Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway New Show May 26th @ 8pm!!

Tis the time of year where we finally get to see the episodes we've taped for season 9! Turn on the TIVO and DVR and watch Samantha Goldberg along with Linnyette Richardson Hall share an exciting one hour of challenging tasks! See Ana above getting fancied before her big debut on camera! She was a wonderful bride!! Did we have fun drama or what???? Your going to love my "tough love" shopping tactics! The show will be aired on May 26th at 8pm Eastern time! You're going to love it! Ana and Tony were an awesome couple to work with and we had an amazing time taping even though we dealt with some crazy vendors! The show is called Wedding Warriors! Now that sounds like a show I could do with Linnyette. Got to love the "tell it like it is" personality to appreciate the show! We do not hold back if things need to be said that's for sure. Get ready for a new show on the CW network coming out June 18th "Hitched or Ditched". We had the pleasure of working with a new production company and the experience was amazing and fun. Yes, there is drama, but not with us!!!! Let ne know what you think. I hope this episode makes you laugh! xoxox SG


Cindy said...

I look forward to seeing the Hitched or Ditched.
Thanks for letting Ken and I come see one of the finales.

I hope to see you this wedding season.

Cindy from Kenneth Stillman Video

My Dream Ring said...

Welcome back Samantha! I love the show was was happy to see you back and well! I actually recorded the episode at 6am and watched it! You did a great job on that wedding! I'm currently planning my 2010 wedding and wish I was closer to NJ I would hire you in a second!! YOU ROCK,keep up the good work :)

get real with samantha goldberg said...

Thank You Everyone for your amazing emails! I really loved this show! I agree it does take us back to how WWIIA was years ago...Not everything is drama but it does make things interesting that's for sure!


tonyoanna said...

Aww...thanks! I loved the show.

lizzyeb said...

I lovvvvveeeedddd what you did for them...even though they didn't go through with it your work was flawless. I am nowhere near a wedding but when I am you will be the first person I can...after my mother of course :-)

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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