Sunday, July 13, 2008

Girls Who Are Cheap....

I know you ladies can relate to this I have to air my thoughts... I went out to dinner last week with a group of gals for a good friends birthday. There were 10 of us. Once everyone that I knew arrived, there was a last minute gal who joined in. I have never met her, so out of common courtesy and to make her feel welcomed I introduced myself. Now I know you can relate to this. Did you ever meet someone who you instantly knew you were not going to hang out with, outside the group? A dinner or gathering with larger groups would be the only way you could tolerate this person. Maybe it was her personality, she did not smile, she did not joke around she just kind of kept to herself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as we cannot all have loud outgoing personalities. Yes. I am calling myself a bit more outgoing than the norm. I am not sure this is a good thing, but I can admit to that. Anyway, why is it when men get together they can all just get along and when the bill comes they just throw in money? They don't care of someone ordered an entree $6 more than anyone else. But put this same situation with girls. While most do this, there is ALWAYS that one person who has to see the bill. The worst part, it's someone who has the money. They just don't understand the concept that one day they will order the lobster and others will pay for it. Well, getting back to dinner with the gals. So we sit down we all order appetizers to share. I saw on the table they had VOSS water available ..You know that fancy clear bottle it looks delicious, but is probably tap water. I think most restaurants charge $10 for a liter. I know this is a ridiculous amount of money for water, but when your thirsty your thirsty. So I proceeded by opening up both the still and sparkling versions. I told everyone at the table if they had a problem with this it was on me. Help yourselves and everyone did. The new gal sitting next to me did not partake in sharing the water. When I offered it, she said I am not spending $10 for water. I said don't worry about it, it's on me please have some. I took the bottle and put it next to her glass. She got so weird about it, she picked up the water and said no thank you I will stick with the tap water from the restaurant. The way she picked that bottle up and pounded it down in the center of the table caused everyone to look at our end. I get this look like Sam, what did you do??....All I did was offer her water, is that a crime? So here is the worst part of the evening. We are getting ready to finish dinner and they begin clearing the plates. She shuffles to get her coat and we haven't even eaten dessert yet. Not a single happy birthday for my friend. She hands one of the girls a $20 and says good bye. WAIT a minute sister I am thinking. There is NO way she only ate $20 worth. So we all figure out at the end that each of us owes $60 each. I was like how obnoxiously rude. She did not even give the proper amount. I also heard she was not really friends with the B-day girl and kind of invited herself. Which makes this so much more aggravating. The girl dined and dashed us! Have you ever done this on a date? You know it gets weird at the end, because some men expect us to pay half. Not that I would care, I have paid half. It leaves me feeling less guilty if I decide not to go out again. ( I am married I am speaking as though I was single). Come on ladies have you done the 'I 'll be right back I am using the restroom bit"? :) How long do you hide out in the ladies lounge?? How do you know it is the right time to come out again? I guess you just do...Or hope. Why is it that some women have this thing about only paying to the dime. It takes forever to figure out a bill, you can't divide each piece of food that you shared and say OK, the 2oz of steak will probably cost me $10...Cause the meal was $40. Yucky! OK now it's your turn...What is your craziest girl story when it comes to going out as a group??? I know you tell me this about the bridesmaids and the issues that are similar...Maybe we can add some comedy to it so that you can reference back to this when you start getting upset.


Jordan said...

She was obviously rude and cheap. I would never go out to dinner and think that the meal was only 20 bucks! I mean did she think you guys were at McDonalds? Get real! Like you I can't stand rude and cheap people either. Don't get me wrong I am a lady that likes to budget, but don't go to dinner if you can't afford it. It was rude and very inconsiderate of your friend who was celebrating her birthday!

melie said...

My friend from college and I went out to a restaurant near our school, and she absolutely loves the place. Since it was a nice Italian restaurant we both loved, she decided to take me there for my 21st birthday. However, this girl is soooooooo cheap (and yes I should have added more "o"s to the "so" but I'll save myself the trouble)that when I ran out of soda, she wouldn't allow me to order a refill unless I asked if refills were free! Extremely embarrassed to even ask that question, I finished my meal parched more than ever.. But I'm not surprised since this is also the girl that gives her receipts to her parents for reimbursement of every penny.

Maggie said...

Our post-church dinner crew for had this girl who was chronically un-employed YET she was the dinner organizer. We always went to the same place and got whatever we all wanted. Every week, in vain, she pushed us to get the "Pizza Party" package b/c it was only $7/head but we kept ignoring her. In the end, she ended up getting the house salad and begging food off of other people. Annoying!

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