Monday, November 3, 2008

Binky Goldberg May 1993 to November 4th 2008

This blog entry is very painful to write. But I wanted to inform everyone who has been a part of my best friends life in person and on television that we put Binky to rest today. He was suffering with renal failure and was slowly disintegrating. I know this was the right thing to do but I am so beyond words right now. Sometimes when I write, I can work out painful things. I don't feel so relieved right now. He was not in any pain and kept eye contact with me while going to a better place. It's almost as if he knew I could only handle this if he kept his focus on me. I loved him so much. I will always love him and I know several of you loved him too. Binky was a dog with a lot of character. He would walk up to big dogs on the street and try to tackle them. I don't think he realized how small he was at 4 pounds. He had a sassy attitude (like his mother) and was very protective of me in general. He was called my assistant on television and my partner in crime. How lucky does one get to have their dog as a celebrity? He really was. If anything, Style has given me some great shows with him... We are trying to work out burial arrangements and will have a private service for my friends and family later this week. I am not sure if any site or casket can show just how much he meant to me. After almost 16 years, I want him to go with dignity. He gave me such wonderful memories. I hope he made you laugh a few times too! Binky, I will always love you. You are still my best friend and family member...

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Jennifer said...

wow, i'm so sorry. i know how you must feel right now and you're right, words cannot express. at least he isn't in any pain and you'll see him again someday in heaven <3

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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