Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Malinda and Derrick..Photo's at Last!

I have linked to Malinda's blog on Essence.com. I have also included her thoughts about the wedding! We could not be more excited about the outcome. Thank you again to everyone on my team and the vendors who brought her dream to life! http://essence.typepad.com/celebrityweddings/ I first want to say thanks again to everyone who has followed the blog. It was extremely helpful and inspiring to be able to express myself during the wedding planning process. I am so grateful to ESSENCE for giving me this opportunity as I had no idea what a blessing it would be to so many women, myself included. I truly enjoyed all of the feedback and believe me, it all served to help me remain calm on the big day. What a day it was indeed. It was amazing. I mean, simply perfect. I would not have changed a single thing. Every single detail fell into place and went off perfectly on cue. My groom was as handsome as any groom could be and I truly felt my most beautiful. Our guests applauded as the bridal party entered the room. Derrick and his boys carried themselves as, and commanded the respect of royalty. My girls, my maids were fabulously stunning as they floated down the aisle with the grace and elegance of a thousand princesses. If you are in the NY tri-state area and are looking for a venue to hold an event, do not discount the impressive Mezzanine in Newark, NJ. We were wowed the first time we entered the place, with its grand columns and gold licked ceilings. It was a gorgeous place without the dressing, but once the vendors added the decor it was transformed into a magical, enchanted backdrop for our lovely day. The brothers Frungillo were incredible. Not once did they so much as blink at one of our many requests. The food was delectable and every time we turned around, Ben Frungillo, whom we now affectionately refer to as "Cuz", was right there to make sure we had everything we needed. They are truly in the business of "making it happen". Derrick and I were thoroughly pleased and impressed with their first class service. Although we enjoyed ourselves, I am grateful for pictures and video because the night goes by very quickly. There are only brief moments that you really find time to take it all in. We never ate our wedding cake. lol. Silly of us. I will have the baker make us one fresh tier that we will enjoy next week. We now look back on the video and photos, and each glimpse of the day seems even more lovely than we remember. Thank you Samantha Goldberg. Wedding planning is no joke. You do it well and without your expertise, I may have fallen apart. The hours preceding the event were truly memorable as well. My girls and I, including the mothers, all enjoyed room service at the Short Hills Hilton as we bonded over Lillie Frierson-King's barrel curls, smokey eye shadow, and self served manicures. Mary J. Blige provided much of the soundtrack with the exception of some soothing Reiki Forest meditation music during the presentation of gifts. I gave each bridesmaid a delicate gold and silver necklace with tiny pendants, each with different words. Hope, Grow, Love, Namaste, Dream, and Faith. I too had one for myself that says "I am". I think Monifa, our makeup artist was proud as we fought back the waterworks that would surely have loosened our perfectly pressed faces. It was a touching moment that I will never forget and thankfully, was captured on film by our photographer and friend Jonathan Mannion. I must give special mention to Lisa and the team from A Touch Of Elegance Florist in Rockaway, NJ. There are few words that can accurately convey their work. Breathtaking, heavenly and spectacular could work. Lisa listened to our vision and hit the nail square on the head. It was exactly what we wanted. The centerpieces were airy arrangements of white hydrangea and calla lillies, flanked by vases with floating candles and moss strewn river rocks. Also included in the design were branches of curly willow. This theme was carried through to the cocktail room as well as the ceremony room. I was especially impressed with an archway of eight-foot tall curly willow branches that was also adorned with white hydrangea flowers. Thank you Lisa. You are an angel. There is so much more, but I will let ESSENCE tell the rest in the magazine. Even still, I can hardly contain my joy, and look forward to sharing so much more with you. Until then, keep the faith, and stay in grace. All my best, Malinda Williams

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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