Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Blues...Post Wedding Blues???

Post Wedding Blues I am sure you have all heard about post partum depression. It comes from a plethora of reasons from hormones to losing your time in the spotlight. But have you heard about post wedding blues? Same feelings one has when focusing on wedding activities 24/7 and then once the day has come to an end, so is your stardom! Everyone forgets about the planning, the excitement of being engaged and getting ready for that moment you say I do. People stop focusing on you period! It makes perfect sense why one would be depressed. You feel like your kicked by the roadside until something else is the focus...Yes..I mean babies. Well, this would be the sure fire way to keep all eyes on you for at least another year right? But after you spent so much time getting your body bride fit, are you sure you want to expand in every direction for attention? I don't know about you, I would think of a plan C...Like having part 2 of your wedding a year from now! Much easier and maybe less stressful depending on how elaborate you go! BTW..The baby thing...This is an area I would implore you wait. You'll want to spend time as the new Mrs. Jones and get your feet good and grounded before you step down as #1 and take second runner up. That's not a bad thing, but don't rush to Babies R Us so fast OK? Not a good way to get long term attention there are better ways trust me! I have watched countless brides go down this spiral leading to disappointment when their vision of how life should be doesn't appear the way they had hoped. They tend to fall in love with the concept of being in love and living happily ever after. The wedding has to be perfect in order to achieve this "perfect" life right? Wrong! Focusing on anything 24/7 isn't healthy. I am sure we can all agree, but can you stop yourself from doing it? Can you allow yourself to focus on life with your finace' and career, family or anything that does not pertain to that date you asked people to save? Many cannot. I don't want to destroy any one's excitement about planning their special day, but the reality is if you don't smell the coffee every now and then, you lose who you are and that leads to major disasters! Even a divorce before the marriage! Scary huh? Take some of the celebrities that have been married to several people. The reason why they are so short lived with a mate is due to the excitement wearing off. For a celebrity to give up after 6 months, isn't a good sign. Or is it? They do get tons of publicity about their love life and the more dramatic it is, the more people want to talk about it. I guess they live on this very unstable roller coaster day by day. But when is it enough? They are always in the limelight and once their out of it, you can only imagine how alone they feel. One thing I would suggest is to split up tasks where you are able to delegate certain things and wait to complete others. Call it a timeline if you will. I would call it a guarantee that you won't make your significant crazy enough to run to China. or anyone else in your circle for the most part. It is completely normal for many women and men to have a down period after the wedding. You have just been the center of many and it ends so quickly! What you have to keep in mind is the vanity doesn't have to end, you just have to learn when to shut it down and get back into your routine again. When you don't focus on perfection of this new type of relationship you won't be disappointed. You have the rest of your life for many surprises and exciting events to plan! If all else fails, have a renewal of vows for your first anniversary. Seal and Heidi Klum do this even after 4+ years. They throw a themed wedding reception to rekindle and celebrate their love for each other! I think that is a fabulous idea! Just keep one thing in mind after your special day, this is the first day of the rest of your lives. You can make it as exciting and dramatic as you want! Just because your gown is retired, doesn't mean you can't still be the bride right??? Here's a toast to many newly engaged couples this Thanksgiving having the best planning experience ever! Savor the moment each day, you don't get this time back! So take it slow and enjoy the ride. I promise you , there will always be drama around the corner! Marriage is never a bore! xo Sam

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