Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Know I Can Squeeze Into That Dress! Give Me The Pliers Please!

If I lose 20 Pounds, I know I Can Get Into That Dress..... How many times I have heard this from our brides! PLIERS PLEASE! Whatever happened to the person is beautiful no matter what on her wedding day? I get the whole primp and exercise program before hand. You want to look amazing for your groom to be and for your guests. But why does it take a special occasion to get you there? All you do when you get engaged is focus on your gown , face it.... We've watched through the years celebrities basically get down to skin and bones before the Emmy's or Grammy's. This has even occurred while planning for their BIG flashy nuptials. Bottom line...It's always about impressing someone else. I have to tell ya, I kind of think it's shallow to worry about what others 'think. I mean if this is YOUR day to shine, does it really matter what anyone thinks about you and your dress? Now I am going to play devils advocate for a moment. What if you have the figure and the dress...NO NO NO...Too low, seeing plumber tush...It's a bit much gals. I have seen a lot of tush. And some of you should not be wearing this kind of gown when you don't have the body to carry it off. I'm not one who makes all the rules, but each designer "designs" their gown around a specific type of body. This is why it's important to go with a dress that matches your body type. If you don't find what you want, you can always go couture. But PLEASE don't try to be something your not. All this is going to do is depress some of you and cause others to become so thin, it's just plain unhealthy. And Boot Camp gals, never makes it past 30 days as quoted by many bridal boot camp companies. Too bad I love the concept! Has anyone ever done this???? I know when I was ready to tie the knot, I had nerves all right. I had my dress taken in 3 more times than the norm. I tend to lose weight when I stress. I have a smaller frame so I do need to be careful not to loose too much weight when stressing. I have planned MANY weddings where brides are exactly the same. We just cannot eat when we're stressed. My only concern is if you lose the weight, how big are we going to go with the chicken cutlets? You know the boobs are the first things to go right? I don't get it, you have children, this is the area that massively expands...You can stress all you want. Heck I went from a C to a Double EE while being prego..While hubby was saying WOW, I said Bow Wow! Stay away Mr! If you noticed in OK and US they are bashing Lindsey Lohan again. I get she has issues. She is one of those types as stated on OK Magazine that tends to loose weight when she stresses out. if you had millions always watching every step you made, you'd stress too. OK. This does kind of contradict my philosophy of not caring what others think...But...I was speaking of weddings. Now Eva Longoria lost a few pounds too before her big day according to Us magazine. Was it stress, because she is already the size of a tooth pick... Now it's your turn. Are you a stress eater or a food avoid er? Have you had trouble finding the dress of your dreams and if so what have you done to fix this issue? Have you tried the boot camps and what did ya think? I just want you to know, you are not alone no matter what your body size is...I think sharing your experience here might help someone going through the process. You don't even have to give your real name! I still think your great no matter what size and shape you are, if it matters! xoxoxo SG

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Liana said...

great post! As for me, I am most definitely a stress eater, when I get stressed my apetite is out the window. I try to eat, and believe me my fiance gets on me about that, but I just can't eat! However, the second I get SAD, I start baking. I find brownies to be just about the best remedy for tears. =) So I'm constantly fluxuating, I lose 7 lbs, I gain 7 lbs. By the way congratulations on your booming business! =)

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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