Sunday, March 29, 2009

HEY 2009 Brides!!

I wanted to say THANK YOU for your well wishes with Hilton! It has been an amazing opportunity for me. I do hope I deliver what you have been asking for and that is an easier time planning your wedding! I have been working on a better more efficient program in the office. We grew and now it's time to get back to work! I know that's my job too! Especially for our clients and new ones on their way! We have been so excited with our new space in Summit. Sometimes it takes a move to really cause some excitement. (Not that we haven't had enough!) I just feel this is exactly what we needed to get to the next level! What do you think about the website?? I know, it's not as quirky as before. However, things have changed and I do have act somewhat normal for the public! Ha! I will still be the Sam you have always said you loved! However, I am working with one of the largest hotel chains in the world! I AM SO EXCITED!!! How do you express that on TV? Should I jump on a couch like Tom Cruise? Sadly, I would do something like that! I know you are wondering what I have been up to with media...I am writing like crazy. Yes, I am taping wedding shows, but am trying something different this year. I really do want a chance to show you the "designer side". I promise to keep feeding you info for our favorite brides on a budget. I think about it everyday and soon you will see quite a few really awesome ideas we've designed for some brides. It does not look budget by any means. Obviously that is the goal! If you gave me $20K and I made it look $10,000, we'd have some serious problems now wouldn't we? This year has MANY options with colors and ways to save money... I want you to think of the items I've listed until my next posting OK? I will have photos shortly. Colored glass, candles, crystals and textured linens. I also want you to think less is more, Weddings on a Whim, and let's get rid of the round table! Remember those tents with the ugly silver legs showing at your wedding? I am going to show you ways to cover them so inexpensively! Your going to say...Wait why didn't I think of that?.. Def think smaller wedding cakes and cupcakes with fancy designs...Think of tear drop crystals draped in your centerpieces. Is it expensive? NO! OH and one last thing! I started something new in house..I am ready to announce... I have now donated my services to underprivileged brides who deserve to have all of the wonderful things that you had! Things that you will never use again... We are in need of... ANYTHING WEDDING RELATED! Wedding Dresses Shoes Veils Purses Envelope Boxes Costume Jewelery Tuxedo's Shoes ANY DECOR!!!! ANYTHING BRIDAL RELATED! We will have a store front. This will be a rental facility. All items donated are tax deductible. Brides in need will be responsible for the small fees such as dry cleaning etc...Small rental fees do apply! We are waiting for grant money, but someone has to pay the bills for now! Please inquire at our Summit location! Contact Samantha directly 908.219.4028 Let's give what we can this year! Many people lost their jobs while planning a wedding and some don't even have a dress! If you are a planner, makeup artist,stylist, florist etc who would like to donate time in assisting brides please inquire! Our business is thriving and sometimes giving back is good karma! Let's all do what we can! A BIG THANK YOU to the many bridal shops who have already sent us samples etc...I will be discussing several of our larger donors on my upcoming appearances on TV! Wait until you hear what we have been given. I am so proud! XOXO SG


Liana said...

Hi Samantha! Well I just have to tell you, I am dying to hear your next post. Although my wedding is not for a few years pending college graduation I have already started to planning process when it comes to the decor and ideas! btw Congrats on everything that is moving forward with you, I bid you many happies =)

get real with samantha goldberg said...

Hi Liana!!!

Thank you for such an awesome post! You're set to get married! When are you getting married? I want the details...

Next post is going to be juicy I PROMISE YOU! It shows what a small word it is...

Thanks for reading my blog!

Liana said...

Hi Samantha!

Well thanks for responding! =)! And Yes I am engaged and loving it, and we couldn't be happier! We originally planned on being married on september 19th of 2011 and we still want to but because of the economy and jobs the date is up in the air until our finances start being our friends again lol

hmmm...lets see details...well we want to get married in his hometown of bloominton/normal, IL and since golf is a huge part of his life we are thinking golf course ($$!) colors are classic but airy and bright: red, white, and black. I'm glad in a way we are waiting because that gives me time to see how to get around prices and have a great wedding on a budget! (crosses fingers!)

I will def. enjoy your next post, even from just reading your blog I have gotten so much advice from you and ideas too! =)

- Liana ♥

get real with samantha goldberg said...


I am soooo happy you like the posting..I love to write!

LOVE your color scheme. One hint..Keep with a deep red or black as your dominant colors...Then add other variations of red white and black into it!

If you get a deep burgundy lighting...OOO thats AWESOME!

Did you see the photos on my main page...The blck reg and white is going to look amazing.

Liana said...


you just painted a picture of heaven in a wedding lol..we both love those 3 colors but I LOVE the idea of keeping white as an accent and focusing on the deep red or blk =)..and OMG I went to your site and those pictures look AMAZING..those three colors looked awesome and you know in all the mags and bridal sites you don't see those colors together hardly at all! for the burgundy lighting well that is just genius lol!!


get real with samantha goldberg said...


Did you know why I was inspired to do this? It reminds me of red velvet cake! I had so much fun designing this.This design is for tv. The CW network has a show coming This design used this show the show. I can't tell you what it's for but it should air in Nay or June. The pics don't even give it justice.

Your wedding going to be amazing!

Nora said...

Hi Samantha,
I am finally getting through to all of the reading on your blogs. If you know of a Bride in the Columbus Ohio Area, that is in need of extra help because of job loss or hours cut and needs a Planner please let me know, I will see what I can do to help.(It would not be my first or my last freebie for a Bride)
Thanks so much for everything you do to let me know I am not crazy for what I do.
Nora McCoy
Party Planners Plus
Columbus/Hilliard Ohio

I devote my time to ensuring our clients recieve fab service. There's another "calling" for me. To give back to my peers that aspire to be the next "best" fancy pants somebody! Those who play it safe standing behind me, will fail. I do serve as a warning to others and yes, I'm nutty. It's who I am & it's not going to change, as it works. Feel free to comment & join me on what could be the best road trip EVER!

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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