Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Maam If You Lost Weight Maybe You Would Fit Into This Wedding Gown"

OK. Is it me or has customer service gone OUT the door? Now I understand we are going through a bad economy right now. People are being laid off left and right. What's the deal with rude customer service? And to make matters worse, especially around such a sensitive subject like a wedding. Hello????? Would you think that MAYBE, just MAYBE, that might cause the employees to try their best not to be the next one to get canned? I have been reading posts lately along with my blog replies and one story that just blew my mind was a gal from IN who went to a bridal shop (I sure wish I could mention the name)to try on the dress of her dreams. Low and behold, the clerk told her as she was sifting through dresses that "this dress doesn't come in her size" or sorry that one is for petites. This bride became a bit saddened that she wasn't finding much of anything she liked. She proceeded to ask the clerk for some catalogs. Would you believe that the clerk said "it's pointless" have you thought about losing some weight"? If you did, maybe you wouldn't be so frustrated with finding a dress". This poor bride stormed out of the the shop. Thinking about canceling her wedding over some REALLY STUPID comment from some low budget clerk. If it were me, I would have smacked the clerk with my feather bag. I know this bag may seem sweet, but I have smacked the best of them out there with it! It's a great tool..Get the hint? I want you all to know that this has NOTHING to do with you and/or your weight. I know weddings in general put a strong emphasis on looking "perfect" in the gown, having great skin and looking like a princess. There has to be a limit on how much pressure you have on yourself. Ladies like the one I described above, can actually cause the weight problem to become worse with stress. Stress causes eating and cortisol retention on the belly. This can't be good for someone who is trying hard to get in shape for the big day. My advice is clear and simple. NO MORE PRESSURE GALS! If you are at a weight you don't like, then hold off on the dress fitting for a bit. If you are one who needs inspiration to make the dress smaller and purchasing it will do this great! If your not a part of this 10% SKIP IT and focus on the girls dresses for a while. Give yourself a break. I don't mean a KIT KAT bar either! Ha! I have had many beautiful brides that are NOT a size 2. You have to feel beautiful in the skin you are in. It doesn't matter how big or small we are. You have to love what you have. Everything can be modified to an extent. But like a good cookie, it takes time to bake. Give yourself as much time as you need. The only pressure you have is what you cause. I know this sounds harsh, but do I make sense? I STRONGLY recommend that you call bridal shops before hand to see if they deal with larger sizes too. Don't just show up. You are going to cause havoc that just isn't necessary. Make sure when you go for your dress that you are having a GOOD HAIR DAY! You all know what I mean by this. If the hair and makeup isn't working, you hate the way you look in clothes, do yourself a favor, don't try on dresses this day! This applies to anyone standing up. We all have bad days. Chuck it up, relax and reschedule. BEST ADVICE. I would hope that you would NOT listen to what anyone says about your weight,looks etc...What you like, what you feel comfortable in is what you should go with. If you don't find the magic today.... Girlfriend, there's always tomorrow! SG

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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