Saturday, September 27, 2008

Style Network Season "9" Here We Come!

It has been a LONG week! We have been taping non stop with Style. The couple Ana and Tony have been GREAT! To make a long story short and I know all brides can agree to this problem, they started with a budget and it doubled! I am not going to tell you the outcome BUT....It is a GREAT show. How many brides have been in this situation? I can already see 60% of America raising their hands! I totally get the budget issues. If we were all millionaires we would have no problems with all of the extra additions towards the end right? I want to leave you with some pointers of how to stay ON TRACK with your budget! What is the FIRST and MOST important thing we focus on??? The date and location. The more flexible you are, the better your chances will be in finding the location you want and for the PRICE you want. Remember, if you are on limited means and I know this is 75% of America, this is really crucial. 33-40% of your budget goes to your venue. This is a LARGE chunk! My question to all brides, what difference does it make whether you have the wedding on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday? If you have a date which has significant meaning, I do understand that point. But for those who could have their wedding at anytime, why not be a bit open to an afternoon wedding on a Saturday or Sunday? I can tell you I have done so many weddings during the day in rooms where we make it appear to be evening. The promise of having more guests that you want to attend could happen this way. In fact, If you have your wedding during the day and off peak months, you can definitely have a better looking wedding this way! I have worked with $20K budgets on a Sunday for 75- 100 guests and let me tell you, when I say DECADENT, I mean "Town and Country" style. This includes high centerpieces, lighting (Yes, nice lighting), linens, menu cards and even custom wrapped chocolate favors on each setting. Would I lie about decor??? No way! Why is this so much less? This is due to the trend not being at a high right now for off peak dates. We have so many vendors who would love to be booked during slow times, thus allowing you to get a better rate on everything from soup to nuts... Someday this is not going to be available as often. So this is crucial for the brides who are below the average of 30K to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE RESOURCES NOW! If you are nervous you are not going to have the wedding of your dreams today, why not give some options? I know I can offer the dream wedding during off peak times. I have published many weddings for even $5k. If I have a guest count of 40 guests even at this amount, there are venues during the day that can make this work! You don't need to stay engaged for 5 years or borrow from your credit cards. You just have to be practical! Bottom line, what is the prize ladies? The GROOM! You get married because you want to show your love for each other..Not for your venue or florist! I am not saying you can't have the things you want! I am saying look at the BIG picture. Why sacrifice? Ok. I am done preaching and I need to get changed for the next scene...As I said I am taping! I love to write and need a few moments to relax... This morning was rough...Sydney my daughter was screaming to PLEASE spend the day with Mommy. I had to send her off with my in laws for the night. I am feeling incredibly guilty. Last night we had a Mommy and Sydney sleep over in my bed..(we kicked hubby out)..She leaned over and said I was her best friend. She also said I can never leave her because when I was in the hospital, she was very sad. I had tears in my eyes laying there with her in the dark. I was making a promise to her her, but how do I explain, if I do have to go back again? I never know with my health if I do get a bad enough migraine or become so Hypotensive that I pass out. I have to take a deep breath, I lied to her. We do these things to protect our loved ones from feeling sad or scared. These are the moments where I wish I could take back this year. I lost some valuable time with my family when I was ill. My husband after looking at insurance saw I was in the hospital 100 days. I wasted 100 days of my life over a mistake...I just pray that someday Sydney will trust Mom's going to be ok. I am a trooper and I will try my best...That's all I can do right? Well I am off again, I need to put on the clothes for tonight...The wedding is happening and I have a great story to share. I think this episode airs in Feb. I wish write more about the other weddings we had this weekend! All good but some fun details! xoxo Sam

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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