Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'mmm Bacckkkkk!!!

Hey Fab Brides and Fab Aspiring Wedding Vendors!

I have to share how sorry I am that I have not been keeping you update with sharing what's going on in our world @ 12 Bank Street! I hope that you will continue to check-in leave comments and ask away...I have been working on some major items outside just the day to day design etc...I am actually going back on screen, but even more than before...I get to be myself-Beware but watch! Remember, T.V. is not always 100% on par, you have to see the regular day to day to appreciate it's for entertainment.

Does that mean...Oh yes, a show...and not just one...You have all know for years that I shake it up and keeping going. You could equate what that means by comparing me to Glenda "Good Witch" (some may switch that W for a B) on the Wizard of Oz! I so oooo love that movie. Is there such a thing as a "Good Witch"? I think so.

This last weekend, we had 7 amazing events. I wish I had the energy to attend them all. I worked with a wedding @ Trump in Bedminster for another FABULOUS and most detailed wedding. Of course every time I am on the property which is often, I see " The Donald". He often says Sam, you do a lot of weddings here don't you? I said I do, I love the property, who wouldn't? He asked you've worked with some great celebrities here, good work. He is a kitten, with a REALLY big heart and silly...See for yourself below. He is great on T.V and yes he's a ham, but why should that matter? I love that!

On Sunday he had his hosted annual golf tournament and lost for the first time. Of course the Director of Trump National Golf Club, Colette Rochat, ( I LOVE her), says "Mr. Trump, you win every year" lol..One time is not that big of a deal. Well, I don't think he would agree. You have to love the man for being who he is right? Who hates to lose?

It's strange that when I see him, I cannot call him Mr. Trump. I call him Donald. I don't know if that's disrespectful as I am in my mid 40's, and I feel silly calling anyone Mr. or Ms...Do you ever feel this way? Anyway, he has always been kind of enough to take time for my clients whether they are celeb or clients that should be because they truly are amazing at just being "themselves". So I make them feel like a celeb...After all,  a Bride and Groom are the host of honor right? Come on guys, you know you love the attention!

This wedding was a TRUE classic. It was difficult for me for many reasons and none which are negative. I officiated and planned this entire event, including the design aspects. I worked with a florist outside this time. We had too much with other weddings and it needed that special attention.
The wedding was cancelled not once but 4 times.
Pick up your jaw, it wasn't due to not knowing or fighting, budget etc...It was due to the issues of life and the sad things that work in tandem with the good. Illness. Something I know too well.

You did hear right, I officiated. It was probably the biggest honor I have had in this capacity. They are both amazing people who do have faith a strong Catholic background. But due to not belonging to a church or knowing a priest when they do go, they picked the next best thing. "Reverend Sam" whom is Jewish. Ha!  They explained that due to circumstance and only wanting close family and friends, they would like for me to do this.

It was an amazing ceremony as they both wrote their own vows to each other. There were tears, and many of them.I will admit, this was haed to watch and to be that strong person as deep down, I want this forever, for them.. I don't want to share the specifics due to privacy. I met this incredible bride 4 years ago. She called and said she loved watching me on T.V. and the fact that I am a straight shooter-along w/ the "Innate" designs...I think we may have discussed the wedding plans for about 10 minutes if that. We spoke for 4 hours.

When I finally needed to hang up and believe me, I did not want to, I said I look forward to meeting you and I hope we can work together. Not a moment after I said this did she say, I want to work with you. Me, thinking, well don't you want to meet me first? Maybe there is another planner that might suit your needs better? You would think I am a total idiot for saying this, but I do truly want our clients to make the best decision. She said, no I know what I want and I want to work with you so when can we get started?  Gotta love a woman who knows what she wants right?

We did finally meet, it was at my home, I did not want to drive to the office I had 3 at the time. I shared this with her. I felt I could just be honest...It just worked. We signed away and I sent her an email thanking her for the opportunity to work with this amazing day and w/ her soul mate..I for some reason, called her TC..and she called me Sam..I gave her my cell and hers was almost identical. Scary, but in a good way...

She and I, were destined to meet for so many reasons. I never was the Celebrity Wedding Designer on T.V. or just the Wedding Planner..I was a friend which started on the phone. It was like I knew her for years...and we spoke of so many things..My favorites were hers, she was a Type A+ in a high ranked position and worked for a huge corporation in Pharma..I worked in a corporate setting with a high managerial position as well for the professional beauty and fashion supplies world.

Anyway, this could be a long story, and it is...After the 4 cancellations, it finally happened. She finally had her moment with a wonderful person and yes, most certainly her soul mate. It's hard to know how their story will end. They waited 20+ years to find each other. They did previously marry and for over 20 years each person. Sadly, the groom is not well, and while he exudes such light and energy he has surpassed the odds with time given by his doctor over 2 years ago.

Time is valuable...It really is. How lucky I am that they chose me...She has watched me during the hardest of times years ago. I met her just months after I became ill...If I missed a call, she wasn't angry, if I had to cancel, she wasn't upset..and she did the same, it was OK..It took no effort to work with her..or them as a team.

This is how I feel a good fit should be. What I gave her, granted, we had chemistry for so many reasons, it came from my heart and you knew she appreciated it especially since she stood upon the reveal in tears. She was speechless, and I felt amazing and so happy for her...I knew when I took her to Trump as she had many options and budget was not an issue, this was the place.

The photos I have shared, reflect a very elegant, not overstated black and white feel. It's a VERY hard combo for a wedding as you cannot have too much pattern, yet you need it. The atmosphere needs you to allow for a very vanilla start and this was perfect for the vision she had. She did not know my vision and did not ask to see this beforehand. Which yes, most people would be nervous esp as I crossed the line and be-friended a client-However, the justification to myself, I never met a client 4 years ago..

I met a friend...

I hope you enjoy some of the photos. What an incredibly wonderful way to end the weekend...


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