Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding Planning Course For Brides ONLY Now Open To The Public

Good Evening Everyone! It's 10:45pm and I am still working! Pathetic huh? For those to want to work in the industry after your wedding, just know you must create balance for both work and home. I know this may seem crazy, but once you set a time-line for the big day, you will be able to enjoy some lull time...Not focusing on the wedding 24/7. It's just not healthy! Do you agree with me? For over 10 years I have had a "pay as you go" planning package. The benefit for the Bride was they always had someone to go through everything to ensure a stress free day. This continues to be an invaluable service. Jennifer Orsini along with myself anticipate having this course in the beginning of Nov 2008. This will work for Brides that are on TIGHT budgets or brides who do not want a planner, but want to have the knowledge and correct paperwork to stay organized. The course will take approximately 4 hours and does include lunch. Here are some incentives for the Budget Bride. What if someone were to give you the correct paperwork to get started. This includes time-lines, budget spreadsheets and assistance with negotiations with vendors to make things more affordable? Why pay listed fees with any service? Why do research only to find you cannot afford someone or something? We have compiled a list of several, Photographers, Videographers, B ands, DJ's, Florists, Favor Companies, Venues, Wedding Gowns and much more. It has taken us years to develop relationships that allow us to help you financially. If you decide you may want a planner for the day of, there will be over 18 attending to interview with you. They have discounted their fees tremendously so that you can afford to be a guest at your wedding. If you choose this option. We are NOT for any reason going to be talking about this during the class. This is another service that you can follow up with after the course. We only ask if you do sign with one of our planners that you remember to recommend us. This is a great way for us to continue with the program. It will not be advertised due to the large response rate from a test email 2 weeks ago. My blog is the only way you will hear about this course. The class allows for 50 people. We currently after 1 week, have 11 seats taken. I will update this on a weekly basis so that you will be aware when we are reaching our limit. ** Incentive for Brides that tell other Brides about the course, you will receive $50 off the fee. The course will be taking place at a VERY prestigious venue/bed and breakfast in NJ. If you need hotel accommodations, this may be complimentary. I cannot announce the name at this time. However, if you live in NJ..You will be thrilled with where we are having it. The fee for the course (I know you have been wondering about this since the beginning!) $425.00 This is a very fair fee for recieving professional assistance from coordinators that are very seasoned. The stated fee includes Breakfast, snacks, Lunch, all of the paperwork you need and 3pages of vendors that you CAN afford. If you are limited with certain vendors, believe me when I tell you, they will work an event for less. Everything is always negotiable. ***The fee also includes phone calls if you need advice and unlimited emails. Moms of the Brides can attend along with their daughter at n/c. There will be a small fee of $30 for breakfast and lunch. Please let us know in advance if you are going to be coming with a family member. We also offer payment plans. You can decide weekly, monthly or whatever you feel comfortable with. This comes in handy especially while you are paying other vendors as well. We are the only system out there whom can assist you inexpensively and making the process FUN! We have done all of the leg work for you. Now all you have to do is get started! Vendors, if you are interested in being on our preferred vendor list for new Brides, please contact us for more information at (908)450-9766 We look forward to posting the November date and meeting all of you! Reserve you seat today. Best, Samantha Goldberg and Jennifer Orsini

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Bling and Pearls Can Be The Icing on The Cake!
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