Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another GREAT Weekend!

Wedding season is here! This weekend was our first kick off with 3 weddings. We ONLY have 6 more to go! This month! I have to laugh when I say this, who would have thought years ago, I would be working with months which we serviced 9 weddings? For those who read this and are married, what is your favorite part of the day? You go through the motions, but what part do you really remember? For myself, it's watching you walk into the reception to see the months of hard work all come together. If you think about it, this is the largest amount of time you'll invest for the big day. All of the important players that make it happen your way! I love the smiles and sighs of relief after you say your vows. The best part is watching you relax in general. Why life chose this as the top 3 major things you go through in your life always makes sense after a wedding! It's life changing for everyone, even your planner! I felt very complete inside after last nights wedding. JoAnn and Keith. The weather could not have been better and the stress levels were at a minimum. I wish I could duplicate this couple. To show everyone the small things just don't matter. This couple actually cared that I had a life too. I wasn't just the hired help. I wasn't on their pay roll. I was a part of the day. The one who assisted with their ideas and made it happen. I think we did make it happen based on the smiles! I could not have been more touched when they asked me to sign their Ketubah and marriage license. They had many close friends and family nearby. For a moment I asked why me? I felt honored and again speechless. We were friends. Can't find that with everyone. That's why it's so touching. People ask me all kinds of questions about this business, none are what we get from the experience. It is an honor to plan something so important. When you choose us, you are making an investment for something you will remember for a lifetime. I remember each bride, each potential client whether good or bad. How do forget a couple unless things go sour? I would be lying if I said every wedding we've planned has worked exactly the way we wanted. Or a possible loss of communication while planning that dissolves our relationship. Either way you look at it, it affects us. I've met a few people (being very modest) who were fans of WWIIA and they of course bring up the silly episodes I've done. They ask how could I have tolerated? Or they agreed with my decision. You never know your being watched until someone calls you by your first and last name...Or you hear soft whispers as you walk by that's Samantha Goldberg"...from the wedding show. I think the only time I have ever heard my name that way was while I was in trouble via mother! "Samantha Gene Rosenfeld" (maiden name)What are you doing now? I still shrivel the shoulders when it's spelled out. I have to ask myself, did I do something wrong again? Ha! Do I get into trouble often you ask? Hmm...How do I answer this and not sound like I am trouble on wheels. Let's just say I tread all waters lightly and hope for the best! Until the next post! I do hope all of you who are getting ready for the big day know that the small problems that come up, really don't make an impact on your day. I promise! xo Stay Smiling! Sam

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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