Saturday, July 12, 2008

Celebrity Weddings and Gold Events

Most American brides today, look to magazines for inspiration regarding the style and feel of their upcoming wedding. I am not sure if you remember Jessica Simpson having a beautiful hard cover book that discussed her vision and wedding. I think 90% of our clients brought her book in for some idea they wanted to incorporate into their special day. There are many ideas that can be made to look "celebrity " but not cost celebrity. I am a firm believer in trying new ideas. While it's nice to mimic another's style, I love to make weddings special for each individual. It shows off who you are and your creative side. Trends are started by those who reach deep down and "own" their wedding. There are many brides who have started trends without even realizing they did. Thanks to bridal magazines and their "real weddings" section you can come up with some great ideas. Ok...I know you have been writing in and here is the cliff note version of what we are doing... It seems as though my secret with planning celebrity weddings is out of the bag. For years I have kept this as a secret to honor our clients privacy. It's hard enough to keep our own clients ideas hidden to prevent things being overdone. Celebrities are just like us, they want privacy too! I do not advertise this, there is no point. I want to keep the doors open for anyone who is in need of our services. Yes, we are working on some celebrity nuptials this year. I have received numerous emails about Malinda Williams lately. She recently announced about our working together and is currently writing a special blog with Essence magazine to keep her fans abreast of her planning thus far. So if you really want to know her taste and thoughts about her upcoming wedding to Derrick Jones (D-Nice), take a peek on line. Malinda is definitely true to to her style in keeping everything simple but elegant. She is a very genuine down to earth person. I would describe her as someone you could walk up to and she wouldn't snob you. Derrick is exactly the same way. It's nice to see a groom who is involved during the entire process. He may not have much to say when it comes to design, but he is very savvy when it comes to music. We are going to try hard to keep him as the guest instead of the DJ if he'll let us! Unfortunately at this time, I cannot tell you when or where they are tying the knot it's in 2008. I can tell you that. I promise to keep you in the loop with her style and some little peeks here and there with ideas they have chosen. Essence mag is going to do a beautiful exhibition of their wedding when that day arrives! We are currently working on more celeb nup's, but cannot share at this time due to our clients request. When I get the heads up you know I will share! One person emailed us and asked if Kathy Griffin was going to be the officiate (that's funny). No. I think Kathy is going to stay with comedy. She did an excellent job with the couple from Queens. It was a great honor to work with her and I know the couple had a great time. How could they not?? It was an experience that not many will have in their lifetime.

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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