Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Bridesmaid Dress! Oh What Fun!

Well it is supposed to be fun! I have heard your pain! I get several emails about this subject and wanted to address it! If I can help you, you know I am here! I have to say when I got married I did not have one issue with my gals. Call me lucky...I asked what color. We were in agreement that black was the way to go. I know that they all wanted to show some "sexy" so I chose a few. And there you have it. I know they would kill me for posting the photos so I will stick with the facts. It gets harder when you have more girls participating. I had 5. I have had clients go from 12 to 8 to 6....I know we want to have our nearest and dearest standing with us and we take the "plunge" but come on, save yourself the aggravation and keep it simple. Your FRIENDS will understand your reasoning. I capitalize friends because I mean the real ones who understand having 12 bridesmaids may be a bit too much to handle and they really do understand. I want to be totally honest with you when I say that just because we ask people to stand up, doesn't mean they will say yes, or that if they do say yes it will work out. I had a personal issue with a immediate family member who had to think about being my maid of honor. My own family had to think about it. It hurt me more than you know. So I asked one of my best friends to be there. But we called her Bridesmaid to save any hurt feelings amongst the girls. I knew she was a take charge person and well I needed that. Especially with my crazy family. So what do you do you have all asked? I HIGHLY suggest when it comes to bridesmaid dresses that you think about a few things. I promise you, if you follow my will be one less stressor for you. You have enough to think about. 1. Have a lunch meeting with your gals to announce who you have chosen to be there! 2. Ask the gals based on your thoughts of colors what they like? Now a days the girls do not have to match the table linens, the walls and food LOL. You can blend colors and have variations which by the way look incredible in photos. If you can do this with floral you can do it with the dresses too! 3. Decide the length of the dress. Should everyone wear floor length and have a choice on strapless, spaghetti straps, camisole? 4. And what about embellishments on the dress? Want to keep it simple? Want some bling? Want lace? This you have control of. If you want a simple dress STATE that. 5. The other thing I always try to keep sensitive about, some dress types are not another's taste. They may not be as well endowed as some...or too blessed in that dept and do not want to show it off. Some gals have bigger hips or are really short...Give a few options. They are your friends. They are investing in your wedding, so let them have some options. In the end, by giving guidelines: I want a black dress, floor length, in a satin material no embellishments please. You can pick the rest (as in style on top)...You are sure to please your friends and yourself. The photos will be great and you will be one happier bride TRUST me. Save the friendship, a dress is not worth it. I know it' s your big day and that everyone should just suck it up and wear what you ask. But is it really worth friendships being lost, or dreading having a gal stand up? Or even worse asking her not to? Until the next time...Keep those questions flowing. xxoxo Samantha

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