Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gold Events and Kathy Griffin

What an experience to work with Kathy Griffin! The funny, sassy red hot haired, petite comedian added a new career onto her resume. It made working so much easier to know that swearing during a ceremony is ok! If you want to talk about bad sex and things that make a bad marriage, add that in too! I tell you, yes there is a small part of me that gets tempted at times to say during ceremonies that I know are wrong....DON'T! I know you have felt this too. We have had these silly discussions in my office. No worries gals your secrets are safe with me. She walked into the room, all applauding her presence. Enjoying this new found hobby! The couple in NY loved her Witty ceremony. I found Kathy G to be REAL and just a genuine person. I told her I saw her dress in the what not to wear section of US...It was true...and she laughed. A woman after my own heart...Saying what she feels and being ok with that. Why is it the honest ones get beat up for saying just how they feel? Kathy I understand your pain! Here is the article located NY Daily News 3rd page. The actual show is coming soon on Kathy Griffin's "My Life On The D List" June 2008. In the end, the more beat up I become for doing silly things or editing that makes me look worse than I am...The small groupies who live and breathe reality TV and who write about this in the chat rooms. If I make you that upset, you need to talk to someone about that. This is REALITY TELEVISION. Thanks Kathy for telling me that. And your advice not to go on Bridezillas I will take it to the grave! My clients who know me, say I would give the world if I had it. When I say know me, I mean ones who care that we all have lives and actually ask about mine once in a while. Isn't that what a partner in crime is all about. If I am to be a GOOD planner, shouldn't I be that honest soul who looks out for you and ensures you do have the day you envisioned? I can honestly say I do this for each and every client. Whether you are spending $20,000 or half a million, your day still matters. I care. With that being said. I was assisted by a VERY special friend and partner in the industry Jenny Orsini President of Pampered Brides. Jenny I could not have done this without you and your team. It was a hard day for all of us. For different reasons. But you were my friend last night...and I needed that. So thank you! and BTW thanks for sticking by me ( in advance)...Even if my show on Tuesday night..may be a real ordeal or stinker...Yours will look like the good one! LOL.....

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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