Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have You been a Victim of a Re Giifter????

The Gift That Keeps On Giving...? I cannot tell you how many showers I’ve been to where the bride and her guests have all experienced that VERY awkward moment when she opens a gift in front of everyone—in the tradition of bridal showers—which she SO obviously dislikes. Cringe. That’s the only word to describe everyone’s reactions as we all watch the bride struggle to feign happiness. It generally makes for the stuff of good laughs later on, but sometimes I really do wonder what makes some people veer off in crazy directions when buying a shower or wedding gift. I mean, it seems so simple and turnkey, just buy what the bride chose for herself! Save yourself the hassle of searching for the “perfect” gift as well as the possibility of being the perpetrator of one of those awful cringe-filled moments. As soon as the ring makes it on to our fingers, we’re told to register so that people can buy us gifts we WANT. Most brides do this diligently, but inevitably end up with those crazy off-the-wall gifts that they would have never chosen. When I registered, my husband and I literally fought over the gun, and then he took off through Bloomingdales scanning everything in sight to prove the point that no matter how many, or how diverse the items on our registry were, people were still going to get us whatever THEY chose. But, don’t be disheartened at this prospect ladies—or even if you’ve experience it already, because one bride’s trash will be another person’s treasure. And so my favorite ladies in white, I introduce you to the Re-gift! (I know—it’s so controversial!) For the gift you cannot return, or the one you cannot understand why someone would ever buy you, or the one that has no receipt and no box to indicate where it came from—what do you do? You open up shop! These items, amongst the others just like them, are now part of the inventory that will become your re-gift closet. Ladies (and gentlemen), this is how your grandmothers started those magical closets where you could find a last-minute gift for any occasion. Call it the misfit boutique. That’s what we called it in my house. There are other ways to cut down on these unwanted gifts for those of you who simply don’t have the closet space. You could start by getting creative with your registries. Group gifts are a good answer…you can ask your guests to contribute to one large gift you’d like, such as your wedding album or video, and the dollar amount can be kept confidential. Some couples are even setting up bank accounts where guests can contribute—and again keep their monetary donations anonymous—for something like a down payment on a home for the couple. Every dollar counts people! Not that I am an instigator, well OK, maybe I am, but I just have to ask about some of the crazy, out-of-the-box gifts you have received that left you wondering how and why. Think celebs don’t encounter this kind of thing—or maybe at those price points nothing is too shabby—well, I will tell you, they absolutely do get horrible gifts—just more expensive ones. I cannot divulge my sources on this one…but trust me. I hate to be so catty—but I am dying to know the worst gift you ever received, and whether or not you have the makings of a re-gift closet? Come on…we're amongst friends, and who am I really going to tell? Xoxo SG


Globetrottingbride said...

The worst wedding gift we got was a little statue of some buddah type creature. Maybe it is an indian fertility godess? I have no idea but it was definitely not on our registry!

get real with samantha goldberg said...

Wow! I would have asked them. This is for?? Maybe it brought them good luck in their home and thought you would probably love something like this Ha!

How did you say thank you? Thank you for the sculpture of?? Heck, I have no idea what I would even say to that. I would have said it was so good to see you and thanks for the generous gift.

I was regifted twice by the same person. My husband's good friend gave us these silver played candle holders that looked like some kind of tree. They were so heavy

I have no idea what they were made out of. I saw some wax they forgot to remove. That was the first item we placed in the closet of treasures! That closet is in my in-aws home LOL...

GIft #2 same couple for a baby gift bought my daughter some little jumper with a turtle and jusr really ugly! I just don't understand how someone would just pick a random gift that you didn't register for. I would rather have a card than something that tells me they don't know our taste.

Anyway, the tags were still on the gift and I thought no problem. It was from Neimans no problem, I will get her something else.

OK..Your not going to believe this, when I gave it to the cashier, she asked if we had bought this at annother store. She said she could not find the tag number in the computer. I am not sure what was worse. The fact they didn't see it in the comp or did I get this somewhere else implying that I placed this tag on myself.

The sales clerk along with her manager looked for a good 30 minutes. They finally found it.

Not only was this a regift, it was for a boy. So this jumper was in their closet for how long I thought?

The clerk said Mrs, I'm unable to return this he said. It has no value in the system. It was purchased over 4 years ago.

I was so embarrassed!

Worst part of this jumper, I gave it to a friend who just had a boy. It was not wrapped I just thought maybe she could use it.

I GOT SO burned! She called me 4 days later and said listen do you have the reciept for yhe jumper it doesn't fit Dillon?

I ended up buying her something else.

I was finally able to get rid of this jumper at a garage sale.

I was ready to pay someone to take it!

Thanks for sharing. You have to find out what that Buddah means? It would be a nightmare if they were at you home frequently. You'd have to run and place it out each time they came over!


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