Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kathy Griffin's My Life On The D List Our Episode Aired Tonight!

Tonight was the night! Our show with Kathy Griffin officiating a wedding on Bravo aired tonight. IT WAS AWESOME! I loved every minute of it. First of all, Kathy was awesome. She is a fellow Mid-Westerner from Oak Park IL. Once you get 2 people from the same area in the room you can't shut us up. I always thought we were similar in that we do things to get a reaction. We speak from the heart, but we do shove foot in mouth too. That is not always the best thing I agree. However, you will never have to fear we are not telling the truth when you do ask for our opinion. The entire show was a blast. I love that she made me look like the "annoying planner"! I definitely will work with her again. I hope the couple liked the experience. It was nuts trying to rearrange a room, deal with reporters and plan around the couple. I wish the couple could have seen what we had to go through! Jenny Orsini and I worked our buns off along with her team. They did not show that and THAT pissed me off. I wanted to show the couple how hard we worked that day. I guess only we will know that. This was right during my Heparin scare. I was exhausted. It was right after another hospital visit. But it was worth EVERY minute. I loved Tom...Ha I called him Todd on accident..Sorry Tom! I know Kathy teased you about that. Anyway, I have some great shows in the works...Not with Style. But with some interesting adventures. I cannot figure out what I want to do. I love my clients! I am not sure if I can ever give them up. My day to day activities are even better with calls about silly bridal drama and we always laugh about it. I may not be for every bride, but the ones we have we LOVE YOU! They always make me laugh and on their wedding day, they are calm, collected and ready for the bigger picture. I am so proud of you all! And for the planners and brides or just viewers THANK YOU for being there for me when you see I am not at my best. We all have what we call bad hair days..... Its nice to know I finally was portrayed in a funny sense. Most people would never look at this as funny. It is due to the fact that the planning of your wedding is taken too seriously. You are not having fun. Do you actually think a planner would be rude on someones wedding day? Come on!! I look at weddings with fun, admiration for the relationship and the love for what I do. Shouldn't that be enough? We always ask at the end of the day what is the prize? Your new life with someone who is VERY in love with you! How lucky is that! Have a great 4th everyone! If you are getting hitched this weekend Congrats! To our 4 bride and Grooms we are going to have a fabulous time! xoxoxx Samantha

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!

Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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