Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sandy The Hurricane & Event Planning Skillset

I am sure for those who follow my blog outside the US, you were shown some very sensitive and disturbing photos and footage of our most recent nightmare.

I am not even sure if the word "nightmare" even gives it justice. I was so happy to hear how quickly America especially on the east coast was onto a way to help those who lost everything. It's easy to tell someone who may be robbed of items in their home, it's going to be OK. However, what is it like to not only have items taken away, but have mother nature to blame.?

I watched footage and it was cold, lifeless and sad. I cried watching those who just looked clueless- where do you start when you have 30-50-++ years gone? Where does one begin when their favorite socks, chair, or even something as simple as a coffee mug that their son or daughter made for them just disappears? These items were taken away and no answers on how to bring these very inexpensive yet priceless items back?

I watched a woman show us where her home WAS- not even an ounce of it's structure left...Not a tangible memory uncovered..Until she found one of her treasures...A photo of her mom and dad that had passed...It was their wedding photo and the only one she ever had. She questioned "where is my home"? It wasn't there. It was gone. It's not coming back. I wanted to jump through the TV and hug her, share warmth from my heart and allow for her to feel she has support...This is just one person and there are so many more...I feel so empty for all affected.

I want to bring back all of those memories for each and every person who suffered more than some damage as I know others who lost it all. I know I cannot grant that wish. It reminds me of times that occurred before I was born. It reminded me of pictures in black and white such as the concentration camps during the Holocaust. I don't think I am exaggerating- I think these people feel like something died...and I agree, it did. So what happens? What if their home was all they had? What if they have no friends or family and now, no home? What happens to these people?

I always question assistance during emergencies and wonder why they have chosen the methods to save others in a time of need. I wonder if the money we donate goes directly to those in need. I assure you, it doesn't. It costs money to hire trucks, gas, flight what percentage really goes to the people and their specific needs? Is it like a 3 world country that allows 30% for those in need and 70% for the government? I cannot believe I am thinking these things, I cannot help but wonder.

It occurred to me during the days we watched life unveil like a horrible movie- The proper format of help has not been mastered... Maybe, assistance such as that of an event planner and many of them would be more efficient than just the emergency crews. I am not saying that they should not be shown much gratitude, but seriously, based on what we know of the world, donated funds and more...we are certainly smart enough to know how to divide and conquer.

Ladies and Gentlemen shouldn't we be doing more? I wonder during the power outages who spent their entire battery or access to wireless looking for connections to get to an area where they had been forgotten...They had nothing- and no one could get in or out...I was grateful to connect with new friends on Twitter who reached out allowing me to try and help...and I hope I had some impact...The good news, was one Tweeter" shared a message from a friend he could not find for days...She said she was OK. She shared in broken format, what it was like...asking for help, not sure what that help looked like....Again, I thought to myself, if we orchestrate events, we too are our own "Red Cross"...In white of course....

Why don't counties in the tri-state have breakdowns in advance to decide where money goes esp for those who don't have the usual lives as most have...Such as someone whom might be diabetic, needing gluten free items or issues such as myself, Hypokelemia, where you don't know the means to find what nutrients you lack now with limited means. If I did not have my treatments via a port, what life would be like.

For me, there would be no life at all...I would not be here speaking to you about my deepest thoughts. Because I would be like them, not knowing I need these items.

I cannot complain of my issues when I know others out there have these issues and the thousands of homes with at least 1 of 100 could be suffering and not know it.

I have to think to myself during these times what is more of the priority, me selling more clients for my staff etc, or taking me to the problem to work on changing the areas I see as being a necessity.
Not all of us think this way, I do.

I was happy to hear The Knot and various other parts of our world have rallied to raise funds, yet, I cannot help but wonder of the many people and portals etc is it genuinely for personal gain for name recognition? I saw this last week on a wedding planners website claiming she would give a percentage of her "Get Rich Quick" programs to the relief stations. She did not specify whom these funds were going to, or how much, she did say she would reveal the info and whom the $$ was given to later.. shall it be asked ONLY after they have given signed on etc..

I only have one word, YOU SUCK. Yes, Sassi-Me, took out the cub teeth and exchanged them for fangs and went at it...She did not respond to my postings and emails. BUT she quickly rectified the question of ethics and shared one location of a place in LI where one can get help. She also said that if anyone needed money, she would help...So based on that particular offer, ( I have copied it for safe keeping), here is the "Most Generous" offer, I hope if you have financial issues due to this, you take her up on her offer...Yet just hours later she is sharing how "eeery" the destruction was and then sharing a scarf she liked...WTF is that? Why do we say it's OK to behave in this manner?

Well, instead, a really thoughtless person saw my posting and said I was ranting? Who in their right mind would call my trying to save those who were not as affected, yet could be suckered as what others recently experienced but for those who have been living check to check and some have no checks. I wanted to BITCH SLAP her and say, rid the thoughts of your selfish actions you piece of lower than the ground garbage...BUT, I was the better person and decided to share it here...

Here's a video of how the "Get Rich Planner/Money Coach" promotes our world speaking of our brides like they are lunch meat..Making promises of what brides will give in return...Money in the air, a new family, a new mansion I am sick- Truly. What I have learned since seeing this, was beyond what I ever imagined to find...and I cannot digest it.

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Regardless of those who decide not to do much but sit and comment, feel badly for those who have to start life over-I am going to figure a way, to find a better system, a better format for funding and how it's distributed. I have decided not to take on more clients this month. I would rather spend time trying to assist with what I have, I know many do not have the same luxuries as I to close for a month or 2- I am beyond grateful. Esp because I have clients from years ago who just recently had children, I just received the notice and now, the most important part of my career is in need..and not for a new wedding. It's their family.

I had hoped to start my own line of clothes and fabulous finds....I have them ready to go- Instead, I am going to rid them all, pay for what it cost to make them and give a nice percentage of my dream back to those who invested in me..I don't know what that looks like. I do know, I will ask permission to use their name prior to my sale. Meaning a charity not taking any percentage of what we give. They may be a public 501c3, but I will ensure, that what we give, is at minimum 95% to areas "MOST" in need...

I ask those whom also brand, design and more...send items my way...I will sell them, and give the funding to a representative of the charity on site. That is generally how we donate properly Representation of a prominent person or volunteer of such appointed to be that person. I am seeking venues and ask that you join me if you'd like. I have basically 2 weeks to do this, I am sure if I cannot collaborate in this time, when I return from a seminar, I can then begin my "Mission Event" to assist not only brides, but something much more important than a dress or bling..Sorry guys, I don't see myself donating to weddings right now...I do have a nonprofit for this, so I am taking another angle...I do wish for those who have made it past the altar to donate gowns and more..There are many planners etc who have collaborated on that particular focus.

It's easy to focus on getting rich quick...I think we as Americans and outside the US are most savvy of what's needed. I plead for those who have this method to not ask people or play on their heartstrings to give money they don't have in hopes they too can have that pretty home.

I ask that anyone in the US who is interested in donating items, new, and that the money will be given and divided based on the need and area...

I ask if anyone is in the Central/Northern/ Jersey area to please find venues to host these events..I need planners, I need the most anal of organizers...I am one voice, I can sit and donate all day, but it wont' allow for me to answer the question...

Where did it go? How much? How Fast?

If I cannot rally those who can offer this, I will do what I know best, that is to sell my dream to help rebuild someones world in some has to be better than nothing at all...

Please join me.

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