Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wedding Dress Remedies ...Could Work For Bridesmaids Too!

I just wanted to thank everyone for your comments on the "Food Fixes Everything" blog. I enjoy doing research on the Internet. it's a dangerous tool. I usually control myself to an extent! Well, now I do! Too much research is NOT good thing TRUST ME!There are certain things you are better off not knowing. 3 RULES WHILE USING THE INTERNET: 1. If you are pregnant DON'T read the websites for possible complications. I promise you will suddenly assume you have all illnesses. Why get more crazy? Your hormones will do a great job on their own. 2. If you are getting married stay away from time lines. You will soon rely on them as a lifeline. You do want to make it to the altar right? This could be a deal breaker. Most people will remind/nag you way before anythings due...When you get engaged everyone around you becomes a wedding professional. 3. Never drink or take drugs before typing an email. It's worse than drunk dialing. You can't take back an email once it's sent. At least if you dial you can use drinking as an excuse with your slurring. WEDDING DRESS EMERGENCY FIX LIST!!! Use soda water for red wine stains….dab do not rub. Soda water for dirt due to photos being taken outside. Grease Baby Powder or chalk to absorb water stains or to cover stains you cannot get out. Great for grease...Leave powder on for about 5-10 min and shake access off Lipstick stains Make up baby wipes being a mom works wonders! Lighter fluid on white dresses can work for lipstick also Ink Hairspray and dab with Q-tip or use chalk to cover stain Blood Use your own saliva (enzymes clean...if you do not have cleaner) on Q-tip or wet a towel preferably white with 1 part hydro peroxide 9 parts water…and dab. This is only good for a white dress. When the stain breaks down, try just cold clean water. Remember to dab and not rub in. Silk dresses use baby powder not anything else…Use a piece of chalk to cover stain if you cannot absorb it. Tears in dress Use dress tape or double sided sticky tape trim off any loose thread and fold over to make a clean hem. Can you see through your dress outside? Opaque hose in the pantie area with or without footie.. Zipper stuck quick fix… Try rubbing soap or a candle around the area that is stuck..The wax or soap can provide lubrication and not destroy the dress in the process. Tear in veil Use dress tape…Do not try to sew it, you can see the threading! Cut is an option if you can. Other options use clear double sided sticky tape or super glue.

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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