Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bridal Bloopers #2! Granny In NJ Double Dips!

I wanted to thank everyone for sending such fabulous bridal bloopers! They could have happened to you or someone else. I feel these are great stress relievers when your planning a wedding for yourself or someone else! 1, Granny in NJ Double Dips. This one is mine! Without going into specifics I was working at a recent Bar Mitzvah. The night was fabulous everyone was having a great time. When dessert was revealed low and behold they brought out the monstrous chocolate fountain. Everyone is grabbing rice crispy treats, marshmallows etc...Once this station has been tackled, they move on to another sweet station. This included all but one person. Granny. She was having the time of her life, cute as a button enjoying the fountain like it was her first time trying chocolate. I smile at her and she begins to cough. She pretty much coughs up in a napkin something worse than a hair ball. I had lost my appetite at this point and knew it wasn't going to get any better with her standing next to that fountain. It wasn't until she touched a marshmallow licked off the chocolate and dunked that sucker right back into the fountain. Well anyone who knows me, can assume I had to stop this. I took a walk over to her and said, Ma'am, there is no double dipping with the fountain. She replied "excuse me, I did not take double". I said this wasn't about taking anything, it was about putting something in her mouth and adding bacteria back into the fountain. Her response was: The chocolate is warm and it should have no problem getting rid of any bacteria! It's days like this where you know your not going to convince anyone.I'm not going to try any fountain again. That's one way to take dessert out of a diet! Now here is a good one from an East coast bride! 1. Sarah J in Washington DC tells us on her wedding day she was so cautious of staining her gown. It was a bit out of the budget and well, she wanted to save it for her daughter someday. Sarah had set up a children's table for her guests. While she was sitting down she didn't look at what was underneath her. It was a red marker UNCAPPED! She tried every remedy to fix this. It only got worse. It basically looked like she had her period and stained through the dress. She was so angry with people coming up to her and saying "sweetie you may want to go to the rest room"...She grabbed the microphone from the band and announced to everyone that the red spot was not her period, it was from a red marker! LOL How embarrassing. I hope you are laughing about this now Sarah. You had no control over what happened to the dress. People may have not believed you , but we know the truth no worries! At least it wasn't brown right? Thanks for sharing with us! Brides watch out for red markers!

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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