Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Excitement Never Ends After Marriage!

For those of you who fear that after you tie the knot the fun is over, you may want to wait on that thought. I think I've heard the "ball and chain" comment way too often. I still laugh because I know this is so far from the truth. But I do like to watch the fear in a grooms eyes as he takes the plunge! Hey, I know it's bad, but I can't help myself! I think the one area where I see the most anxiety for the bride, is the walk down the aisle. I've been at the end of a line-up hundreds of times where the bride takes that DEEP breath and it's like she's walking down the aisle to an exam at college! Well brides, I have news for you, the groom is twice as nervous as you are. He has to wait at the altar a lot longer than you, and people STARE at him. It's like they are waiting for something to happen. Is he going to run, pass out, vomit..I know it's sick, I know it's truly hard to believe that people actually wait and hope for some kind of drama, but it's true. I just can't lie about this one. You can't tell me you haven't thought something like this, especially if the groom looks nervous, is running late or needs to have a seat... It's only natural that we would think MAYBE something could happen. Let's be honest, most of the time, nothing does. One another note, when I say the excitement doesn't end after the wedding I mean it. I've been married for 7 years. There is always something happening in our relationship. An occasional argument (I mean discussion, sorry), a crazy week with work, someone falls ill, someone snores too loud and etc... When you have children, that's the icing on the cake. You actually can't act like a kid anymore because you now have to raise one. I would like to think I can still act like a 21 year old on occasion. I just can't do this in our home. Our daughter Sydney is turning 5 this year. It's hard to believe I've raised anything for 5 years. I thought keeping Sea Monkeys or goldfish alive was difficult. Someone should have told me. My mother may have mentioned the "just wait Sammy" comment a few times, I probably ignored her like most teenagers do. I try once a month to do a "mommy and Sydney" spa day. We usually get our nails done and pick out a new outfit to match our new nail color. Well, she gets the new outfits and I come along for the nails. It goes something like this. Tonight was "our" day to hit the spa and shop. This night is one I know I won't forget. I know this because she is going to remind me of something I said after we finished with our nails. She was so impatient while allowing them to dry, and I knew others around us didn't want her running around them. I respect that this time for most women is to relax. So I grabbed her and we left. Next stop was "The Children's Place". For those of you who don't have children yet, this is a somewhat sassy store for children. Glitzy and sparkly fun clothing. I wish I had this growing up. I would have put the character "Fancy Nancy" to shame. I have to admit while trying to find the right outfit, I did put a few larger shirts against me to see if I could squeeze into one. I'm so disappointed for one, but REALLY embarrassed that the clerk caught me. She chuckled and said she had wished for one in her size too. I'm not alone! Well after 30 minutes of trying to guess what she wanted, we finally found the right outfit! She picked out a fabulous hounds-tooth dress with silver buttons. I attempted to put her into it and SMUDGE! The beautiful nails I had were destroyed. I don't get my nails done but once a month. So this kind of stinks! Here's where I bit the edit button, "I said, Oh crap, I screwed up my nails". My daughter said let me see. I showed her and she said "Mommy, you didn't screw up your nails". I said "yes, mommy's thumb is bad news". It wasn't even 2 seconds later where she is screaming "look mommy I screwed my nails up too!" She adamantly runs around the store yelling "I screwed up, my mommy screwed up, we're twins now mom"! Everything for that LONG 40 minutes was REALLY screwed up. The new word of the day is "screwed" and I'm responsible for it. The word "screwed" doesn't sound so good coming from a 5 year old. I try so hard to say the right things, and yet still there's always something that just destroys my hard work. In conclusion, when I said things always stay active, I really meant it. I can only imagine what Sydney will bring into her classroom tomorrow. I only can pray it's a new book. Stay tuned...I may have to stand in the corner this time.

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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