Friday, September 12, 2008

72 Pairs Of Black Shoes & Nowhere To Go

I have just realized as I am cleaning out my closet that I own 72 pairs of BLACK shoes!! I am so pathetic! How many pairs must once have in order to know we have enough. I thought I would start a Polaroid collection and take the photo and glue it on the outside of every box. I would know what I have and try not to buy duplicates. RIGHT. This did nothing. It was a waste of film and certainly showed me what a rotten photographer I am. I cannot even decipher what the heck the shoe is. All I can say is most of them looked like strap heels and flats with a chipped pink nail in front of the photo. At least it's consistent! I told my husband Andrew I am stocking up for the Winter. I know you guys are savvy of buying black. We wear them in the Winter they get salt stains and we dump them. So when shoes go on sale...which just so you know... Secret#1...Best sale months...January after NYE....July 15th and after October at end...November the Wed before Thanksgiving and December 18th.... Why you ask? Why ask why? Just trust me...I was told especially the Wed before TG. The stores need the revenue and no one shops on these days for any gifts. Plus this years retail statistics stink! Ask any and all stores if the have any coupons behind the counter. Even if you see Nada in your mailbox ask. They always have an extra 15-20% something. The do not have to advertise all promos. Speaking of Sales!!!!! Secret #2...EVERYTHING even if this is in contract form for your wedding is negotiable. Getting married in 2009 at the end or 2010 in the beginning? Talk about your budget with the vendor and ask them what you can do with what you have allocated. Listen, like I said every business is looking for business now and promotions are getting better daily. Get the big dogs like photography, video and floral done now. Ask each vendor if you sign today will they give you an extra 10-15%off?? Even better, if you pay in cash....What can you get an extra 5-10%?? Say you are having a bad day and an even worse one if you can justify buying what you did. The coupon at least lessens the blow right? If you do not ask you will NOT get. I have never been afraid to ask and I will tell you half the reason why people hire my team, we fight to get you what you can afford and do not make any promises on what you can't. Happy Shopping! If you find any GREAT deals pass the word...I will post it..We receive anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 views a week at times. You are bound to find trunk sales, sample sales and other goodies I find along the way here on the BLOG...My goal is to give you the best...I will also ask vendors for their promos to post as well! How is everyone doing this week? We have 4 weddings this weekend. Congrats in advance to Vanessa and Sean. John and Marie, Carina and Carlos and Michelle and Greg! Best wishes to you all! I am so proud of all of you...So calm..So on top of things and honestly just ready to party! I am looking for the deals ladies! Pass them along..We are in this boat together and If I should happen to find some great shoes you always know where to come! xo Samantha

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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