Friday, August 1, 2008

Planner or No Planner, How Does One Know What You Need?

If weddings were not complicated enough, now you throw the question of hiring a planner your way? It is a complicated thing to answer. How does one know if they need a planner? I can only tell you based on my experience, brides and grooms that are ready to relinquish some control and trust, have the advantage. They know the value of what someone can do for them when they have no time, no patience and need an unbiased approach. Without this thought process, we are truly a waste. I cannot think of any planner who wants to show up to an event and do nothing. The true planner wants to feel they are of value and are needed. When I planned my wedding I knew that I would have to hire someone outside of my company to assist. Not because I could not do the planning on my own, it was more-so that I did not want the stress of "doing it" on my own. In my career of watching couples go through the stress of planning a wedding, buying a home, merging families, starting a new life with someone...It is enough to make anyone go crazy. The media jokes about the "Brideszilla" or the "Groomzilla" I have experienced both mind you. This behaviour stems from planning a wedding? It's true. How does one day, a glorified party cause someone to crack? One who puts too much pressure on everything being perfect. If I could erase that word from one's vocabulary I would. No such thing. Even if I were to hire 5 planners for a job, no such thing as perfect. A planner does not make things perfect. I wish we had the ability to make such things occur. If you know anyone who promises you this, it is your signal to run! Wrong person for the job! When clients come in to meet with us for the first time, I always discuss the reason for the planner. Why do you feel you need a planner? I want to make sure they realize, we may take the stress away by handling tedious tasks and helping them create the vision. In the end, we are their partner in crime. However, we cannot promise perfection. The great thing about the word "perfect" is that every one's meaning is different. My perfect is certainly not someone else's. I would never try to push an idea on anyone unless they asked my opinion. When you hire someone to assist you in creating this day, you have to decide how involved you want us to be. What does it mean when you say I need your help? Think about how someone like us can make your life easier. How do you know we are the right person for the job? Did we get what you said you needed? Do you feel our personalities will mesh well? During our meeting do you really feel we can give you what you are looking for? Think about this. The most important thing to remember as you make your decision, can you work with someone like us for the entire planning process? Once you have answered the most important questions about your day, you are sure to have found the right partner to bring your vision to life!


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Affairs With Elegance said...

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Just thought you should know that someone has copied this post almost word for word. See link below.

I devote my time to ensuring our clients recieve fab service. There's another "calling" for me. To give back to my peers that aspire to be the next "best" fancy pants somebody! Those who play it safe standing behind me, will fail. I do serve as a warning to others and yes, I'm nutty. It's who I am & it's not going to change, as it works. Feel free to comment & join me on what could be the best road trip EVER!

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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