Monday, November 9, 2009

What Not To Say During a Wedding Toast

What Not To Say During a Toast At a Wedding.... I'm sure we've been to enough weddings where it was time to hear the best mans or maid of honors toast. Sometimes they can be well thought out and heartfelt. Other times you wonder if the one giving the honorable speech is drunk or just plain stupid. Face it, it's a lot of pressure standing up in front of any crowd and you want to make sure you say something tasteful along with being fun! I have learned during my career that there are just certain things you just don't say. For example, say this is your brothers wedding and the date was pushed due to him getting his girlfriend pregnant. It probably wouldn't be appropriate to say how your brother used to be so irresponsible and now thank goodness he's taking responsibility for his actions and how proud you are...I would say this may not get many laughs and may be your ticket out of the relationship you could have had with his wife. You may want to reminisce about your single days with your best girlfriend and how you used to travel and compete for being with the most men. How she would always come home with someone new every night. You thought how could she possibly ever settle down. You may also mention how grateful you are that she found one person that satisfies her every need. Thank goodness you don't have to worry about her going home with the wrong guy too! No matter how you try and dress this one up, you are going to be toast when the groom get's to you later...Even worse, your best friend may be so mortified and embarrassed that she regrets asking you to stand up and asks the videographer to delete this portion. I wouldn't want to be you! One of my all time favorites is someone who might have been married a few times already. I have heard the bestman explain how it's 3 times the charm and sometimes you have to try out the merchandise before you place your bet. Or maybe he knew that the other 2 women were never the right ones once he started dating the bride. Rule of thumb, you never talk about the ex. Not only is this distasteful but not funny at all. Who would even want to think of any relationship that caused the bride or groom any anguish or pain? Trust me your not doing them a favor by reminding them of their past mistakes. So while you prepare the toast, do everyone a favor and speak of the here and now! This could prevent a huge fight between the newly weds after the fact! Would you want to start the marriage with thoughts of divorce? While these may sound funny when you are alone with the bride or groom, it's probably not a good idea to talk about the "topics off the list" in front of 100 guests. If you are the type who cannot handle their liquor, I would keep the toast nice and short. Maybe wishing them well and toasting to a long and joyful life together. His or her family may think some of the private topics are funny. However, what if they don't? All eyes on you babe and that is worse than Marsha Brady and her fear of speaking in front of an audience. You cannot just picture everyone in their underwear and get through it. It will stay with you a LONG time after the wedding! I think a smart rule to follow is "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" right??? You can always look to a professional toast writer to give you something appropriate. That may be the best gift you can give to your newly wed friends..Call it a good investment! Cheers! xo Sam

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