Monday, February 9, 2009

So What Are The New Trends For 2009?

It seems as though each meeting we have, the same questions are asked. What are the newest trends Sam? I think we can all agree that in 2007-2008 we really went overboard with Tiffany blue and chocolate brown. I'm not going into specifics with how many combinations we had during this time. I will tell you, I couldn't be happier with the new colors we are welcoming into the reception! Color is magical and expresses our personalities in more ways than you can imagine! Just when someone thinks they know you, have hot pink floral and rhinestones throughout the room with chocolate brown lighting and a hint of pink to tie it all in...WOW! Ladies, just think color! I know that orange, fuchsia, yellow and lime green for some may seem tacky, but when it's put together with the right lighting, linens and floral design, you may just change your mind. Color can liven up the most conservative venues. Who set the rule about being conservative with everything we choose for the wedding? AND...Who says the gals have to match the room? I mean if lime green looks good on your gals, there's no rule that says you can't have it? Have you ever been to a Home Depot and taken a color swatch with 4-5 different shades of green? It looks really amazing with attire! If you visit a David's Bridal...You can choose any color and play around. You'll have a blast trying to figure our what shades you'll want for your bridal party. Maybe have a few good laughs too...Every dress shop has that special dress that MUST be tried on. You know what I'm talking about...THE DRESS.... Tastefully....We walk away from THAT DRESS! If we discussed the girls and their gowns along with matching the decor this might have been a bigger concern like 13-15 years ago! Times have changed. Do you really want the bridesmaids dresses to match the linens? When is the last time you had a portrait in the reception room with the bridesmaids and the groomsmen sitting at their table "striking" a pose? I don't know about you, but in my world, this hasn't happened since poly satin in teal was popular for the bridal party...OH..and the puffy sleeves..Gotta love that look! This was early 90's. I have some dresses from weddings I stood up in, I just cannot share my thoughts on line. I may lose a lot of friends. I've stood up in 13 weddings and still have friends who are waiting for the ring! Yes...Even at 40....we are waiting! Everything takes time I tell them! Totally going off the subject, but have to address it... What scares me most of all is that MOM jeans are trying to make a come back? Did you catch a glimpse of Jessica Simpson at one of her last appearances wearing the high waisted belt and the MOM jeans? I have no idea why this style continues to push it's way back into our "Vogues" and "In Style Mags". We've tried this for 2 years now! Face it, MOM jeans are not coming back. They are not appealing for any ones figure. If anything, it's going to make the waif come back and that's a whole different subject. We all need a little meat on our bones. OK. Back to what's in. So if we've changed the color wheel, which way is it going? Slate is the new brown! We're not getting rid of brown were simply replacing it with something more diverse. Now what I love about slate is that you can take it really deep as in vintage 40's SUPER DEEP......Velvet and or crinkled organza, you can add some light colors (taupe, champayne, even silver for accent) and it becomes very decadent. Slate and champagne look fab together. Add some silver to this, maybe a charger or silver candelabra and you have a romantic and sultry look. Take this even further and add some amber lighting (amber makes anything look amazing) and your room will become this romantic, simple yet well thought out decor for all to enjoy. Don't forget the mega pillar candles to create the mood. I love color, so the sultry look might be a bit too deep for me. I have to admit, when we've used this for birthday parties or any special occasion it does look hot! Swanky lounges even during weddings are just SEXY! Purples and hues of the purple family are still being used right now. However, deep pinks and raspberry are being brought into this color scenario and that is totally awesome if you are looking for a fun yet sexy reception! Again, it's only color and when the lights are dim, you will have one extravagant dance party! Now, here's a shocker for some. Pastels are back! For those of you who love pinks, blues, lilac and peach...It's here! We've already begun to take this traditional look and add a bit of "flair" to it. I do love pastels, but what about a pop of color? Don't be afraid to ask your designer to work in a pop of color. Even with your bouquet, the bride always needs to pop! Your def going to hear this from your designer. If you like pink, what if you started with a light palate and you slowly bring in fuchsia?? You could bring different variations of lilac too...So we start light and we end with little pops of a deeper purple? Now, you have a centerpiece with all different variations of pinks and purples? Again. with the right lighting, this will look amazing. Your gals don't have to wear one color...each bridesmaid can wear a shade of your favorite color? If your working with pastels, everyone is sure to find a color that fits with their skin tone. If the bouquets have all colors of the bridal party in them, they will look incredible in photos. A little hint....if you give your bridal team some variety, your going to save yourself from some nasty conversations later on...TRUST me...I have been there for "those" conversations. NOT pretty and NOT always a happy ending. Choose your battles brides, this one is not worth losing friendships over. I have more details to in what the new trends in bridal gowns are for 2009and 2010, in my next post I promise! Think Vintage! Think layered, Think Lace... As always, you guys have been awesome with your emails and requests for information! Keep em' coming! This year is going to be one of the better ones we've had in a while I can feel it!

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