Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Gossip and Class Information

I am so glad I did not work with any weddings this weekend. My team had 2 and I felt awful. The heat was intense. I cannot imagine what these poor brides felt wearing a heavy gown and being adamant about having the ceremony in the heat. If we are talking about makeup, it would have to be steamed on and then peeled off about 10 minutes later. I felt like a hermit inside, cool air and drinking cherry lemonade. Why should I want anything more? I cannot remember the last time I did nothing, I was struggling here at times but I made it. I realized I really am a work a holic. It's so easy to be like this when you have a passion for this industry. I always tell our new planners in the class to lay low in the beginning. You will beg for this time someday very soon. So here is my weekend gossip. I cannot mention names, but there were 2 emails I received that we should all address. 1. If you have a guest at your wedding who weighs close to 400 pounds and the chairs being chivari (hold up to 200) what do you do? Good question. I would suggest either using 2 covered "solid" chairs at each end of the table or I would rent a square ottoman or bench. I can understand how hard it would be to address this. Unfortunately this problem is not going to go away. You may also want to speak with the venue. I am sure they can help you with this. 2. Our budget is maxed and my fiance's step mother continues to invite more guests. His family is not contributing one dime towards our wedding. I guess we could take a credit card loan. How can I stop this? Well, let me say one thing. You both have full control over the guest list. As you get closer to your wedding you are going to have to worry about other areas besides the food. Try linens, floral and any other side item. If we read some of the Posts etiquette books, we would have to sit mom and dad down and say "we have a problem and we need your help". The other version may be listen lady..quit inviting your friends. They are not our friends and you have no right doing this so you pay! While it feels good to say it, you certainly do not want to start friction before the wedding. Trust me ever hear "were going to the inlaws"...Great....NOT. Well some of that is related to the planning of the wedding and not letting go of something ridiculous. If you do not choose to share this financial issue with his side, your going to burden yourself and your new life by having to pay credit card debt? Let's not assume that you will get checks to help pay for this. Don't you want to use that money for a down payment on a home or renovation..maybe a savings account for your baby? Whatever you do PLEASE do not use those credit cards. If you cannot afford it now, you most likely will be in the same boat later. This time you will sink because you only could afford one with holes in it. You owed too much on your credit card! See! This is what I am talking about. My philosophy on weddings is that simple and elegant can be established with any budget. I know this for a fact. I have planned weddings at any budget including $500. You ask what could I possibly do for someone who has only $500? That's going to be a whole different blog. But I did it. Thanks for writing in ladies. I hope I gave you some insight. Now for the class we are having on August 9th.. We only have 2 spots available. I have given information to at least 10 possible students last week. I am considering this to be still available. If you want us to reserve a spot for you, please call us or email ASAP. Our next class will be in 2009. The fee will be increased from $750 to $995. I am not sure about 2009 yet. I will post a date as soon as things slow down in the office. Sept starts wedding season again. We are filming with the Style Network in a few weeks for season 8. The couple is great. No major drama and all I can say is this wedding is going to be gorgeous. It will be at the Pleasantdale Chateau in NJ. I can't say when, but will post when it's ready to air. The couple is fun and adventurous. I decided no more obsessed fans..No more "Destination Samantha" shows. I have no idea how I attract this, but I plan to put the radar on going forward. I am not invincible or do I want to be. I want my passion to show through, I cannot do this with clients who do not fit with my personality. That's a large part of what we do...we are their new best friend when it comes to planning. I can deal with that. I want those fans to find someone that can fit the mold. I admit, I can't. I am sorry! What's scary is I received another call last week from a bride who wanted to come here next June. I found her a replacement where she lives and I am sure it will be a better fit. See, I am learning here. We all want what is best for our clients. Well it's getting late and tomorrow we have more heat to deal with. For the brides who were married this weekend I hope it was everything and more. I hope you stayed hydrated...I think If I was a bride, I would have ripped my dress off at the alter and wouldn't care if anyone saw my "muffin top" belly. Speaking of "muffin top" what an appropriate name for something so annoying. I love to hear that my stomach looks like food...Isn't that what I received for maybe eating too many muffins? Tell me how is one supposed to exercise in this heat anyway? I will stick with snickers bar in one hand along with a Diet Coke in the other! Have a good one! xoox Sam

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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