Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Book Is On It's Way!!! TOTALLY SERIOUS!

For years I have been asked why don't you write your own book Sam? You give advice to so many sources, I bet you would have several things you could write about. Each time I hear this, I agree with you! I could call it timing or being overwhelmed with all of the changes with-in our company. The truth is, maybe I just wasn't ready and needed the right push. I found that right push less than a month ago! Well, maybe he found me... To make a long story short, I was asked to contribute information for another author's book and began speaking with the author about why I haven't written one yet. Good question! One thing lead to another, he made calls and now, we have begun this amazing book together! There's so much to say so many details and our calls go on for hours as he gathers my information for each chapter. I never knew there was so much involved with a book. TOC (Table of Contents). See I am learning the lingo. It's much like planning a wedding. You have to set a blue print first before you can begin the groundwork. As you digg deeper you find more things to say! Without my magic book partner, I would not be doing this right now! I am really enjoying this and now kicking myself, why did it take this long? So no more excuses OK? I think we can all agree, I have a boat-load I can write about. The wonderful world of planning, how I got myself into this career, the people I have met and the ones I have left behind, the good and the bad behind the scenes, being on television and working with celebrities. I can go on and on... I think what most people want to read is the drama and the secrets I don't usually share. I do have secrets. Some are great and some are sad. Someday, when I am ready and have completed this book, I may divulge some things about me...Things that made no sense years ago, but do now. What you see on television is one part of who I am. I am also an author, a spokesperson for Hilton Family Brands, a contributing editor for, a columnist for a few papers and a contributor for hundreds of publications on-going. There's a lot going on in this head of mine 24/7. Is this what I aspired to be? Your going to have to buy the book to see! What you don't see is that I am also a wife, a mother and a woman who is trying to decide what opportunity I can seize next. I love doing many things, some of the vendors in my circle are ready to climb aboard that train of excitement, while others can't understand why I can't just focus on one thing at a time. I have one answer to that. If I did things that didn't seem natural, I don't think I would have had all of these great opportunities come my way. You never know if you are truly ready unless you go for it. So with me, if it feels right and your too slow, I may be moons ahead jumping into a pool of ??? Head first! I only give 100%...There's no other way! I AM GOING FOR IT! I hope I can continue to count on your support along the way! I am so very excited about this project! I know it's going to be months before anything goes to print..But you will soon hear little tid bits about the book on some of the appearances I will be making on television etc... I am not just celebrating this alone. I get to celebrate this with all of you. Without your support, your following and would be incredibly difficult to do this. I am your biggest fan! Trust me, in this world, success only works when you support each other! I look forward to sharing little bits of the book and who knows I might need a few pieces of information from an unbiased point of view along the way! As always THANK YOU!!! This is a journey that is going to take us far! xoxo Sam


My Dream Ring said...

That's great news, congrats! I can't wait to read it!

For Your Event Planning said...

Sam, congratulations and can't wait to read the tid bits. You're just awesome! Where does one get all the energy you have? Tell the secret. xoxo

get real with samantha goldberg said...

Without spoiling what certain aspects of the book are, one of the chapters will talk about how this all came into fruition and how I deal. It's not always easy and sometimes a distraction from focusing on some rather unpleasant things that have happened in the past. We all have our way of dealing right? This is how I do it..It's the extreme I know!

Celebrating Life's Event's said...

Samantha, Congratulations on the book.

Jeannette said...


I think it's great that you are stepping out into book writing. I look forward to reading your book and can't wait for your book signing. You feel comfortable now and should pay no attention to those who feel you should stick to one thing. I can't stand when people place their fears and limitations on me. I'm glad that you are listening to your gut instinct and going for it. You only live life once, LIVE IT! Again, congratulations!!


Nora said...

I can't wait to read it....maybe then I will know I am sain! Congratulations!

Nora said...

Sam, I can't wait to read it....hopefully it will let me know that I am sain...
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