Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Missing Pieces...Style Network

I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes today. I was not able to see the show yet and like most of the country I have to wait until 10pm to see it. This is the first time in 5 seasons where I was unable to see the wonderful workings of a hard wedding to plan. I am still recuperating from a very scary ordeal. I cannot explain what it felt like to become so ill and find out that I may lose my life. I am sure as you all have learned about the Heparin poisoning, that was what I became ill with while I was taping this episode. One minute I am caring for my daughter who fell ill, and the next minute I am told that I was given medication that was tainted and recalled. There is not one day where I don't think about this subject. I remember calling the Bride Amy, (which was edited out) while being rushed to the hospital, on my cell and my husband looking at me like your blood pressure is 70/50 and you are calling your customers? I knew she deserved to hear first hand from me what was going on. Call me crazy...But she was ok. I was sad to see that the groom said"I chose" not to come...But the truth was I could not... Glad to see that my vision did come though....Thanks Amy!


lhpraise said...

Sam, great to know you are recovering well. Praise God, the Lord still has need of you here on earth. My wedding still needs to be planned....sometime :) Take good care.


saundra, event engineer said...

That is so scary and I'm glad you are alright. Too bad the groom said that as well.

BIG PICTURE folks, big picture.

:) said...

So glad to know you are doing better. I am sure that the show left out vital pieces of information and you would have been there if you could. The only thing I will say is that I think it was extremely odd and out of place for your assistant to come (late!) and try to "interview" the bride about her vision, etc. ?! At that point, she should have just hit the ground running and assure everyone that she will take care of everything you and Amy had planned/communicated.

But really, it's good to know that you are well.

get real with samantha goldberg said...

Thank you. I am hanging in there. I wish I had full capacity right now...So much energy but can't use it! That is the worst part. We have been innundated with 2009 clients and I have to cool it? Geez.

I do agree about the assistant. That problem has been taken care of.

With Amy and James wedding I had planned so quickly and had vendors that knew my schedule already as I always fax it to them before hand. I am just glad the bride was happy and the vision was followed through. The groom...I am not sure anyone told him where I was he thought I decided not to come? Ok?

hoodatbe said...

samantha - from one jersey girl (and planner!) to another, i feel it was unfair for style to not explain a bit about your sitch and edit as they chose to. i just watched the episode and was driven to google in hopes of finding the story that was obviously missing as it just seemed crazy that you would abandon a bride (or at least not call the morning of) as they made it seem! my heart goes out to you and your family; your ordeal sounds just terrifying. looking back on the episode and knowing what happened, my hat is off to you for having everything so well organized that the support system (go short hills hilton!) could hit the ground running! all turned out beautifully - the couple had a lovely winter wedding! and part of me kinda thought (just a tiny part mind you) that making their wedding “destination samantha” and having you unable to be there was some kind of celestial lesson!! seriously, kudos to you and best wishes for continued recovery!

DrunkDiva said...

Glad to know you're on the mend. Your experience w/reality tv confirms my perception about the editing that is done post-shoot. Good luck to you and your family. (BTW, have to say love your footwear you wore to meet met Amy & James.)

Shoe obsessed

Kenneth Stillman said...

Thank heavens you are alright. I know what it's like to almost face death.

I'll bet somebody at the show told the groom to say that. The one line adds a little groomzilla to the show and creates some drama.

Michelle@Memorable Events said...

When I saw the show I figured they had to have left out a lot of the details of your illness. Glad to hear you are on the mend. I just have to say how much I loved that you were sitting on your counter eating chocolate covered strawberries!

KtriciaK said...

Samantha, I, too, did a web search for the details I was sure the show had omitted. I find it appalling they would fail to be clear about the gravity of your medical situation. The bride was barely decent about it, but her groom and mother were just selfish and rude.

I was also curious about your 'at least I got paid' comment. I have a feeling it was a case of unfortunate editing. I'm betting the comment had to do with YOUR concern the wedding might not come off at all, since the couple was being a little extreme about traveling to New Jersey just to have you as their planner. It was just the tiniest bit Twilight Zone that they did that.

All the best to you. My mom was affected by the Heparin scare and people should get some perspective. Saving one's life is far more important than a party. ANY party. Be well.

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