most controversial subjects out there when it comes to marriage. It becomes even more subject to issues when you’re in the spot light. Did you know that cheating is one of the top 3 reasons why people divorce? This couldn't possibly surprise you. It’s not like in high school where your first boyfriend kisses another girl who just happens to be your best friend. This did happen to me! I felt like I was going to die inside. Do you remember the first time you had a guy cheat? I still feel that stab in the gut today! Your tummy full of magic from a man... was now filled with stomach acid and pain. Don’t worry girl friends I am so covering this subject! It just has to be one of the next ones. OK...Back to my selective ADD form of writing Ha! I have to ask, if you’re a silver screen celeb, you have millions watching you, why would you want this type of attention? They say any attention in the media is good. I can’t see how someone being announced to millions as a cheater can be anything positive when your speaking in PR terms. I’m a reality TV personality for the Style Network and other channels. I watch every move I make because I know how critical my audience is. I’ve now taken on the role as a spokesperson for Hilton Family Brand Hotels/weddings and the author and creator of content for “Guestiquette” a portion of Hilton, and a web site which tells brides and grooms what is appropriate when it comes to etiquette. I wish I could add on to my advice it’s not OK to have sex with your nanny while you’re married. If you have a pre-nup drawn up that says this works, that’s your business. But for those of us who do believe in monogamy. Please don’t torture us with the “I just don’t know how it happened crap, OK? It's like stealing, how did the Coach key chain end up in your purse? I have so been there and men and women don’t always use the right part of their body. Agreed? The heart and hormones have a mind of their own at times. Now this is taking us back a few years, but do you remember how Mia Farrow got wind that Woody cheated with an adopted daughter? I mean what is wrong here? You do the right thing; you adopt to save someone from uncomfortable means. I don’t care if they are Miss Freakin Universe. How does one drop so low? Looks are superficial and we’ll the fact that Woody married her afterwards? Something is definitely wrong with him. He married his adopted daughter. You know what, the saying in Hollywood what happens in HW stays in HW? Do they have a vaccination for this? The next Nanny cheater was on Sienna Miller…She’s beautiful she’s successful and yet Jude cheated with the Nanny. I have to tell you. Maybe you need a Nanny that can only have the job if she’s 500 pounds and has no teeth? Oh and preferably under 5Ft. This nanny even admitted that he is good in the sack. Lady..quit telling us how [passionate he is (as listed in US magazine). He screwed up. He's lucky Sienna isn’t Lorena Bobbitt. The one story that really IRKED me was the woman that Shania Twain’s husband of 14 years allegedly cheated with, his secretary Marie-Anne Thiébaud. She was SUPPOSEDLY a close friend of Shania’s family. People noted about this and even showed the public a picture of Shania and the other woman, and said that “Shania considered Marie-Anne one of her best friends” and that their families even vacationed together. Hello Friends! You don’t cheat with your friend’s husband!!!! One last question, Do you think Brad Pitt did cheat with Angelina during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith? Don't worry, I do not know Brad personally. I have friends that do. LOL..I also have friends who are great freinds with Jenn Aniston and Jon Mayer. Jenn, I hope you know the last break up with Jon was for the right reasons. What you are hearing is really true! You made the right move! Stay away. He's not mature. Ladies as you can tell this is a subject that I am highly against. I want to hear your thoughts. What do you feel it means to be cheated on? Is having sex once considered cheating? If you had an opportunity to decide what would be considered the worst form of cheating how would you rate the act if it was a kiss, intercourse or oral sex? Out of the 3 subjects which one would be the worsttype of cheating for you? I would say for me kissing. Sex can be just sex. I’m not saying its right; it’s just not as intimate as kissing. In my opinion, a kiss would be the deal breaker married or not. That is passion and I know you gals know what mean. This makes the butterflies. Not the sex. Has this ever happened to you? Men, if you are reading this, what makes you do it? Why would you cheat??? No blaming it on insecurity either! Give us the REAL dish! Until next time! XOXO SG By the way, did you know we have over 60 admitted followers in a matter of 2.5 months. My stats show that over 10,000 per month read it! THANK YOU to everyone for peeking in from time time. You can make up a name. Join in the fun! Let's get some juicy subjects out there..You are always going to help someone!

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